The God System
59 Speaking of accepting...
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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59 Speaking of accepting...

Mary walked through the streets of Delphi as she evaded passersby and walked around food stalls. The city was very lively and joyous, and there was little to no crime in the city due to Able's harsh punishments causing Mary to smile at the scene.

"Oh hey, Mary!" A voice called out from behind her and she stopped to turn around.

Coming from behind her was a man in his early forties, and had a stubble for a beard. His hair was slightly graying and he had a smile on his face as he greeted Mary.

"Oh! How is it going, John? Anything you need me for?" She asked preemptively because she was aware of his directional capabilities.

"Now that you mention it, I seem to have misplaced my house," John said as he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

Mary rolled her eyes and a small smile plastered itself across her lips. "Follow me then, it is in the same direction I am going anyways," she said as she began walking again.

John let out a small sigh of relief because he did not want to go ask the City Mayor again. He hurriedly caught up to Mary as he began to engage in conversation.

"So, how come you are not with God?" he said after he caught up with her.

"I was just looking for him when you called out to me, he left me at home alone, so I need to go find him," she said with pouty lips.

"Yeah, I know what you mean, sometimes my friends would leave me in the fields after work," John said in understanding. Little did he know, that he just could not find his way back to the Town sometimes, and they would wait for him, but after he hadn't shown up for a while they would decide to go eat without him.

"Yeah, some people can be inconsiderate of others feelings. They have trouble accepting your feelings because you called them papa in the past, and they saw you as a daughter. Why can't they just realize a cute girl was willing to be with them, and then accept her?!" She said as a frown appeared on her face as she was getting worked up.

Even though John was directionally challenged he could still understand that the conversation was going in the wrong direction, so he tried to steer it somewhere else.

"Speaking of accepting, did you know that...except for my house people also move other buildings around in the Town? I think you should look into that, as it may cause an inconvenience for the townsfolk." He said as he wiped the sweat of his brow. He did not want to take a chiding from Mary, as he already got enough from his wife!

"Hmm, this seems to be a commend problem with you and Kate," Mary said as she rubbed her chin in fake though. She knew both of them were just directionally challenged, so she did not really take his statement to mind, but this was beside the fact. John had succeeded in dodging the rant from Mary!

They conversed until Mary finally arrived in front of John's house and said: "It was fun talking to you John".

"Yeah, thanks for escorting me, hahaha," he said as a little blush crept onto his cheeks.

Mary smiled as she said, "No problem" she then turned around and headed towards Gwen's office, which was not too far away.

When she said that John's house was in the same direction she was only partially telling the truth, as she had to pass Gwen's office to get to his house, but she still decided to take him home first.

She quickly arrived in front of Gwen's office and headed inside as the guards saluted her as she passed by not attempting to stop her. They all knew who the bosses of the City where, and Mary was one of them.

She headed inside and passed through the front rooms heading towards the office in the back. The front rooms were used to greet guests while the back room was where Gwen did all her work. She has been here multiple times before, so she knew the layout of the office already and did not need a guide.

She arrived at the room in the back pushed open the door after she knocked and walked in to see Gwen at a desk with glasses on as she was flipping through papers. Gwen peered up past her glasses and quickly glanced at Mary before she went back to work and asked: "What is it?".

Although Mary was an assistant before her, she saw herself as an equal to Mary, so she did not go out of her way to please her as she would Able.


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