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The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer
Author :theimaginator
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8 Chapter 8

when I went back in my van I started gain some memories

(memory start)

{Huh where am I} I thought as I looked around

this looked kind of like a farm house

I was looking up and I saw a little red haired girl going inside the house

{ is that kushina} I thought to myself

"hello is anyone there" she asked as she looked inside

a few seconds later she saw some guys from cloud village and tried to run away but they were to quick for her and they kidnapped her

the scene then changed when I saw her walking bound to wires in the forest looking scared until I saw I girly blonde boy jump in and save her

he scene changed

"you'll be alright now" minato said as he picked her up bridal style and carried her as he jumped away

"h-hey wait a minute" but then froze she looked down at the hair and looked back at him

"thats" she said stunned

"your hair is very beautiful so I noticed right away" minato said as he noticed her expression

she then frowned as she looked away but you've always ignored me" she said depressely

"because I knew that you were strong in body and in soul"he said as he smiled at her

"this is a battle between villages"

"its different from other fights so.


"I didn't want to lose you" he smiled at her"

"but why an outsider" she asked

"because you live in this village so your one of us" he replied as he closed his eyes and smiled

kushina just looked at him stunned and alittle bit of awe

(memory end)

I gasp as I sat up straight

"what was that" I asked myself " was that my memories"?

I took a deep breath

I should probably get some rest

he looked at his watch that was on his wrist and was stunned

{shit 30 minutes have past.. buthow it was like 2 minutes }

he shrugged

"whatever" he said to himself

he then set his timer on his watch for 2 hours and drifted to sleep


meanwhile with team 7 kushina and tsuande

they were busy being chased by a group of fanboys who managed to find them while trying to get some clothes

"damn it why did they ditch us dattebane" kushina spoke angrily while holding on 3 bags of groceries "where are they"

tsuande snorted "knowing them they probably found a porn shop" she replied

one of the men came close and tried to hug satuski but she punched him in the face sending him back and glared at him

"why did you do that teme, that was to harsh dattebayo" said naruko as she glared at her

"shut up dobe he said you could use force if necessary" she replied as she glared back

"the forth should of came with us he was the one that suggest it anyways right "sakura asked

2 minutes have past and tsuande found another store with the word ross on it "alright after this we got 2 more stores to go" so pick 2 pairs of clothes and meet back here"

"Hai" everyone exclaimed before they entered the store

meanwhile with jiraiya and kakashi they already found what they wore and were in a new porn shop giggling like crazy

"genuis" jiraiya exclaimed as he turned the page blood started gushing out of his nose

he then went to find kakashi

once he found kakashi he saw that he was giggling aswell and grinned

"kakashi you got to read this" jiraiya said grinning as he showed him the page

once kakashi read it he started to giggle as well

they both giggled together with blood gushing from there noses
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    《The Rebirth of Minato Namikaze the Ultimate Engineer》