The God System
66 Spirit Possession
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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66 Spirit Possession

Able woke up the next morning to find Gwen had already left, most likely because she had a lot of work to do.

Able sighed, as he thought about how much work Gwen does for him with no credit.

He got up as he stretched and he turned to see Mary staring daggers at him from the other side of the room. Able gulped as he got off the bed smiling and waved Mary over.

She slowly walked towards him as she said with a blank look on her face without any emotion "What were you doing with Gwen?". Her little hands were clenched into fists as she looked at him in anger.

Able was stumped when he saw this because his cute Mary would never act like this before, and she had changed. He thought back to what Gwen had told him, about Mary changing and acting weird and he knew she was right.

He decided that he was going to try and cure her of whatever has caused her to change, but first, he needed to quickly pacify her or else things would get bad.

"Why are you thinking of Gwen? You know that you are the most important to me" Able said as he smiled bringing Mary into his embrace. Mary was extremely stiff, but after leaning against his chest she looked up at him with a soulless look in her eyes and said: "Are you sure?"

Able nodded as he said "Of course! You were my first assistant after all". He held her into his chest, and she slowly calmed down forgetting what had happened and accepted the bliss of being in Able's chest.

After this was over Able began to research ways to figure out what was wrong with Mary. He took samples of her blood and even used talismans he bought from the Faith Shop to try and figure out what was wrong with her.

He got lost in his research and was excluded from the world for a few days as he was desperately trying to found out a diagnosis for Mary, as she was extremely important to him.

---One week later

"Here it is!" Able exclaimed as he held a book in his hands. The page he was on read, "A Victim can sometimes lose their rationality becoming what is known as a yandere" - Book of possessions.

Able had gotten this book from the Faith Shop, as he was unable to find out what was wrong with Mary any other way, and eventually found a possession that matches Mary's symptoms. He had also searched through other books, but he had only come to a conclusion after reading through this one.

He stood up as he cheered finally finding a diagnosis that matched Mary. He looked to the side to see the cure and it read "The victim must have the spirit that possessed them forcefully extracted, or else their mind will eventually no longer belong to them, and they will become mindless following only the orders of their master"

Reading this Able began to sweat, as he was not expecting the case to be this serious. If he had not noticed in time Mary could have done something she did not want to do.

Able read through the materials he needed to start the extraction, and the process before quickly running about to go get the items.

However some of them were quite expensive in the shop, so it would take some time for him to buy them, so he reluctantly had to wait.

---One Week Later

Able had finally been able to gather all the required materials needed to save Mary, and he called her inside the God Space so that he could extract the spirit that was possessing her.

She had no clue that this was happening, but since Able had called her she gladly came.

"Come, sit here Mary," Able said as he pointed towards a formation he had drawn in the middle of the God Space.

Mary nodded as she stepped into the middle of the formation and sat in the lotus position. The formation was filled with many ancient runes in a language unknown to Mary. The radiated power, that caused Mary to be a little fidgety.

Able nodded as he got out all the materials and set them to the side as he gathered his courage and prepared to cure Mary. He gulped as he pulled out a potion handing it to Mary as he said: "Drink this first".

Mary nodded and gulped down the potion as her consciousness began to leave her, and she quickly blacked out. Her body was held up by some magical power in the runes, and she sat there suspended without falling. Now that Mary was unconscious Able began to go to work.


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