The God System
61 Top of the mountain
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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61 Top of the mountain

Able walked through the gateway leading up the mountain an felt as he was walking through some sort of membrane. Like he was walking through a giant bubble, and although it did not affect him he still felt it weird.

Able turned around to see what it was and realized this once easily breakable membrane was hard as steel. He pressed on it to see if he could walk back but was stopped by the membrane. He sighed and did not even try to break it because he already knew he wouldn't be able to.

He turned around and started scouting out the mountain path. Looking up towards the top of the mountain he could see some sort of building on top of the mountain.

He did not see anything else along the stairs up to the mountain, so he decided to start walking up. He was still wary of his surroundings, so he decided to walk up the mountain slowly.

Eventually, he made it to the top of the mountain without any mishaps and stepped off the stairs stepping onto a flattened out part of the mountain.

He looked around and saw that the whole top of the mountain looked as if to be chopped off by a sword, and was cleanly bisected.

In the middle of the clearing, there was a shrine that was decorated with offerings. In the middle of the shrine sat the demon katana, that looked as if it was the ruler of this world.

Able readied his sword as he cautiously looked towards the shrine, not wanting any surprises.

As he slowly crept towards the shrine the katana shook before it flew into the air and began to hover above the shrine.

Able stopped as the katana hummed and a giant projection appeared above the katana.

It was a devilishly beautiful woman who was capable of toppling kingdoms with her beauty. She had midnight-black hair and a perfect hourglass figure. However, she emitted a dark aura that would ward off any possible suitors.

"Hey handsome, I never expected you to actually make it all the way up here. It's a rare case when someone makes it past the gateway." She said as she smiled at him with a coy look.

Able, however, did not fall into this beauty's trap and said: "You are the demon here, are you not?"

She had a hurt look on her face as she said "How can you call such a beautiful woman like me a demon? I might just die from heartache" She said as tears welled up in her eyes.

Able scoffed as he said, "That would actually do wonders since I have come here to kill you anyways."

The Demon laughed as its faced changed and a grotesque looking face appeared. It was an old man who had pointy teeth and a scarred face.

He laughed as he looked down at Able with a smile on his face and said: "Are you impotent or gay? How can you not feel anything for such a beautiful woman? You know that she is the princess of one of the Seven Demon clans, and you don't even bat an eye when I transformed into her?"

The old man seemed angry that Able would not fawn over his princess, but the fact was that Able did think she was gorgeous, but he also knew that if he didn't kill this demon, then he would die, and he was not willing to die for a beauty he just met.

"You desecrated your own princess, the Demon Clans are only this huh?" Able said as he shook his head.

"I did not desecrate her pure image! I was just trying to see if you would blaspheme her! Don't accuse me of deeds I did not do!" The old man shrieked, as he did indeed desecrate his princess, and if word got out he would be hunted down by his own people.

"Enough of you stupid human! I will shut you up myself, you are lucky enough to even be alive right now, because I am already capturing your soul one bit at a time, and you will die eventually anyway, so just roll over and die right now." The old man said as he sneered.

"Bring it on old man! I don't think you would be able to move around with such a crippled old body like that anyways. You must be over five thousand years old already, and you are still sealed inside of a sword, how sad is that. It doesn't seem like you are that strong to me anyways." Able said as he sneered back.

And Able was right because the Demons power slowly began falling the longer he was sealed inside the katana and was now not much stronger than Able.

"If I was not sealed in this sword and thrown into this shithole you guys call a world, then I would be able to kill you with a flick of my finger!" The Demon said as he spit on the floor.

Able said nothing but just laughed as he charged towards the old demon.


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