The King of The Worlds
Chapter 29: The Good Place
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The King of The Worlds
Author :无敌青衣
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Chapter 29: The Good Place

The place where Li Yuan was looking for was right, as he said, it is good geomantic land with green hills and beautiful waterfalls.

It is located in the valley, with quite suitable lighting and temperature. In the Kunlun mountains surrounded by mountains, it was hidden nicely too.

“Very good!”

Qin Yi came here and nodded with satisfaction.

“My talent got the message that this was once a place of seclusion chosen by an immortal, when he finally left, it was abandoned.”

“You see, there is a thatched cottage, where the immortal lived before.”

Li Yuanli pointed at the cottage in the center of the lake in front of him and said with a smile.

“I don’t know how long the immortal has gone, but the hut remained.”

An Yi sighed.

Although she is a demon, she has been cultivating for a long time. Her nature changed closer to humans.

“It’s here, and from here, we will establish!”

“Qin Hua School!”

Qin Yi said.

At this moment, the young king, who controlled many worlds, was spirited. After six years here, he finally took his first step.

Once he can establish the portal and connect the two worlds, his pace will be accelerated consistently. At least, he will have some help.

After making a decision, the four people did not delay. They were moving between the Qionghua site and the geomantic land that Qin Yi named “Peace of mind Valley” and began to build.

It is natural for cultivators to be faster than ordinary workers.

Stone, jade, metal, and other materials can be obtained from the site of Qionghua school, which saved a lot of effort.

A month later, a building covering thousands of square meters was established.

On the way from the Kunlun Mountains to here, a magnificent gate stands upon the plaque, with a big title on it between two statues of a phoenix and a dragon.

“Qin Hua School!”

Behind it was a road paved with white jade, with a length of 999 steps.

Inside the high wall is the Qin Hua School building.

“Scriptures Storage Pavilion.”

“Sword Pavilion.”

“Martial Arts Practice Stage.”

“Headmaster Palace!”

“The disciple’s room.”


“the waterfall filed.”

They have all the buildings they should have. Although the scale is not large, it has all five essential parts. And the architectural style give people a powerful feeling. On top of every house, there are sculptures like swords that directed to the sky and glowing with the sword inner.

“From today on, Qin Hua established officially!”

Qin Yi stood in the palace of the leader and looked at the massive sword in the front yard. He said lightly.

Behind him, his three elders, Yuanli’s eyes were twinkling; he was excited.

“did I just get into the Cuckoo’s Nest?”

Anyi looked confused and reluctant, but she had some expectations and timidity in her heart.

After a while, she suddenly asked Qin Yi.

“don’t you mind that I am a demon?”

Humans and demons are different and conflicting in this world!

Qin Yi laughed and turned around, held An Yi.

“Haha, on the occasion of this great joy, we should add joy to happiness and hope.”

“Tonight, we get married!”

Qin Yi’s words at this time surprised the three of them.

An Yi was so shy and angry that she wanted to open her mouth and scold the shameless man in front of her, but at last, she just sighed.

“If I don’t like you, how would I marry you? Demon or human, I don’t care.”

Qin Yi laughed.

Li Yuanli and Ning Ya were stunned.

They were looking to the dusk, and the night came slowly.

Tonight, the moon was magnificent, The waterfalls of the mountains were falling and splashing thousands of silver drops and the moonlight scattered on the ground.

A wedding was going on in the Leader palace.

The wedding was quiet and peaceful. With the bridegroom and the bride, there are only two people.

Qin Yi and An Yi dressed in red wedding clothes and slowly stepped into the palace.

Li Yuan cast a magic trick, the petals fell all over the sky and releasing a piece of music, which made the atmosphere seem happy.

The two slowly came to the front, Ning Ya sang.

They bowed down to each other. Qin Yi had a smile on his face. An Yi’s face was covered with a red veil. He could not see the expression clearly, but from her slightly shaking hand, he could feel her tension.

“I declare you husband and wife!”

Ning Ya’s eyes were wide. She looked at them in the hall, slowly bowing to each other.

Li Yuanli excitedly shouted: “now you enter the cave, couple!”

They held hands and disappeared in the cave.

In the cave, Qin Yi flicked his fingers, and the candlelight flickered.

“Are you nervous?”

AN Yi clenched her hands, Qin Yi’s eyebrows rose and asked.

“Now, are you satisfied? As a Shushan’s elder, and you marry me, a demon, you are confronting the world!”

Under the red veil, Anyi said.

“So what? If I were afraid, I would not like you.”

Qin Yi said with a smile.

Anyi sighed: “well, you have to enter the road, forget it. I will accompany you at this time.”

This night, In the room where Qin Yi and his wife were, the candle fire fluctuated, it was a peaceful romantic night.

Soon, the next day came.

At the beginning of sunrise, Li Yuanli came to the palace, rubbing his bleary eyes, he saw Qin Yi reading a scroll.

“Your Majesty, so early?”

He had a wicked smile in his eyes, which meant something.

Qin Yi looked up and threw the scroll in his hand to the other side: “this one is for you to practice.”

“Besides, just call me a leader here.”

“Yes, leader!”

Li Yuanli took the scroll quickly and got excited.

“Great Turning Stroke Sword Secret Art!”

With the name of this Scroll, It’s a sword technique.

“From today on, the four of us will spend some time to cultivate these secret arts of Qionghua.”

Qin Yi said.

Li Yuanli was excited; he came to this world for power. It can be said that he gained from entering this world more than ever before.

Just as he was talking, An Yi came in slowly with a small step. When she saw them, she was stunned.


Qin Yi’s face bloomed with a smile: “good morning, Yiyi.”

Anyi glanced and stood aside and said nothing.

Later, when Ning Ya arrived, Qin Yi shared the script with the four.

In Qionghua’s inheritance, including Taoist scrolls, secret arts of sword forging, sword skills, magic arts, secret arts of Qi refining, and so on, with a total of 365 volumes covering a wide range.

It will take a long time to study them thoroughly.

Qin Yi would love to. Nowadays, there is no big deal in Shushan. He had plenty of time; It is imperative to improve their strength.

“Forgetting the Dao, I’m back.”

With a sigh, Qin Yi’s eyes flickered.

There seemed to be only one gap between the eighth and the ninth, but they are different from each other.

Even with his talent, he was not sure that he could do it.

Maybe after his emotional experience, he could do it better.

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    《The King of The Worlds》