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The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer
Author :theimaginator
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3 chapter 3

Aaron hesitated before he felt her cheeks

{so soft }he thought

as he rubbed the whisker marks he heard a purr his face turned beet red and was shocked to the core

{no way they were telling the truth they arent marks there real like a kittens} he could of sworn he read a fanfictions.. well dozens of fanfictions about this but he didnt think they were real deal

he then fainted. seconds after he fainted naruko fainted as well


a few hours later I woke up "ugh my head" I groaned as I looked up

{oh shit it wasnt a dream}i thought before I thought about something I turned and saw naruto snoring beside me with her head on my lap I blushed a little

"hey naruko theres free ramen in the kitchen" I whispered in her ear she sprung up

"Huh where" she spotted me and saw that I was trying not to laugh

"no fair you liar I thought there was actually ramen" naruko pouted I laughed and put an arm on around her and started to rub her whisker marks she started to purr

s-sto purr d-doing that naruko blushed as she purred

"I can't.. I always wanted to feel your whisker marks you look so cute when you purr"

she blushed madly before she smacked my hand away and glared at me

"ok ok Im sorry" I apologized whille smiling

"ahem" tsuande fake coughed in her hand

after he realized everyone was watching him he blushed red and stuttered s-sorry kushina was glaring at me and I was trying to avoid her eyes she does look hotter when she's mad though

"sorry" I apologized

"anyway Can you tell us what it is your doing here and what happened

well basically gaki the shinigami sended minatos soul over to be reborn and start a new life based on what he told us he said that minato was reborn in a different world than us and gave us the tools to create that jutsu to find you . you are minato namikaze along with your wife kushina and your daughter naruko

I just sat there taking this all in after a few minutes I started to blush as I realized that kushina a huge crush that I had on for a long time was actually my wife{ oh so thats why she was glaring at me}

kushina saw the redness in my cheeks and smirked sexliy making me blush harder before fainting again

"damn it kushina why would you do that we were almost done "jiraiya told her with a frown

"shut up ero sennin I haven't seen my husband in years I just wanted to mess with him dattebane" she said as she put his head on her lap making the girls envious of her tsuande just sighed

" fine well wake him up later right now get some rest we lost all of our chakra coming here and it will take a week to get it all back meanwhile we will try to find a place to stay understood"

"who made you the leader baachan" naruko replied with a lot of sass before tsuande punched naruko in the head sending her to the floor

"AM. I. UNDERSTOOD." she repeated slowly glaring

"hai" they replied scared
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    《The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer》