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The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer
Author :theimaginator
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5 chapter 5

uhh hello I uh never got your name" i said akwardly

she looked at me like she was analazing me before she said "hnn satsuki" and turned back to the tv

ok..? i said still kind of akward

as we just watch the tv in silience not noticing the ting of pinks on her cheeks as kakashi was giggling every now and than at his porn while kushina had on a giddy smile and I just stared at the tv thinking

{what the hell did I do to deserve this and how did I even get in this situation in the first place}


1 hour everybody later every body was up and kushina was making *sniff *sniff is that ramen?

I didnt even know I had ramen left there was a fandom that I read of how kushina and naruto always carried unlimited ramen or new how to make ramen from nothing even the ingredience

to be honest with you I wouldn't be suprised if naruko had a pool of ramen as her mindscape envioronment

ha I wonder How they would react to other animes he I chuckled

while kushina was cooking naruko decided that it was her turn to it on my lap like she was supposed to do this not that Im complaining

she starts to like me petting her whisker marks as it feels good to her.. hehe no matter how many times I rub it she never gets used to it I could probably rub her whisker marks non stop and she will just be purring all day and her purring is like music to my ears, it will never get old ever

sigh I love having a family like kushina and naruko

you know even though Im her dads reincarnation yet she keeps calling me dad or tousan no matter how many times I keep telling her by calling me Aaron she won't stop and then she looks at me with that michevious look in her eyes

I wonder how my friends will react to this me being the reincarnation of the legendary father of naruto uzumaki

hehe they will freak or probably think I watch to many anime and that I need to get a life..

which is not fair considering I have the wife of my dreams and a daughter who is not related to me by blood anymore i also have a job which not alot of people have so...

you know what else is crazy kushina is EXPECTING me to gain a harem.. i mean what the hell.. I accidently did a spit take on jiraiya's face

everybody giggled while naruko fell off my lap rolling on the floor laughing satuski and tsuande smirked

jiraiya glared as he wiped the spit off his face muttering "disrespectful gakis and no respect for the elders"

when I asked her why the only thing kushina said was "I want a big family"causing major sweatdrop I only replied with "I only need you" causing her to blush madly before she pecked me on the lips saying thats exactly why this is your new life and I want harem sisters"

as I set on my couch with Kushina in my arms and naruko in my lap smiling happily and watching the tv

you know I never been this happy I never had a family like this

I look around I see people smiling and laughing while talking amongs each other even satuski had a smile on her face

before I was alone and now I had this

I smiled as I sat down and watch tv kissing kushina on the lips before ruffling narukos hair before they started to chow down the ramen

its true what they say who needs friends when we have family
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    《The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer》