The God System
58 Able“s disappearance
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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58 Able“s disappearance

Mary yawned and stretched as she just woke up from one of the best naps she had in her life. She rubbed her sleepy eyes as she began looking around from her master.

She wanted to tell him about the dream she just had. She was in a world, where there was a giant lollipop that she was able to have all to herself! Of course in the dream, she shared with her master because she was devoted to him.

She threw the blankets aside as she got off of the bed and walked around the God Space on a mission to find her master. After searching through all the rooms she realized he was not inside, and exited the space into Delphi to see if he was inside the city somewhere.

She began wandering the city looking for Able, and asked many passersby's if they knew his whereabouts, but they said they had not seen him since earlier that day when he helped out some injured miners.

Mary thanked the man as she headed towards the hospital to find Able. She did not know what to do without Able, so the first thing she did when she woke up was to go look for him.

After arriving at the hospital she saw an old man with a long beard bending over some men who were on the hospital beds with horrible injuries.

"Hello, Doctor Cromwell" Mary said as she walked up to the old man and put a cute smile on her face.

"Oh, hello Mary, I am sorry if I am unable to be attentive right now, it is just these patients have serious injuries that I need to attend to," Doctor Cromwell said as he went about his work after taking a glance at Mary.

Normally Dr. Cromwell would have Mary sit down for tea when she visited as she was an important person in this Dominion, but he was crammed with work at the moment and could not help.

"Oh that's alright Dr. Cromwell, I just have a quick question, and then I will let you attend to your work," Mary said as she looked at the injured patients.

The patients had black spots on their skin where it looked as if they smeared some tar on their bodies. They were groaning as their faces were pale from the pain, rolling side to side on their beds to somehow alleviate the pain they were feeling.

"Okay, tell me quickly because I do not know if I would be able to save these men," Dr. Cromwell said before he ordered some nearby nurses to go get some medical ingredients. The nurses nodded as they scampered off the gather the supplies.

"Is Able around here anywhere? I need to find him for something urgent" Mary said, as she half concealed the truth feeling bad that she interrupted his saving of lives.

"No, he left after he helped drop off these patients, you should ask Gwen, as she knows all the happenings in the city." Dr. Crowmwell said as he moved from his current patient to the next one in line.

"Okay, I will do that, and sorry for bothering your work. To show my apologies you can have these, as it may help" Mary said as she handed him two health potions.

Dr. Crowmwell was stunned for a second before he grabbed them and thanked Mary fervently "You are a lifesaver! Thank you, Mary, with this I will be able to counteract the poison in their bodies, and let them have a complete recovery!" He was about ready to kiss her hands, but Mary quickly backed off as she noticed the look in his eyes.

Able had originally not given the miners health potions, because they cost 100 FP each, and a miner is only 25 FP, so it would not be worth the FP. With one health potion he could get three extra miners, so he decided not to waste the FP on them, as they would have been saved, either way. It just would have taken longer without the health potions.

Mary, however, was not in control of the FP, so she did not know how much everything cost, and just gave Dr. Cromwell the health potions as compensation for taking up some of his time when he was at work. She did not do it, because she wanted to save the miners lives, but because she felt she owned Dr. Cromwell, nothing more, nothing less.

Both of them are not saints, and would not try and put up a false front of one. They just go by their own morals and do what they think they should, whether it be saving the innocent or killing the wicked.

"Oh it is nothing much," She said as she waved her hand leaving the hospital, to go ask Gwen if she knew where Able was.


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