The God System
64 The classic accidental boob grab
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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64 The classic accidental boob grab

Alexander watched as a pitch black flame came hurling towards him. The Demon laughed as he looked down at Able.

But at this time Able's mind was working at supersonic speed, as the oncoming threat of death seemed to heighten his thinking process.

He began to calculate all possible escape routes or plans to survive the fight as multiple were coming up with his death. He was running through simulations of all the scenario's watching himself be killed in multiple ways unable to escape the Demon.

Finally, he stopped calculating as he looked towards the black fire in a deadly calm. He no longer needed to fear, as he had found the best chance of survival. Even if it was not one hundred percent it was enough for him.

Able let the fireball fly towards him as he waited. He did not try and get out of the way and allowed it to come towards him.

He waited as the milliseconds counted down popping sounds resounded as the heat from the fireball began to burn Able.

The fireball got closer and closer as Able Waited. Eventually watching as it was a foot in front of him before he thought 'Now!'.

He quickly activated his perish passage, and the floor beneath him disappeared as he fell into the passage appearing on the other side.

He set the exit of the passage in the air above the demon and came falling out above the demon head with his sword drawn.

The demon was clueless about Able's maneuver and laughed thinking he had killed Able.

Able fell down, as his sword went cleanly into the Demons head all the way down to the hilt killing him instantly.

Able dropped to the floor as he watched the Old demon stumble around before falling flat on its face unable to stand any longer.

In the distance, Able heard the loud booms like thunder echoing through the void. He looked towards the noise and saw that the sky began to crack, as pieces of the world were falling to the floor.

He was shocked at the scene for a moment but soon realized that it was because the Demon who was supposed to be sealed in here was now deal causing the formation that sealed him to begin its own self-destruction.

Able felt his body turn light, as is slowly faded away from the world he was in. His consciousness faded, as his mind returned to his body that was holding the Demon Katana.

His mind was foggy, and he looked around and saw only vines, as he thought 'How did I get in the forest?' because the last thing he remembered was being in the mine.

It was at this moment he heard the shrieks of the shadows, and his mind began to clear. He looked around and noticed he was not in the forest, but surrounded by vines that Enu used to protect him. He went to stand up, but felt something squishy on his chest, and reached down to grab it.

He heard a small moan as he was felt around. He was confused and looked down to notice Mary was currently sleeping on his chest, and he was squishing her breasts. 'Oh No! A classic accidental boob grab!' Able thought in dismay. 'Now I will be seen as a standard Japanese MC! I must not let this happen!' Able now knew at this moment he would not go down in history as an ignorant male and would conquer some beauties in order to show his prowess.

He held Mary in a princess carry, as he looked towards Enu, who was currently watching Able.

"Let's get out of here now. I have eliminated the demon, and it will cause no more harm."

A flash of surprise showed on Enu's tree face before it quickly vanished and he nodded. He was not expecting Able to kill the Demon, just to reseal it.

Enu waved his hand as the vines moved out of the way creating a path leading out of the mine. All the shadows had currently run for their lives now that their leader had died, and no longer wanted to mess with Able.

Able picked up the katana and tied it to his waist as he carried Mary on his back as he started scaling the walls of the ravine heading out of the mine. He did not bother asking how, or why Mary was here, as he assumed she would come to find him when he came here alone.

Enu quickly followed after him, as he retracted all the vines making sure the shadows would not be Able to climb out as easy as they did.

Able left the mine with a new sword, but a severely damaged soul. He was not showing it on the outside, as he wanted to appear strong before his subordinates, but he currently most of his senses were not working, and his eyesight was barely working at all.

He could only see about three feet in front of him and was desperate to get home, so he could cure his soul as fast as possible.


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