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The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer
Author :theimaginator
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4 chapter 4

" fine well wake him up later right now get some rest we lost all of our chakra coming here and it will take a week to get it all back meanwhile we will try to find a place to stay understood"

"who made you the leader baachan" naruko replied with a lot of sass before tsuande punched naruko in the head sending her to the floor

"AM. I. UNDERSTOOD." she repeated slowly glaring

"hai" they replied scared


I slowly started to wake up only to stare at two d cup soft mounds

I looked up and saw that I was sleeping on kushina chest

I blushed madly as I also felt that two soft orbs on my back and smiled when I noticed naruko sleeping behind me like she was hugging me from behind

it took me all I had not to faint

I fought the blush down I gently tried not to wake them up as I slowly peered narukos arm from my chest and got up

once I was up they started to hug each other from the lack of warmth {god that looks hot} I thought before I took a deep breath and walked out

As I walked out of the garage I noticed every one was sleeping in the living room jiraiya and tusande were sleeping on the on the couch while satuski and sakura was sleeping on the recliner kakashi just slept on the floor

I quitely went to the kitchen to make my self something to eat and check my phone for some forum updates on what to do with this situation

All I got was a bunch of your one lucky bastard , and make a harem and a bunch of other comments not good comments for situations like this

I sighed grabbed my headphones and phone and put on sound cloud night core paradise sixlight https://soundcloud.com/zeros_black-nightcore/sixlight-paradise and just hummed the tune as I sat beside a sleeping tsuande and jiraiya eating some cereal

I turned on the news station and watched depressedly at our new president (im sorry i just do not like him) [donald trump we cannot allow these people to come into the united sta-] I switched the channel

"ugh I don't like that guy" I said to myself in between sips of my cereal it was coco pebbles (I don't care what you say that cereal is delicious)

"me neither dattebane"said a voice as I looked up I saw kushina up walking toward me before she sat on my lap

I gulp

"uhh kushina chan what are you doing"

"oh nothing" she said innocently "whatcha watching she asked

I just sighed and replied nothing just a leader with a racist personality thats all

oh was all she said you know I know what will make you feel better she told me as she leaned in close to my face

"Im afraid to ask but what is tha"- her lips smacked into mine and we started a makeout session with kushinas hand on my chest { mmn strawberry her lips are so soft} I thought this lasted for two minutes before she broke it we were both painting and the saliva was coming from her mouth

"that was.. wow"I spoke

"I know" but then she smirked "first time" she asked

I couldnt say anything and just nodded

we both sat in silence watching the tv well she was I was still in a daze

as I looked up I saw kakashi up next to me when he saw me he gave me an eye smile and went back to reading his porn

"hn"said a voice as I looked to the left and I saw satuski up and sitting on the left side of me

{huh when did she get here}

"uhh hello I uh never got your name" i said akwardly

she looked at me like she was analazing me before she said "hnn satsuki" and turned back to the tv

ok..? i said still kind of akward

as we just watch the tv in silience not noticing the ting of pinks on her cheeks as kakashi was giggling every now and than at his porn while kushina had on a giddy smile and I just stared at the tv thinking

{what the hell did I do to deserve this and how did I even get in this situation in the first place}
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    《The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer》