The King of The Worlds
Chapter 123: You Can See
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The King of The Worlds
Author :无敌青衣
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Chapter 123: You Can See

The billowing air was blowing in all directions, and there are long cracks all over the sky. The sky has cracked. High above the sky, the black clouds are broken into pieces, and there are flashes of lightning and thunder in the cracks, with golden light.

“they broke Heaven!”

People took a deep breath, their heart trembled, looking at the sea ahead, the sky, they were utterly speechless.

That is far more than ordinary people’s strength, has reached the point that people can’t imagine.

Kaido, covered with bandages, slowly stood up from the deck, looking at all the broken things in front of him. His eyes were fierce and sharp.

Whether it’s the sea or the sky, they are all broken with one blow.

At the same time, Kaido had a new understanding of the power of Whitebeard.

Even though they are all Yonko, the Whitebeard was the strongest. He took Qin Yi’s technique, but his body couldn’t resist it. His whole body was almost broken, and he felt the great terror of death.

But the Whitebeard was received the same, even more, powerful attack at this moment, but he blocked it with his power.

From this point, it can be proved that Whitebeard is stronger than him.

With time, the Whitebeard was standing in the new world for a long time. This was not his peak, but he still the strongest.

However, at this moment, everyone understood.

The Whitebeard is still the Whitebeard. He is the most powerful man in the world.


Spit out a breath of white vaper; the Whitebeard forehead exuded fine sweat, his fist and Qin Yi’s fist collided.

That punch made him the Pirate who had fought in a battle and felt the breath of death.

“What a powerful guy! If I can’t stop it, will I die? “

There is such a question in his heart that his eyes are full of doubt.

“This is the strongest attack I witnessed.”

“But now!”

His eyes suddenly became fierce, overbearing, and then the Whitebeard clenched his other fist.

“I can still fight!”


With a roar, the left fist was surrounded by the Shock force, and then punched down suddenly.

Qin Yi’s eyes were cold, and he punched with the same fist.


The sea exploded again, and everything that had been broken around the two men broke up again and became messier.

The wind was surging; the sky was breaking; the sea was raging desperately.

All the people there were trembling and frightened!

“Boom boom, boom!”

At this moment, they were standing in the void, one fist after another, and face to face, without avoiding.


Marco, Jozu, and others’ eyes were shaking at the moment, staring at the void in front of them; the wind was howling. Even though they were tens of thousands of meters away, they can still Feel the restless and boiling air in front of them.

“Such power!”

On the flagship, Qin Yi’s crew murmured.

At this moment, everyone was shocked and shaken by the strength of the two men, the Whitebeard, and Qin Yi.


A few minutes later, their bodies seemed to be changing in the air.

“I’m still old, so I can’t compete with him in endurance!”

The Whitebeard sighed.

Even after three days of accumulation of energy and spirit, and adjustment of the whole body to the peak, it can only reach 1/10 of his endurance when he was young, and that’s different.

After a period of fighting each other, he found that his breath began to be confused, but Qin Yi was still calm and at the peak.

Whitebeard began to dodge. He wanted to seize the chance and give the other side a big blow. Only in this way can he win.

The two men began to rush in the sky, their strength has reached the limit, and the air has been unable to limit their movement.

Throw a punch, collide, then punch and hit again.

Under such a fierce attack, the scope of the fighting was becoming wider and wider, and there are more and more fragmented areas.

Half an hour later, the Whitebeard began to gasp. His old body couldn’t support such a long and intense battle.

In the face of Qin Yi, he has to exert all his strength in every fist.

Such a battle costs too much vitality and physical strength for him.


After another attack, the Whitebeard turned red, and the sweat on his forehead flowed to his chin. With the strength of this fist, he retreated quickly and pulled away from Qin Yi.

“King Qin Yi, your strength, even me….”

“Young and powerful body, I really want to know what a world you came from?”

“What kind of world can give birth to such a formidable power as you!”

The Whitebeard gasped and shouted.

“Whitebeard, I appreciate you very much, but I can’t tell you many things for the time being.”

“I can only say that the world is vast and incredible, far beyond the tiny ocean you see.”

“Have you ever seen a starship that can blow up the whole world in one shot?”

“have you ever heard that human beings could achieve the terrible state of immortality and wandering the starry sky through cultivation.”

“And have you heard that the bodies of ancient gods and demons are immortal! even if the universe was destroyed, they could live!!!”

Qin Yi’s face was calm. He knew that the Whitebeard was exhausted at the moment, but he didn’t win yet.

If a man like the Whitebeard accepts to explore the future worlds with him, it should be a pleasant thing.

“Is that right? It seems that our positions are indeed different, and the future we see was also different.”

“Is the vast ocean in my eyes only small in yours?”

The Whitebeard murmured.

He didn’t doubt Qin Yi’s words. From the battle to the moment, he could feel the atmosphere of the King’s power from Qin Yi’s body.

That is a real king. He is masterful and powerful; He does not need to deceive anyone.

What Qin Yi said is true, which makes the natural mind of the Whitebeard tremble, surprised, and even curious.

Compared with all the mortal’s worlds, a world of immortals would be much much better…

What treasures, what status, what power, could be better than the ultimate life.
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    《The King of The Worlds》