The God System
67 Spirit Extraction
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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67 Spirit Extraction

Mary sat in the middle of the formation created by Able suspended by the power of the runes unable to move as she was unconscious.

Able gulped as he pulled out a bottle from behind him and began to whisper enchantments and a mysterious wind began to blow through the God Space.

He dripped the potion on the rune formation as his words began to increase in power until he was nearly screaming. With the final syllable of his verse, he slammed his palm into the rune formation and it lit up in a red light, and it began to pulsate with power.

Mary's body began to float in the air as the runes lifted off the ground and began to rotate around her with her in the center. Able walked forwards with heavy steps as he held a dagger in his hands walking towards Mary.

He held the dagger as he looked at her with an expression of sorrow on his face before he plunged it into her stomach. Mary's body lurched, and her unconscious face began to morph into one of pain, but she still did not wake up.

Blood began to flow out of her wounds, and Able grabbed a plant that he held in robes before feeding it to Mary. He put it in her mouth but realizing that she was unconscious and unable to chew he took it out before resolutely putting it in his own mouth.

He began to chew it until it was just a mush before he fed it into Mary's mouth with his own. After he pushed it all into her mouth he made her swallow it, and she began to cough as her face turned bright red from the medicinal properties.

This went on for a few minutes before an ear piercing screech resounded from inside Mary's body, and a shadow quickly flew out from the wound in her stomach. It had to escape Mary's body because the plant Able had just fed her was Abala Duncar which was extremely poisonous to spirit bodies, and if they were possessing a body in contact with it they would die.

The Spirit tried to fly away, but it ran into the wall created from the runes and was forced back. It screamed at this angry that something was blocking its escape and it began to relentlessly pound on the runes trying to break them to no avail.

Able pulled out a bottle from behind him and opened its cap as a suction force began to come out of it drawing the spirit body inside. The spirit shrieked in fear screaming "You have a Spirit Containment Bottle!" and tried even harder to escape.

It fought for over ten minutes before it finally ran out of strength and was sucked into the bottle before Able quickly sealed the lid preventing its escape.

After making sure the spirit would be unable to escape Able picked up Mary, and took her outside of the rune formation and laid her on the bed as he took out some medicine and applied it to her stomach.

He caressed her head as he had an expression of worry on his face. He did not want to hurt her, but he knew this was the only was he was currently capable of using that would be able to save her.

Thinking of whoever had done this to his Mary pissed him off to no end. With a glare on his face, he looked towards the spirit that was inside the bottle with malicious intentions.


In a house in the richer part of Zalfari a man currently was on the floor gasping in for breath as he clutched his head in pain.

"DAMNIT" he cursed as he slammed his fist against the floor "THEY UNDID THE POSSESSION!".

He stood up with anger on his face as he began to throw things around the room to vent his anger. After calming down he roared "SIMON!". An old man opened the door to the room he was in and politely bowed as he said: "Yes Master?".

"Go get the crystal ball ready I need to message him. Our plans are not going as expected" he said as anger was still evident.

"Yes, Master Sylvester" the old man bowed again as he exited the room.

"I didn't expect this God to be semi-capable. He was able to figure out his assistant had been possessed, and he figured out how to release the possession in such a short time. I need to be more wary now, as that shitty spirit will surely rat me out under torture" Sylvester said as he rubbed his chin in thought.

He humphed as he quickly exited the room, and headed towards the crystal ball room, as he needed to quickly contact his superiors.


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