The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
589 The Secret About the Past 207
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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589 The Secret About the Past 207

Ling Ciye hired highly-reputable paparazzi to snap some photos of Jin Qingyue taking Jin Bao'er out for a day of fun and do a writeup about Jin Qingyue raising her daughter single-handedly since birth. Well, it was merely the truth anyway.

Soon, the article and photos were published.

There was then a highly-influential Weibo account that released a statement, describing how Jin Qingyue had put Shi Shaochuan behind bars.

Clearly, Shi Shaochuan was behind the act.

In no time, several immoral netizens began defending the scoundrel that was Shi Shaochuan, saying that there was no way he could have raised his daughter since he was sent to prison by his former wife. There were also other similar comments.

Once the influential Weibo account had garnered enough support, it began sparking false rumors and accusations against Jin Qingyue.

Although it did not mention her name explicitly, it was more than obvious that the posts and statements were referring to her.

It claimed that she had been unfaithful toward her husband and had snatched the rights to the custody of their child. It added that she'd even abused her family's authoritative power and devised a cunning scheme to get her husband imprisoned, so as to divorce him.

Jin Qingyue was greatly taken aback when she read the ongoing discussions on Weibo.

"How could these netizens jump to conclusions and attack a stranger with such malicious comments when they don't even know a thing about the truth?" Jin Qingyue remarked in astonishment.

"Some people just have a false sense of nobility and think that they are saints by placing themselves on the highest pedestal of moral. Hence, they go about releasing callous and irresponsible comments without thinking twice. You don't have to bother about them," Ling Ciye said to comfort her.

"I doubt I can regain the reputation I have ruined previously," Jin Qingyue lamented dejectedly.

"It's obvious that Shi Shaochuan is the one behind the controversy. Are you really just going to let him have his way? It may not be easy, but I believe more and more people are realizing that you've turned over a new leaf. Time will prove everything," Ling Ciye said solemnly.

Jin Qingyan smiled and grabbed his hand. Staring at him with glistening eyes, she asked, "When are we going to sleep on the same bed?"

"Didn't you already come to sleep on my bed in the middle of last night?"

"That was purely sleeping. I don't just purely want to sleep with you," she answered, giggling shyly.

"I'm a man and I didn't even mention it. How did you even bring yourself to say something like that?" Ling Ciye questioned with raised brows.

"I said it with my mouth." She lowered her head to kiss him and said, "Brother Ciye, will you ever regret dating me one day?"

"Since when have I done anything I regretted? Shall we go camping tonight?" he suggested, caressing her face.

"Just us two?"

"Yes, just us. Leave Bao'er at your brother's place for a night."

"Why do you want to go camping?" Jin Qingyue asked, beaming with joy.

"Didn't you say that you don't want to just purely sleep with me? I'll satisfy your wish," Ling Ciye answered with a smirk.

Jin Qingyue immediately blushed red with shyness.

She was just like a young teenager in love.

She was especially smitten with the way this handsome, mature, and charming man was gazing right into her eyes.

He pulled her into his embrace and said, "If you're already craving it so badly now, what's going to happen in the future?"

"Since when…" Jin Qingyue denied vehemently.

"You're still denying it. I can see right through you."

Jin Qingyue's heart began to race as she finally understood what it meant to be a smitten little woman, head over heels in love.

She enjoyed being in a relationship with him more and more. In fact, she even thought that she had already fallen in love with him.

Although she knew that perhaps he only adored her for now, it was already enough for her.

She would often give it her all in every relationship she gets into.

However, she did not wish to know the outcome, even though her failed marriage did not kill her faith in the existence of true love.

After Ling Ciye left in the afternoon, Jin Qingyue began preparing the necessary items for their camping trip tonight.

In high spirits, she was humming merrily to an upbeat tune while packing her bags.

She placed all of the bags inside the car.

She then sent Jin Bao'er, who had just woken up from a nap, to Jin Qingyan's mansion and instructed Fan Shixin to take good care of her while she was away for the night.

Next, she returned home to freshen up.

She proceeded to take a thorough and cleansing shower.

Jin Qingyue would usually only take about 15 to 30 minutes for a shower, sometimes an hour. However, this time, she took one and a half hours.

She then began to put on some exquisite makeup.

Afterward, she proceeded to pick out her outfit.

Finally, it was time for her lingerie to shine.

What a joyous occasion worth celebrating.

She had a penchant for long dresses.

She stood in front of the mirror and admired her reflection.

As soon as she put her makeup remover into her bag and zipped it, the bedroom door opened.

Standing by the door, Ling Ciye peeked in at her and smiled. "Seems like our private night means a lot to you."

"Why? Does it not mean anything to you?"

"Of course it does." He raised his wrist to look at the time on his watch and said, "Let's go. It'll almost be evening by the time we arrive there."


She stepped forward and held his arm while heading downstairs merrily.

Ling Ciye was wearing a pair of shades and drove her to the beach.

He had already reserved an area on the coast, which was to be emptied at night. Thus, there would be no one to disturb their private time together.

He was glad to see that she was enjoying herself.

It was indeed almost evening time when they arrived at the beach.

They set up the barbecue pit and barbecued some skewers, which they paired with beer.

They sat side by side and enjoyed the food and drinks merrily.

They had also fixed the tent by themselves and tidied up their sleeping area.

"The weather is so cooling and I feel so relaxed. I remember we used to come here together when we were children," said Jin Qingyue, taking a few sips of beer.

"Yeah, Tianze even tried to scare you the other time by telling you that there were ghosts around. You were so frightened that you tripped and fell and hurt your head. He was the one who helped you bandage your bleeding wound. So many years have passed in the blink of an eye. Nothing about this place changed, except us. We grew up," Ling Ciye reminisced the past with a sigh.

"He loved playing pranks on me when we were younger. Life is like that. Sometimes, you fall into a pit unexpectedly, but, fortunately, there's still a chance to get back up on your feet. It doesn't matter if you're insensible and foolish when you're young. What's crucial is that you don't remain willful and insensible for the rest of your life," said Jin Qingyue, hugging her knees.

"That's true." Ling Ciye crushed the empty beer can and discarded it.

He then wiped his mouth with a piece of tissue paper and stood up to go brush his teeth.

Jin Qingyue finished the rest of the food and proceeded to brush her teeth as well.

Her heart was pounding strongly against her chest while she was brushing her teeth.

Well, because she knew that something exciting was going to happen tonight.

She allowed her imagination to run wild while looking forward to it.

After brushing her teeth, she removed her shoes, climbed back inside the tent, and zipped it close.

They were kneeling on the mat facing each other.

"Brother Ciye… I'm a little nervous."

He leaned forward to hold her hands and kissed her on her lips.

Jin Qingyue put her arms around his neck and her nervousness instantly vanished.

Everything had come to fruition.

They began smooching each other passionately.

The tent became pitch dark the moment she switched off the lamp.

She decided to make the first move and pounced on him, pinning him below her.

Jin Qingyue straightened her back and took her skirt off before reaching out to unbutton his clothes.

Ling Ciye remained still and allowed her to continue.

However, Jin Qingyue stopped all of a sudden just as things were getting racy.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Does me being on top make you feel embarrassed?"


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