The King of The Worlds
Chapter 28: Qin Hua School
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The King of The Worlds
Author :无敌青衣
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Chapter 28: Qin Hua School

“The cultivation goes against the sky. What is a demon? What is an immortal? “

“Heaven forsakes me; I prefer to be a demon!”

“Although Qionghua is gone, it stays here to inherit.

“I’m grateful to the disciples of later generations. If anyone finds that here, Qionghua will never die!”

“live long, Xuan Xiao!”

“live long, Su Yao!”

Next, the four people saw many words and people’s names engraved in the underground palace. Some of the stones fell because of time, and could not be seen clearly.

But they all understood it.

This is indeed the inheritance of Qionghua school, and it needs Qionghua disciples to revive it!

For a moment, Qin Yi and Li Yuanli looked to Anyi.

“Yiyi, it depends on you.”

Qin Yi’s eyes twinkled and said with a smile.

“You are too daring! This is going against the sky; heaven will not let you go! I will not help you!”

An Yi growled, and her eyes were full of fear.

These two people are just nuts. Qionghua school has long been buried under the Kunlun Mountains. Even if it is passed down, it will cause chaos if it is revived and spread to the outside world. If it is noticed by heaven, it will bring disaster.

“Haha, it’s beyond your control.”

Qin Yi burst with the sword’s intent, and the Qi sword soared into the sky.


Space trembled an invisible sword intent with spiritual strength, rushed to Anyi’s eyes, let her body tremble, immediately fell to the ground.

Then, in Ning Ya’s tense eyes, Anyi released Qionghua’s method of refining Qi and delivered power to the Qi sword, which was controlled by Qin Yi.

Once pulled by this Qi sword, the dazzling blue, red, yellow, cyan, and purple rays flashed in the inheritance sword intent, and the complicated lines of ancient characters shone out. Suddenly covered the entire underground palace, then it flew again and again, then gathered to form a spiritual book, then suddenly turned into a material book, and fell on the ground in front of the four people.

Qin Yi’s eyes were bright, and the smile on the corner of his mouth was more and bigger.

Li Yuanli just stretched out his hand to take the book. However, it was already in Qin Yi’s hands.

“you want this?”

Qin Yi was joking.

Li Yuan was bothered, but he said bitterly: “your majesty!”

“haha, anyway, let’s see what we have got!”

At this time, When An Yi saw this scene, her face immediately changed. She was about to rob Qionghua’s book.


The sword Qi erupted, and Anyi’s body just stopped suddenly. She glared at Qin Yi angrily, but there was no way.

“we’ll arrange our marriage envelopes later. Don’t worry!”

Qin Yi smirked, and he opened the book.

The characters were constantly shaking, are converging all over the air, then returning into the book again, Qin Yi looked silently, then he smiled.

“Yes, it is indeed the legacy of Qionghua!”

He took a breath and flipped the book. He checked it again and found that it is mysterious and complicated. After comparing them with Shushan, he understood that they were basically at the same level, or maybe Qionghua was even higher.

Qionghua was initially a high school in crafting and forging weapons. Their skills on forging swords and swordsmanship were far superior to those of Shushan. If he can integrate the advantages of the two schools, and create a new cultivation system, then.

When he thought of this, Qin Yi’s eyes twinkled, and he smiled.

He could imagine that from today on, his strength will lead to another rapid development. In addition, the Qin Kingdom will take a big leap.

For half an hour, the legacy Qi sword gradually disappeared, and in front of the four people turned into many scrolls.

“that’s the Qionghua inheritance!”

Qin Yi sighed, and his eyes glowed.

An Yi and Ning Ya were shocked at this moment. When they saw the glittering pearls and jade on these scrolls and books, they knew how powerful the inheritance is. It is not only the light of True Qi True Essence left behind but also the light of wisdom and Tao that touches the world.

This is the light that can push people’s realm to the ultimate sublimation of immortality, representing great wealth and a bright future.

“You, how dare you?”

Anyi said in surprise.

“Why not? Since you are a disciple of Qionghua, you should join our school immediately! “

Qin Yi laughed loudly.

“Li Yuanli, I will offer you to be my right-hand Elder, the Vice Headmaster!”

“Ning Ya, would you like to be a Founding Elder in our school?”

He first said to Li Yuanli, who was excited and then told Ning ya.


Ning Ya was stunned and realized that the people in front of her were not joking. She said timidly, “but uncle, aren’t you an elder of Shushan?”

“Does it matter? Who stipulated that an elder of Shushan could not be a leader in another school?”

Qin Yi said with a smile.

Ning Ya intended to refuse, but she looked at Anyi’s eyes after she thought about it.

Now, Qionghua (Magnificent Jasper) is born again, and she knew such a big secret. She was afraid the grand uncle would not let her go quickly.

“I’m in!” she said.

Qin Yi’s eyes were fixed, and he took an in-depth look at her, then he shouted, “OK!”

“From now on, then, the Qin Hua (Magnificent Qin) school has been established!”
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    《The King of The Worlds》