The God System
60 Mary“s Change
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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60 Mary“s Change

"What is it?" Gwen asked as she peered up past her glasses before getting back to the papers on her desk.

Gwen was constantly at work and always seemed to have something she needed to do. However, she never complained about her stockpile of work, because she enjoyed working because she was able to be useful to her master in some way.

Not like a certain curly haired beastkin she knew. Gwen was ruffling through papers not really paying much attention to Mary, as she did not want to stop working.

"hmph" Mary pouted when she noticed Gwen's attitude towards her, but after she realized Gwen was still not paying attention she asked, "Do you know where master is? I have been looking for him and was unable to find him."

Gwen stopped shuffling through papers as she looked towards Mary. Mary had an anxious look on her face because she was almost never away from Able's side, so this feeling was fairly new to her.

After studying her face for a while Gwen nodded her head as she said: "I do".

Joy flashed across her face as Mary ran forward and grabbed Gwen's hand as she asked "Well? Where is he? I need to find him for something important". Of course, she had nothing important to find Able for, but she felt saying this would persuade Gwen to tell her what she wanted to hear.

"I don't think I should tell you, as he has gone somewhere without you for a reason. Isn't that right? I think he wanted to train Enu, so he left you here, so he could train with Enu alone." Gwen said as went back to her papers.

Mary's face darkened as she looked at Gwen and her fists balled up. She was stopping her from finding her beloved!

Just when Mary was about to snap Gwen again began talking "I will tell you though that he is no longer in the city. He has left his dominions already". As Gwen was not paying attention to Mary she did not realize that she had narrowly avoided a disaster, as Mary was about to attack her.

Mary's face brightened a bit when she heard this and decided to go search the city and find out where he went. She decided the next person she would ask would be the mayor, as he would listen to her as she was his superior.

Mary left the building with a frown as she quickly walked towards the mayor's house. She was in a bad mood because her master had left without her, and did not even tell her about it. 'What if this is all a ruse, and he is just covering up a meeting with another girl? He is not allowed to have another girl unless I approve of her first! She must fit my standards! I'll kill him if he betrays me!' Mary thought as her face began to darken once more.


Gwen looked up from her papers as she watched the door. 'What happened to Mary? She had not been like this before'. Back when Gwen first met Mary she saw her as a nice person, who would not have such a dark aura around her.

"I need to tell master about this," Gwen said as she frowned in thought.

Gwen was unaware of the catalyst for Mary's change in behavior, but she did know for a fact that something had happened and they needed to find out what.

Today was the first day Gwen noticed Mary's change in attitude, and it might be because of the recent happenings with Able that it caused her to change faster.


In a dark room where curtains covered the only windows blocking out all the light. A fire flickered in a hearth not too far away casting eerie shadows around the room causing the man kneeling on the floor to gulp.

"Sir, our plan is going as proceeded. The victim's mind has just been rotted, even though it happened before we intended, it will not affect our plans." The man said as he dared not to raise his head to look at the person on the throne before him.

A raspy voice sounded out in the room "Good, make sure to take control of those cities. How is the other victim?"

"Oh, her? We have had her under our control for a long time, and she looks like she will not be breaking from it anytime soon. We have even preoccupied her with war just in case" the man replied.

"Hmm. You may go." the voice sounded as it slowly faded away into the dark.

The man nodded and got up as he politely bowed before leaving the room.

A smile was hidden underneath the cloak of the raspy voice as he thought 'Soon...Soon'.


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