The King of The Worlds
Chapter 4: Prepare For Trouble! Make It Double!
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The King of The Worlds
Author :无敌青衣
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Chapter 4: Prepare For Trouble! Make It Double!

the Kings’ eyes were at the top of the Portal, in front of Qin Yi, projecting the scenes of two worlds.

The brutal emperor waved his sword and launched a war to unite the world. Under the roars of armies, countries were conquered. with the flames and blood.

At the same time, in the other world, someone was standing on a ship waving his sword at the sea while thunder struck the water around him. The other man stood ahead while countless large weird sea creatures were engaging in battle as huge waves were forming.

“Is this the worlds we’re going to?” Madara’s eyes were flashing, looking at the two worlds in front of him, he was excited.

He really saw a different world, which made him excited.

“Yes, Madara, you have to choose one. This time, I will conquer two worlds we need to develop our country faster.” Qin Yi nodded.

After taking a deep breath and observing the two sub-worlds carefully for a few seconds, Madara pointed towards the world filled with the ocean.

“I choose this!”

“this world looks stronger and more interesting, I like to deal with strong people!”

Qin Yi expected this.

“Then remember, before I came here, your task is to explore, get information, and do not attract attention.”

“I will send the three generals with you, If something happens, you should consult it with them!” He didn’t say anything, just a hum.

“Originally, I wanted you to enter this world with me and we quickly conquer them. But it seems that I have to do it alone.”

Qin Yi pointed to the world of the terracotta army.

However, such a common world, he did not have any pressure. There are some super characters to deal with.

Subsequently, he called the three generals.

“The three of you remember that this is a different dimension that is not less to the world of Naruto. When you go there, you have to keep up with Madara, Don’t make too much noise, and collect information about this world.”

” Don’t do anything until I come.”

“focus about their power cultivation.” Qin Yi said.

“Your Majesty, please rest assured!” The three generals bowed before him.

“all right… can we go?” Madara looks bored.

“Haha, yeah you can go!” Qin Yi laughed and waved to the Portal.

Madara and the three generals stepped into it without hesitation, and they disappeared.

Looking at the disappearance of the three generals, Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.

He stepped toward the portal, and as he walked down the gate, the scenery in the Portal changed, and one of the tombs that slept in the ground emerged.

“the Tomb of the Dragon Emperor!”

“Let me use the power of the Dragon Emperor to conquer this world!”

“Time, not too long!”

The deep voice came out from the Portal, and Qin Yi had entered the Portal and disappeared.

Compared with this world that Qin Yi entered, there is no doubt that the world in which Madara and the Generals entered is more attractive, and Qin Yi can’t wait for it.

However, since he saw Shangjiang he was thinking about getting stronger the fast he can and about the immortality of course. He must make some sacrifices for his country.

After comprehensive consideration, Qin Yi decided to develop the power of the Qin State first, and at the same time explore the other world, send the 4 powerful ninjas to establish a firm foothold.

He didn’t know how long he will take, a sudden bright appeared in front of him means that he has arrived at another space and time.

When his eyes opened, Qin Yi was standing in a street

“Is it 1946?”

This is a space similar to his previous Earth, but it is before about 70 years. In this world, the legend of mummy emerges endlessly. What Qin Yi knows is that there will be a first emperor named Dragon Emperor who will wake up, resurrect and start his process of unification of the world.

The tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Qin Yi entered this film. It can be said that this world as normal as the Qin Yi’s previous world besides some modifications… the thing that interested Qin Yi is that this emperor is Badass and powerful and without the seal of the sorceress he will unite the world easily.

Qin Yi’s eyes were cold, and he glanced around the crowd and silently launched the new skill he acquired.

“Plunder: role plunder!”

The power of the king appeared and seems to be integrated into a certain rule of this world. When the king plunders and invades low-level civilization, he can choose to plunder a target’s role. This is a new skill of the King’s power.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Yi’s body dissipated.

in China, under a forgotten land, he is now the Dragon Emperor Terracotta with his consciousness.

“Let me be the Dragon Emperor and unite the world!”

He plundered the identity of the Dragon Emperor and he will reawaken as the Dragon Emperor. Of course, at this moment, he is only a figure in the seal.

“The power of the curse is bound by the rules of heaven and earth, can I hardly break it?”

After experimenting opening of this seal by himself, Qin Yi failed.

It seems that he still need to wait. He’s not in a hurry, the time period when he arrived in the world is very close to the beginning of the movie’s plot.

At the same time, in the other world, amid the sound of waves, four figures suddenly appeared on the edge of the beach.

“Here, is it a different world?”

Madara crossed his arms, opened his eyes, looked at the world before him, and said in a deep voice.

a few seconds later, he turned his eyes Sharingan, trying to see the world clearly.
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    《The King of The Worlds》