The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
581 The Secret About the Past 199
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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581 The Secret About the Past 199

Mrs. Ye's kidney donor, Bai Ranran, popped up again on the internet.

Mrs. Ye headed out bright and early in the morning to buy some items as an offering to Bai Ranran. She then told Ye Xiaotian to bring her to Bai Ranran's grave.

Ye Xiaotian did as instructed and brought his mother to the graveyard.

There were traces of burnt offerings on the ground, which were obviously left by the Bai family.

Mrs. Ye squatted down onto the ground and set the offerings on fire before saying, "Ranran, I've burnt you lots of money. Don't suffer down there. Buy yourself anything you'd like to eat or drink and go ahead and do whatever you want. Find me in my dreams when you run out of money, I'll burn you more. What a poor child, you suffered so much when you were still alive. I hope you'll live a better life in the netherworld. Xiaotian and I are here to be with you today. I'm really sorry we didn't come by earlier."

Mrs. Ye said her piece while Ye Xiaotian remained silent and bowed to her grave thrice.

Just as they were about to set off, Ye Xiaotian said, "Mother, wait for me in the car."

Thinking that he must have something to say to Bai Ranran, Mrs. Ye agreed with a nod, "Alright."

After watching his mother leave, Ye Xiaotian looked away and stared at the photo on the tombstone.

Bai Ranran was pretty and elegant in the photo.

Time seemed to have stopped during the peak of her beauty.

"Ranran, I'm sorry. Don't fall in love with me again in your next life. I don't deserve your love," he said gently.

After he finished speaking, he left without looking back.

While on the way home in the car, Mrs. Ye asked, "Has there been any progress with Mo Li's stomach?"

"How could it possibly be so quick? Mother, she just had a miscarriage not long ago, yet you want her to get pregnant again so soon. Do you really think that's possible? She's not a baby-making machine."

"If she gave birth to a son from the beginning, would I be rushing her to give birth to a second child? Look how grumpy she is all the time. She looks as if the world owes her a living. Ever since you married her, she's been enjoying a carefree life at home. You're the sole breadwinner while she just spends freely. To make matters worse, she even got pregnant with a baby girl twice in a row. Good that she didn't give birth to the second one. Let's see how her third pregnancy goes," Mrs. Ye scorned in disdain toward Mo Li.

"We're both still young, there's no rush for another child."

"You're already 31 years old this year. Do you think you're still 26? She's almost 30 too. She'll be past her prime in another few years. I've heard about an elderly woman who's a very accurate fortune-teller. I'll go consult her later and find out if you're destined to have a son."

"Mother. Don't just give my birth characters to anyone, especially not to those fortune-tellers. What did I tell you before?" Ye Xiaotian warned.

"Fine, can I read Mo Li's fortune then? When is Mo Li's birthday?" Mrs. Ye asked.

"Don't get her fortune read. It'll feel really strange after I know the results," Ye Xiaotian objected.

"What's wrong with reading Mo Li's fortune? She's not you. No one's going to harm her. So what is it?"

"I don't want to have her fortune read," Ye Xiaotian refused.

"You stubborn child… Fine, I'll have my fortune read and find out if I'm destined to have a grandson," Mrs. Ye scorned in disgruntlement.

Ye Xiaotian did not respond and drove her home instead.

Once Mrs. Ye alighted from his car, she instructed her chauffeur to bring her to an alley.

She had heard from her mahjong playmates that the elderly lady in the alley was great at fortune-telling and did not charge much for her services.

Thus, Mrs. Ye decided to come and take a look.

She made her way to the fortune-teller's home based on directions she had asked for from passersby along the way.

The door was wide open. Mrs. Ye entered and called out, "Is anyone in?"

"Come in," said the elderly lady, who was inside the house.

Mrs. Ye entered to see that a seventy-year-old lady was standing by the door. "Sis, may I ask if you provide fortune-telling services?"

"Yes, I do. You may come here."

Mrs. Ye went forward with her purse in hand. She entered the dimly-lit room to find that it was filled with the aroma of incense.

In fact, the fumes were a little overbearing.

The wall fan was blowing continuously.

There were several women in the room, some young, some older.

There was a queue for fortune-telling.

Mrs. Ye was last in line and, thus, had to wait patiently for her turn. She sat on a chair and her eyes darted around the room.

There were several pieces of red fabric hanging on the wall, which appeared rather vibrant and bright due to the dim lights.

The elderly lady was sitting by the table on which there were several statues of deities and Gods.

Mrs. Ye continued to wait quietly for her turn. Noticing that the people before her had obtained accurate readings, Mrs. Ye instantly felt a glimmer of hope.

Forty minutes later, it was finally her turn.

Mrs. Ye and the elderly woman were left alone in the room.

She kneeled down onto the praying mats like the women before her. "What would you like to ask about?" the elderly lady asked.

"I'd like to know if I'm destined to have any grandsons."

"What's your name?" The elderly lady put on her glasses and picked up a pen to begin writing.

Mrs. Ye revealed her full name and birth characters.

She then looked at the elderly woman quietly.

After reading her birth characters, the elderly lady said, "Kowtow six times."

While Mrs. Ye was kowtowing, the elderly lady lit up an incense stick and placed it inside the joss urn.

She knelt down again and began speaking.

"You have three children, am I right?"

Mrs. Ye nodded and said, "Yes, two sons and a daughter."

The elderly lady acknowledged this with a nod and said, "I'll be honest with you. Your eldest son has two daughters, and he's not going to have another son. As for your younger son, all I can say is that he and your current daughter-in-law will have four girls."

Mrs. Ye was instantly dumbfounded. "What do you mean?"

"You don't understand? Your son and your current daughter-in-law will have four daughters, including the ones who were miscarried."

"You… you mean I won't have any grandsons? Can I beg for a grandson? Without a grandson, our family's bloodline will cease and we will have no heir."

"I don't suggest you do that. You would have to make a deal with Heaven in exchange for a child. Daughters aren't that bad, they're considered heirs too. Usually, there are bound to be dire consequences if you ask Heaven for another child when you already have one," the elderly lady said frankly.

"How about if I have a change of daughter-in-law? What I mean is that I'll get my son to find another woman."

Bewildered by Mrs. Ye's question, the elderly lady answered, "The male parent is the deciding factor of the child's gender. It has nothing to do with your daughter-in-law at all. Do you have any other questions?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I gave birth to two sons myself, why can't any of them give birth to a boy?"

"Its all fated. Just because you gave birth to a son doesn't mean your son will have a son of his own too," said the elderly lady, completely dismissing Mrs. Ye's question.

"Your readings are not accurate at all. It's complete rubbish."

Mrs. Ye placed a hundred dollars on the table before leaving the place.

The elderly lady's words ran through Mrs. Ye's mind constantly while she was on her way back.

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt. She then decided to go to another fortune-teller instead of heading home.


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