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The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer
Author :theimaginator
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7 chapter 7

once we arrived I pulled up into the garage and walked out once we walked out everyone was shocked at how big this place is

"woah" they said at the same time in awe satuski was in awe as well but she kept in her poker face

"alright guys follow me" I said as we walked in the mall they where shocked at how many people where here in this place

some people stopped get a good look at us some were even taking pictures satuski glared the whole way I put a hand on her shoulder

"relax" I said to her as she blushed

"hn" she replied before crossing her arms and looked away

once we made it in the story some people started giving glances before whispering

I think I heard a few people say "they look just like the naruto series" or "omg they look so sexy"

I even saw a guy walk up to us and asked whats up with the dress up I told him

"my friends just when to a naruto convention and they were on a vacation here and didnt have enough clothes to the stay so I wanted to buy them clothes "

"you buy all them clothes"? he laughed "what are you sixteen shouldn't you be in school"

I glared at him while the group smirked kushina giggled quietly to herself

" Im 21 damn it I have a job" I said angrily

"ok ok sorry" he apologized he then looked at his watch well I have to leave have a nice day and walked out of the store

"what an asshole" I muttered kushina slapped me upside the head

"watch your language" she yelled

I glared at her before sighing

"anyway this is it if people annoy you or start to hurrass you guys can defend yourselfs just no chakra if you can. "Ill give you each 1 hundred dollars "

they all looked shocked to which I explained

"yes I know Im not rich but I have a lot more to average Im very close" Now we will meet back here in 2 hours ok?"

Everyone had an excited look on their faces except satuski she justed nodded as they walked away

{ how am I going to explain this to my family when they visit me.. you know what fuck iIl tell them the truth I wish you were here mom you would probably be proud or laughing at me right now} I thought as I sighed sadly before walking into the car to wait
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    《The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer》