The King of The Worlds
Chapter 27: Searching
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The King of The Worlds
Author :无敌青衣
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Chapter 27: Searching

“Sister Yiyi!”

Ning Ya was worried and said with hesitation.

It can be seen that she is also curious about the legendary site of Qionghua school.

“Let’s go down, too!”

An Yi hesitated and decided in an instant.

They jumped down from the hole and slowly drifted down.

When they reached the bottom, they were shocked by the scene they saw at the moment.

“This is?!”

An Yi looked up and mumbled at the thousands of fireflies. It looks like the night sky. Her eyes were full of wonder.

Broken buildings, ancient swords, mushrooms covered the ground, and underground rivers gathered here to form a spectacular picture of an underground city.

“Qiong Hua! Sure enough, Qionghua is here! “

Qin Yi sighed, his eyes were shining.

At this moment, in front of him was the gate of Qionghua.

Standing on the rubble, Qin Yi looked forward to the large space in front of him and sighed.

Even though it has been turned into a ruin, it still shows its former power and majestic.

He soared in the wind and watched the vast underground ruins of Qionghua school, feeling the breath of history.

“Taiyi palace, Yuling sword Pavilion, Jianwuping, Qionghua palace, Chengtian sword platform.”

Qin Yi wandered in front of the ruined buildings, which has been majestic and magnificent once upon a time, he felt complicated feelings in his heart.

Although the strong Qionghua had been annihilated, it can still feel the great past of the school, and their swords in the air, even after hundreds of thousands of years, still exists.

Li Yuanli’s face was full of excitement at this time. He stepped in ruins, leaped and ran, and grasped much information.

“King, so much, so much information!” Li Yuanli was very excited.

Qin Yi’s eyes flickered, and he smiled.

Sure enough, he will be able to gain a lot here. For a long time, the more he understood the world of the immortal sword, the more awed and powerful he was.

With the current level of civilization of the Qin state, it is challenging to establish a state here by force, to be honest, there is no hope at all. If they want to enter the world on a large scale, the previous experiments have proved that’s infeasible.

According to Li Yuanli, this was called civilization suppression! In the face of high-level civilization, low-level civilization will be suppressed on all sides.

According to Qin Yi’s own thinking and judgment, each realm from the different realms in this world may have its own cultivation system, which is just like, civilization. In the King’s world are divided into the star level, the moon level, and the sun level, and each realm in these realms needs certain civilization level…

Qin Yi didn’t understand the difference of strength in different dimensions at present. He guessed that after that, there might be a fusion method. The King himself should also have his own cultivation system that rivals the high realms!

But this system, like the king skills, is awakening with a specific order.

At present, Qin Yi naturally has not received such information, but he has already had a warning after the cultivation.

“What’s our harvest?”

Qin Yi asked as he stepped up to Li Yuanli.

“I’ve seen many spells, and I’ve got a lot of ancient information.”

“However, at present, there is nothing that surpassed Shushan’s spells.”

Li Yuanli was anxious after he got a lot of information.

If it’s just some ancient mythology and small spells, after they reached here, the harvest was not as they expected, was not massive at all. It’s not feasible to build a school of nature on this basis.

“humph, you should come here.”

Qin Yi leaped toward Qionghua palace.

“This is the Qionghua palace, where the leader used to live, see through it with your talent.”

Li Yuan was stunned. He didn’t know where the King got the information.

At this time, Anyi and Ning Ya also came, they were shocked.

No one could have imagined that the Qionghua sect buried at the bottom of Kunlun Mountain was so vast that it was no less than Shushan. If it still exists, I’m afraid there will be another powerful sect in the world.

“I see. It’s leader Qionghua!”

“She called Su Yao!”

“I saw a legendary man named Xuan Xiao! There are also many disciples and elders. “

“Before they left, they left a legacy.”

“It is here!”

Li Yuanli was so excited that he was about to jump up.

Qin Yi’s pupil contracted at this time, and he was excited, and his heart was full of expectations.

Once this operation is successful, and they take the great legacy of the school. As long as it is based on this, it is not a problem to establish an immortal cultivation school that is equal to Shushan. And they even can take this legacy as the foundation to drive the Qin civilization development! Even if Qin Yi can’t do the King’s Way to fuse this world with his world, it’s exciting to drive his civilization with such advanced civilization!

Madara, Hashirama, White Beard, Ace, and so on are all talented people. If they could cultivate, their body condition will be maintained at the peak. We can imagine how many powerful people Qin will have.

“In the underground palace of Yuling Sword Pavilion!”

Li Yuanli shouted.

Qin Yi’s eyes brightened, and Anyi and Ning Ya behind him were even more shocked.

“You, how do you know the past information of Qionghua?”

“How you could do that, senior brother, Yuanli?”

Ning Ya was full of surprise and felt that Li Yuanli, at this time is not the guy that she used to know.

“Ha ha ha ha, I’m going to the place, Uncle!”

Li Yuanli did not answer Ning Ya’s question either; he rushed straight to Yuling Sword Pavilion.

Five minutes later, the four of them came to the Yuling Sword Pavilion.

This Pavilion was no longer complete, as Yuanli saw. It became dilapidated and full of broken pieces.

Qin Yi waved his fingers, cut off the walls with Qi sword and opened up a road, In the process, they saw the golden and blue lights flickering, which seemed to form a beam, but disappeared instantaneously.

Soon, they followed the guidance of Li Yuanli’s talent and came to the Pavilion underground.

The two women were more and more shocked. The two men were so excited that they seemed to know everything about Qionghua very well and could find the legacy buried in the ground.

The four people stood in the underground palace buried under the ruins, and they were scanning around.

Then ancient words gradually emerged under their gaze.
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    《The King of The Worlds》