The God System
65 Repairing his Soul
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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65 Repairing his Soul

Able arrived back in the dominion and entered the God Space along with Mary. He laid her on the bed, as she was still asleep and called Gwen over so they could discuss what happened.

He left Enu to go manage the dungeon, as Enu did not talk much anyways.

Gwen arrived quickly and stood before Able as she brought along some tea. He smiled at her thoughtfulness and thanked her before motioning her to sit.

The two sat across from each other, and Able quickly went over what happened in the mine, and how he had lost a large chunk of his soul.

Gwen sucked in a cold breath as she heard what happened, just the tension from his story causing her to get a cold sweat.

"So first thing I need to do is to repair my soul, and then we can continue on our plan to take over Zalfari," Able said.

"I am unable to see, and almost all my senses are disabled right now, so I need you to go purchase a cure from the Faith Shop, as I am unable to do it myself."

"I asked Genesis what to buy, and she said that the [Life Nectar], is able to repair my soul. I only need one drop in order to fully repair my soul, as it is not that powerful as of yet." Able continued

Gwen nodded, even though she realized the uselessness of that, as he was unable to see her.

She opened the Faith Shop and searched to find the [Life Nectar]. She quickly found it, and noticed that it cost 150000FP just for a drop of the nectar!

She steeled herself, as she purchased the nectar. They were lucky that they had enough FP, as Able was trapped in that Bleak World for over ten days allowing them to save up enough FP in order to purchase this rip off of an item.

She bought it, and a tiny glass bottle appeared in her hand that had a golden liquid inside of it. It was like liquid Gold, and when she popped off the top a scent that was like a sweet summer breeze was emitted out of it.

Gwen lost herself in the pleasure of the scent and nearly drank the nectar herself until she noticed Able was still waited to be healed. She blushed at her blunder and quickly walked before him as she held out his chin pouring the liquid down his throat.

The sweet nectar began pouring down Able's throat, and he felt like he was drinking the milk of Mother Nature. It tasted so pure, and clean from impurities that he felt his body was tainting the nectar.

It poured through his body as it began to circulate around reaching every part. He felt it reaching into the depths of his body slowly seeping into his soul. He felt the nectar reforming his body as he was slowly getting stronger.

However, this was not strength from levels this was strength from something else. He felt like it was from inside himself, different from how the powers he received from Levels are exterior.

The power he received from levels, he never felt like it was his own, he more felt that he was using someone else's power, or something. Now with this nectar, he felt he himself getting stronger, not like a normal Level up.

This newfound sensation caused Able to begin to relish this feeling as he wanted it more and more. He wanted to become stronger, not to rely on the power he receives from the levels.

His eyes cleared up as he was finally able to see again and he saw a drop dead gorgeous woman standing before him with her hand on his chin. She was slightly blushing causing her to draw the attention of men even more.

Able was even stunned for a few seconds before he decided to stick to his promise that he made earlier and put his arms around her waist as he drew her forward bringing her in for a kiss.

He slowly wrapped his arms around her and brought her close as he stole her lips. They were soft like marshmallows and tasted like honey.

He marveled at the taste, because he felt on some levels it was just as good as the [Life Nectar]. He darted his tongue in her mouth as he began to greedily kiss her. She was stunned at what happened, but she got caught in the moment and wrapped her arms around his neck as she began to relish the kiss as well.

Time seemed to freeze and the two were stuck in their own worth relishing in the other's lips. They finally broke apart and a string of saliva was left connecting the two.

Gwen blushed as she wiped away the saliva, and hit Able's chest in embarrassment.

He just smiled at that and brought her close as he held her to his chest. She closed her eyes in content and the two fell asleep in each other's arms.


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