The God System
63 Fighting the Old Demon 2
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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63 Fighting the Old Demon 2

Clashes reverberated from the top of the mountain as the two fought each other with an indescribable ferocity. They both did not want to lose, as the Demon wanted to cause more chaos, and Able wanted to live.

The Demon laughed as Able once again was killed by him. "Why are you still fighting? Do you love the feeling of pain?"

Able did not respond to him and again began to fight against the demon. Although Able was still dying every time they fought, each time Able would last longer because of the experience he gained from the fight.

Slowly Able began to fight for longer periods of time against the old Demon and began to give him a run for his money.

Able slashed at the Demon's stomach as the Demon twisted in the air trying to dodge. He twirled from the attack as he reverse gripped his sword and slashed back down at Able.

Able blocked the strike and used [rotational slash] to injure the old Demon. The Demon began to get serious as he noticed Able was taking in all his deaths, and using them in order to gain more experience.

He was not a stupid person and realized why Able was progressively getting stronger over the fights, but he could not really do anything about it because if he stopped fighting Able, then Able would kill him. And he couldn't run either because he was stuck at the top of the mountain unable to leave it.

The Demon sighed, as he was left with no other choice than to continue fighting Able and allow him to get more fighting experience.

Even though Able was said to be at the top of his world, he would only be considered below average in this one where strength it power.

The Demon yelled "Pit of Malice" as a giant black circle surrounded Able, and he felt his life force slowly beginning to drain away. He was unable to do anything about it as his body was shrunk to a husk and he collapsed to the floor.

The circle vanished after Able died, and his body turned to spoke, back to its repetitive reformation.

He reformed and clutched at his body to see if it was still fine, as this was the worst way he has died yet, having his blood sucked out of his body. The pain was immense, and Able even though the Demon made the pain worse on purpose.

He glared at the Demon as they got back to fighting, he wanted nothing more than to finish this as fast as possible because he noticed that he only have about five lives remaining before his soul was completely obliterated.

He had underestimated the amount of time the demon could kill him in such a short amount of time.

He gripped his sword until his hands turned pale, and he glared down the Demon. Killing the Demon was his only escape. He felt anger boiling inside him like magma when he looked at the Demon who has killed countless innocents.

They began to clash once more, as Able fought with all he could, even if he was unable to match the Demon's prowess. He began to realize that he was not strong enough to defeat this demon. Ever since he had come to this world he had always seen himself on top of other, even if it was only in his subconsciousness.

After all, he was called a God and had people worship him. He thought that with this new title, he would stand on top of the world again, unchallenged. However his dreams were wrong, and this world was not like the one he once was one.

In this world, many people reign supreme with immeasurable power capable of killing Able with a toss of their hand. His fantasies of his strength were just that, fantasies. He had not come to grasp the real capabilities of the inhabitants of this world, and this ignorance had caught up to him.

He now lay on the ground with the Demon towering over him laughing. Able only had one arm at the moment and was down to his last life.

The Demon could also measure his soul strength and knew this was Able's last life, as to why he was laughing and taunting Able.

"You should have listened to me boy! I don't see why you would try and challenge me when you have such weak strength." He scornfully looked down at Able as he prepared to kill him one last time.

"You have only wasted my time. Well, at least you have given me a much-needed workout, as I have not been able to fight for at least a few hundred years. In order to repay you, I shall grant you death!" He said as a vicious light filled his eyes.

He chanted something and a black ball of fire flew towards Able. The fireball hit him in the stomach causing Able's body to turn ethereal, but this time his body dissipated into the floor and did not reform.


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