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The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer
Author :theimaginator
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1 Chapter 1

Aaron Harvey was just your local average person with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing white cargo pants and a black short sleeve jacket

he wasn't much he just graduated from maryland state university with an engineering degree he is a big fan of dbz but an even bigger fan of naruto has a huge crush on kushina he thinks shes hot for some reason same for naruko the fandom of naruto He never told anybody though people will think that he is to old to be doing that and wont take him as serious anymore

that and although he is 21 he looks like a freshman

he hates it with passion. i mean come on one day after he finished his classes he was walking to the library which was past his old highschool when somebody screamed out of there car



ugh crazy.. anyway yeah he doesn't see himself handsome he actually sees himself as the opposite but he doesn't really care about that as he never actually had a girlfriend as they rejected him when he tried to ask them out

so now he is an engineer and a prodigy at that.

he got his license a year ago and starting building cars right now he was finishing his 6th car he was challenging himself by building an exact replica of Dom's red car (I really don't know the name of this) from fast and furious4

he was concentrating so hard he didnt see the strange portal open up as sevenpeople walked out kushina, naruko(female naruto) , kakashi satuski(fem sauske) sakura tsuande jiraiya


"ugh where are we" spoke a girl with pink hair

"It seams we are here..now all we have to do is find minato and bring him home shinigami sama gave us a picture of what he would look like" Tsunade spoke as they started to look around jiraiya stop as he saw someone that looked like the picture

"hey uh guys I think I found him" Jiraiya said pointing at the blond haired man working on a strange object with wheels

kushina started to blush heaveliy as she looked at him he looked so handsome in person

"so thats dad I thought he looks very sexy up close dattebayo" naruko said with a ting of pink on her cheeks

{he is really handsome} thought satuski with red cheeks

{no i cant think like that focus I need to kill itachi first kill him first and then he will be used to restore my clan} she thought with a sexy smirk and a blush on her cheeks

kushina smacked naruko on the back of the head "don't think things or talk like that about your father you here me dattebane"

naruko pouted as she rubbed the back of her head


iraiya started to giggle pervertedly untill tusande punched him in the head sending him to the ground

Aarons head perked up at the noise and looked up and spotted seven cosplayers and blushed because the girls looked hot

as I looked at everyone I stopped at kushina and couldnt help but stare at her everyone smirked kushina blushed redder than her hair and looked down

{is she blushing}? he thought with a small ting of pink on his cheeks before he shook his head "

{damn it aaron focus there are random strangers here get it together} once he got his courage together he spoke

"nice cosplay guys i'll give it a ten out of ten... now what can I do for you people "
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    《The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer》