The God System
62 Fighting the Old Demon 1
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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62 Fighting the Old Demon 1

The demon laughed as Able charged towards him before he reached down and picked up the katana as he prepared to fight Able.

Able activated his [Holy light] as he charged towards the laughing demon.

The Demon received his attack and parried it with his katana as he slashed at Able cleanly bisecting him. Able roared in pain as he looked down to see his body separated into two pieces.

The demon laughed as he said "How it feels to eat my sword. Stimulate your senses!"

Able watched as his body became some sort of smoke before reforming itself into a whole body again. Able gasped as he clutched his stomach to see if he was alright, and noticed that his body was whole once again.

He was flabbergasted at how he was still alive after being cut in two. He thought about it for a bit before he realized this was not a real world, and his real body was outside holding the demon sword while this was just his body being projected into another world by his soul.

He looked inside himself and saw that his soul indeed took some damage from that attack, but he estimated he would be able to die around twenty more times before his soul was completely obliterated. Although the more he died the more his soul was damaged, he could heal a damaged soul, but could not revive.

The Demon did not wait any longer and again attacked Able, this time beheading him before he even had a chance to move. Able's head went flying into the air as it twirled before landing on the ground and turning into smoke, before reforming itself into a whole body once more.

"HAHAHA, you are so weak that you can't take a single of my attacks! You are a few thousand years too early to challenge me human!" The Old Demon laughed as he watched Able's head fly through the air.

Able frowned as he warily watched the Demon. The Demon was much more skilled with weapons than Able ever was, as he was over five thousand years old, while Able was not even twenty-five.

Not wanting to waste any time the Demon again attacked Able, flashing through the air the Demon appeared before Able and his katana whistled as it flew through the air aiming for his neck again.

Able was predicting this though and yelled "Counter!" as he parried the blade knocking it to the outside as the sword was thrust towards the Demons heart. The Demon leaped backward to dodge the thrust and with a serious look on his face yelled "Shadow Blade!" as the katana disappeared from his hand.

Able was curious as to where the Demon's sword went but decided to attack when the Demon had no weapon.

Able chased down the Demon, who was currently trying to evade him before slashing towards the Demon's gut. His sword was about to spill the demon's guts when Able saw a smirk on the Demon's face and tried to retreat because he knew he fell into a trap but was too late.

He felt pain on his neck before he was again beheaded by the demon. Able had no idea how he died and had no one to complain to, so he just had to deal with it.

The Demon had actually killed him with his katana, which was currently invisible due to his [Shadow Blade] skill. This skill allowed him to turn his blade invisible for up to two minutes in battle, but once it was used to attack it came out of the shadows and was again visible.

The Demon smiled, as his ploy had worked. The Demon also knew that Able was going to be reviving constantly, but he did not think much of it because he saw Able as a weak human who was easy to kill.

The Demon had been fighting for his whole life and was over five-thousand years old, so he had tons more experience than Able. In the Demon Clan, he came from, they had to constantly fight because they ruled by the survival of the fittest where the weak died and the ones to survive dominated over the weak.

Just the fact that he was able to survive while being born in that Demon Clan is a testament to his prowess, and the fact that he was once an elder level figure in the clan says even more.

"Well human, why don't you just give up, as you will not be able to defeat me? Just accept your loss like a good little boy? Death is actually very welcoming you know?" He cackled at Able taunting him.

"Sorry to tell you this old man, but I can't die today, as I have people waiting for me outside," Able said as his body reformed once more.


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