The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
556 The Secret About the Past 174
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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556 The Secret About the Past 174

Sun Weiwei quickened her pace to search for the assistant. Soon, she caught sight of the assistant in no time due to the fact that it was nighttime and, therefore, the crowd along the corridor was sparse.

The assistant was lying down on the hospital bed and staring wide-eyed at the ceiling above, her face as pale as a sheet.

Sun Weiwei stepped forward and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

"Sun Weiwei! You still have the audacity to say that you didn't spike my food or drink? As if I'd believe you!" she hollered, glaring at Sun Weiwei while gritting her teeth in anger.

Sun Weiwei drew the curtains around the bed and said patiently, "Could you stop suspecting me for everything? Don't you know that you're suffering from heart disease? You're so paranoid."

"I've already done a blood test. We'll know very soon whether or not you drugged me."

Sun Weiwei nodded and asked, "Sure, I'll wait with you for the test results, okay?"

The assistant began to wonder if she was reading too much into things upon noticing how calm and composed Sun Weiwei was, as if her conscience was clear.

As the pain became debilitating, she screeched, "Go call the doctor here!"


Sun Weiwei turned around and exited the ward. However, she did not call the doctor and instead paced back and forth around the corridor aimlessly.

After loitering about for a long while, she headed back to the assistant's ward.

"Doctor, hurry and save me!"

Sun Weiwei knew that the assistant had begun hallucinating. Thus, she comforted her softly, "I'll give you an injection right away. Don't worry, you'll feel better after I just do it once."

"Hurry and switch on the lights."

Sun Weiwei whipped out a syringe from her pocket and gently poked it into her vein.

At this very moment, she was not in the least bit flustered at all.

Just as she poked half the needle in, the assistant came to her senses again. Noticing that Sun Weiwei was the one giving her the injection, the assistant stuck a leg out and kicked her away.

Sun Weiwei's syringe fell onto the ground, after which she frantically picked it up and chucked it inside her pocket.

"So you were really the one who tampered with my food and drink!" the assistant barked, quivering uncontrollably from head to toe.

Since things had already come to this, Sun Weiwei decided not to hide it anymore. "Do you still remember how Ms. Bai died? Since you tried to test my limits and drive me into the corner time and time again, I decided to give it my all this time. You've brought all of this upon yourself. I've never thought of dealing with you using this method, but you were the one who forced me to do it!"

"Sun Weiwei, since you're bent on making life hard for me, I'll make sure you die a horrible death!"

"Are you sure? You'd better report to Hades first," Sun Weiwei hissed fearlessly.

The assistant was gripping her mobile phone tightly beneath the blanket. She stopped retorting and instead closed her eyes and feigned death.

In fact, the SIA virus would usually only take effect a few days later. However, the assistant's heart disease was the catalyst of her heart attack.

Thinking that she was about to die, Sun Weiwei hurriedly left the ward upon noticing that the doctors were approaching.

The assistant waited for her to leave before proceeding to send a text message to Ye Xiaotian and Bai Duocai immediately, all while enduring the pain. On top of that, she speedily logged into her personal Weibo account and wrote a long post. She then tagged the official Weibo accounts of various tabloids and entertainment news agencies before posting it.

"You're still playing with your mobile phone when you're already in this state? Do you even care about your health at all? You're infected with the SIA virus," the doctor chided, handing her the test report.

To the doctor's surprise, she did not ask about what the SIA virus was and instead only said, "Got it."

The doctor stared at her with a look of pity in his eyes and said, "There are no medical solutions to overcome this virus at the moment, be it locally or overseas."


She felt as if her heart was on fire, and her breathing had become extremely irregular. She was taking deep breaths and struggling to breath, as if her airways had been blocked. Nonetheless, she still got down from the bed to send her family a text message.

Upon sight of her exiting the ward, Sun Weiwei asked, "Where are you going?"

"It's none of your business! You monster!"

"If I'm a monster, what does that make you? Are you any better than I am?" Sun Weiwei questioned softly.

The assistant ignored her and scurried out of the hospital to get into her car.

She pushed through the discomfort and forced herself to bear with the excruciating pain while driving home.

However, she stepped on the emergency brakes halfway through the journey and stopped breathing altogether.

Sun Weiwei knew that the assistant would die for sure. Yet, she did not expect herself to make such a foolish blunder again this time.

She was arrested by the police the very moment she arrived home.

The assistant's post on Weibo caused a major uproar in the evening. The cause of Bai Ranran's death was finally revealed years after she passed away. Both the Ye family and Bai family were flabbergasted when they heard about the news.

Ye Xiaotian was overwhelmed with guilt as he read through the post on Weibo over and over again.

When Bai Ranran died, he was not as upset as he was now.

He was in the worst possible mood.

After visiting Sun Weiwei at the police station, he returned home and cooped himself up in the wine cellar.

He chugged liquor continuously in a bid to drown his sorrows.

He felt guilty for not investigating how Bai Ranran got infected with the SIA virus back then and instead just watched as she died.

If it weren't for the fact that the assistant had suffered the same fate, the truth will have probably never been unraveled.

Sun Weiwei committed all of these misdeeds for her own selfish reasons.

In fact, that was what the media reported as well— claiming that Sun Weiwei had plotted a scheme to kill Bai Ranran, all because of Ye Xiaotian!

Ye Xiaotian was branded as a shameless jerk as a result.

However, there was also a minority who defended Ye Xiaotian, saying that the matter occurred solely because of Sun Weiwei's malicious intentions and evil thoughts and that Ye Xiaotian did not deserve to be called a shameless jerk since he did not force Sun Weiwei into doing what she had done.

In conclusion, the piece of news become a hot topic for discussion online.

Mo Li had also read everyone's comments about the matter, particularly about Ye Xiaotian. Thus, she walked toward the wine cellar and pushed the door open.


Ye Xiaotian did not bother looking at her and instead continued to drink incessantly.

Mo Li entered the cellar and squatted down in front of him. "Stop drinking," she said, snatching his bottle of liquor away.

"Give it to me." He snatched it back from her.

"It's not your fault, you don't have to hold it against yourself. You didn't wish for this to happen either. It was all Sun Weiwei's evil doing."

"When Ranran died… I actually felt a little relieved to be free, because I'd have had to marry her if she hadn't died. That was a token of gratitude to thank her for donating a kidney to my mother. But I really didn't expect her to have died because of someone else's doing. I never knew she died a wrongful death all along. She died all because of me, because of me!"

Teary-eyed, Mo Li said, "Sun Weiwei is now arrested. Ms. Bai would definitely be at ease if she knows about this. Ms. Bai won't bear a grudge against you."

Ye Xiaotian turned to make eye contact with her and said, "Have you any idea how much I wanted to break Sun Weiwei's neck when I saw her at the police station today?"

Mo Li nodded and said, "I know."

Without uttering another word, he raised his neck and continued to drink until he was drunk out of his senses.

Mo Li then helped him back inside the room.

"Ranran… I should've given you a wedding…" Ye Xiaotian murmured.

Mo Li stood by the bed, slightly upset to hear his words. However, she did not wish to vie with a dead person for his love.


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