The God System
57 Bleak World 4
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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57 Bleak World 4

A sword slashed downwards towards the head of a giant stone statue. Surprisingly though, was that the statue was able to move its limbs like it had been reanimated. The stone statue was wielding a halberd and desperately tried to block the sword coming down to slash at his head.

However the stone statue was too slow, and the sword managed to slice down cutting through the statue's head cutting down diagonally from the right ear to the neck. The stone statue roared in pain as in a last ditch effort kept the momentum of its' halberd going and slashed at the man who was currently in front of his face.

The man pushed off of his face with his foot and flung himself backward as the halberd cut through the stone statue's body resting inside his chest when it stopped moving. The man smiled at this as he sighed in exhaustion.

Of course, this man was Able, and he had just killed one of the two stone statues, RockHead. Speaking of the two stone statues the other one was currently about to slash Able in half while swinging his halberd ferociously from behind.

Able heard this halberd slicing through the air, and as he was not in a good position to dodge he held his sword behind him as he braced for impact.

The halberd slammed into the sword causing Able's arm to numb from the impact.

As he regained his footing he shook his hand in pain as he complained "Come on, It's not like he won't come back to life. Don't get so worked up over it BlockHead".

"A stupid human like you would not understand camaraderie. You filth will stab your own parents in the back if you are going to profit from it" he said with disgust on his face as he spits on the floor.

Can a stone statue even spit? Well, I digress.

Able got back up as he began rotating his arm to alleviate the pain, however, BlockHead did not want to give him time to rest and charged at him while twirling his halberd.

Able frowned and stopped stretching his arm and readied himself for the fight. BlockHead knew that if he was not careful Able would kill him, and complete the challenge allowing entrance onto the mountain which was the last thing he wanted, so he decided to use his weapons range to his benefit and attacked Able from afar.

Able noticed BlockHead's new plan, and decided to foil it as soon as possible. He charged with abaddon as he wanted to get inside his killcircle towards his chest, this way nullifying almost all of the halberds uses.

Able kept running BlockHead down, as the stone statue tried to distance itself from him, however Able was much faster and quickly made it inside of the reach of his weapon.

He slashed towards BlockHead's dominant arm hoping to impare the movement of his weapon. After his slash cut through a few inches of BlockHead's skin a foot came flying towards Able's stomach.

Able quickly began retreating as he tried to dodge. However, his speed was too slow and the foot closed in on him. Able braced himself as he yelled "Counter!" parrying the attack with his sword as he used the attack to increase his own.

He knocked the foot to the outside as he turned and slashed straight at BlockHead's waist bisecting him with ease. BlockHead looked down at Able with a look of acknowledgment on his face as he tried to say something, but his body crumbled before he could speak.

Able sighed at this as he dropped to the floor in exhaustion. This fight was extreemly difficult, and it caused Able to exert his strength to the maximum. Expecially the last part of the fight where he had to counter the kick, because when he counters he still takes damage, and the impact from the kick caused him a lot of pain.

The Gateway creaked as the old wooden doors slowly began to slide open as the runes on the gateway light up with a bloody light. Able smiled at this, as he had now completed the trial and was able to climb up the mountain.

After resting for a while Able got up from the floor and sheathed his sword. Looking towards the rubble he nodded to them as he passed saying "It was a great fight", even though they were trying to kill him Able could tell they had a warriors heart, one that only accepted death in battle.

The rocks on the floor moved slightly, as if they too recognized Able's strenght. Able paused at this, but just smiled as he continued walking. He felt that the two stone statues, did not like to be eternal guardians for a demon, but were somehow forced.

He decided that if he was Able, he was going to try and help these two stone statues, and release them from this eternal servitude of a demon.

He walked through the gateway as he began ascending the stairs leading towards the top of the mountain.


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