The God System
68 “Questioning“
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The God System
Author :Infractuous
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68 “Questioning“

Able left Mary on the bed as he grabbed the bottle, and headed out of the room. He had a malicious look on his face and was brimming with anger.

He had decided that he was going to get answers from this spirit one way or another. 'Since the spirit was already dead there was no need to hold back either' he thought as an evil grin spread across his face.

Able entered another room in the God Space and sealed the door shut as he set the Spirit Containment bottle on a table inside of the room, before opening the spirit shop to look for tools to start his "questioning".

He eventually found items that suited his interest, and that would affect spirit bodies which was what he wanted.

====Faith Shop====


•Spirit Spear (5000FP)

•Bone Sword (5000FP)

•Sword of the Damned (10000FP)

•Spirit Paper (1000FP)

•Undead Leather refiner (2500FP)

•Spirit String (1000FP)

•Needles of Agony (10000FP)

•Cleansing Water (10000FP)



Able had unlocked a lot of new stuff over the time that he had been growing his dominions and had a lot of new items he could buy. He never looked through them before because he never needed them, but now that he needed one he was satisfied with the items he could purchase.

He looked through the items and saw some of them were useless to him right now, but there was a few he wanted to buy.

He purchased the Needles of Agony and the Cleansing Water for 20kFP. The reason the cleansing water was so expensive because it could also be used to cure dementia, or poisons and the like. Although it was not powerful enough to full extract a spirit from a possession it still would have hurt the spirit that was in possession of the mortal body.

After buying the items that he needed Able opened the sprit bottle releasing the spirit onto the table. The spirit was struggling in the chains it was held in trying to escape glaring at Able as it cursed at him in anger.

Able just smiled at this and pulled out the Needles of Agony as he began to question the spirit for answers. Inhuman screams could be heard coming from the room after this for a period of time.


An hour later the spirit panted in exhaustion as it weakly said "I possessed her in Zalfari! It was when she bumped into my master! He noticed you when you came in and said he could feel the aura around you and knew you were a god, so he wanted to possess you with a spirit. However he was unable to possess you due to your spirit power being too high, so he had to do with your assistant".

The spirit began to spill out all the information he knew. "I work for Sylvester, who is trying to take over all of Zalfari. I have no idea who Sylvester works for, but I know his master is extremely powerful, at least many times more powerful than you are".

Able frowned at this and a looming sense of danger began to press down on him.

He was being hunted by a higher power. Although higher tier Gods are unable to attack weaker tiered Gods directly they can still control others to do it for them. This was a tactic often used by higher powers to eliminate budding talents from growing into another potential rival.

Able again realized how much he needed power because in this world he was considered extremely weak and would be crushed like a bug by any higher power.

"You know nothing of who is hunting me down?" Able said as he glared at the spirit. The spirit shook its head as it hurriedly said: "All I know is about Sylvester!"

Able frowned before he picked up the needles preparing to kill the spirit. "wait! wait! wait! wait! I know something else! Don't kill me!" Able motioned him to continue.

"Sylvester often contacts his superiors through a crystal ball, and I overheard one time that they work for another God, although I don't know which one."

This confirmed Able's suspicions and he decided to eliminate Sylvester as soon as possible because he was a danger to him. After he got all the information he needed from the spirit he decided to kill him to prevent any leaking of information.

The spirit screamed in fear, as he thought Able would release him for providing him with useful information, but he was sadly wrong.

The spirit dissipated as Able poured the cleansing water down its throat eliminating its existence from the world.

Able wiped his hands off and set his tools down before walking out of the room and to start his preparations for the cleansing of Zalfari.


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