The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
617 The Secret About the Past 235
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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617 The Secret About the Past 235

Bai Zhi had been living a carefree life ever since she moved back to the Xu family mansion and became Xu Baizhi.

Apart from the fact that her fate could not be restored to its original path, the other aspects of her life had been great so far.

Military Commander and Madam Xu had been trying to search for a medium to alter Xu Baizhi's fate. However, all of the mediums they sought had all told them that it would be impossible.

Both of them were extremely troubled and worried for their daughter.

Madam Xu suddenly thought of An Xiaoning.

She tried to call An Xiaoning's previous mobile number, only to find that it was no longer in use. Since she had already divorced Jin Qingyan, Madam Xu had to contact An Xiaoning's godparents in order to obtain her new mobile number.

Madam Xu then gave An Xiaoning a phone call, which the latter answered.

Upon hearing Madam Xu's request, An Xiaoning immediately rejected her, "Since so many mediums and fortune-tellers can't alter her fate, I doubt I'll have the ability to do it."

"Ms. An, we'll concede to any request of yours as long as you're willing to help. This concerns my daughter's happiness, so please help us."

An Xiaoning had no choice but to say, "I'll visit you in a few days and decide after taking a look."

"Alright, I'll be waiting for your call. You must come by," said Madam Xu, after which she ended the call.

Just as An Xiaoning hung up the phone, she heard the door of her bedroom being opened. She then exited the bathroom and was greeted with the sight of Xiao Chi.

"What's the matter?" she asked coldly. She had been rather aloof and hostile toward Xiao Chi ever since she divorced Jin Qingyan.

"His Highness wants you to go downstairs."


An Xiaoning exited her room and made her way downstairs.

Tuoba Gucheng and Lin Shishi were standing together in the living room, hand in hand. Upon sight of her arrival, Tuoba Gucheng pulled Lin Shishi away and began walking out of the door.

An Xiaoning and the other bodyguards automatically followed behind.

Happiness was written all over Lin Shishi's face.

"I wonder if it's real. I'm so nervous."

"We've already taken a test, it has to be real," he said in a gentle voice.

An Xiaoning had a hunch that Lin Shishi was pregnant.

As expected, they headed to the hospital.

Lin Shishi was put through an ultrasound scan.

The results proved that An Xiaoning's guess was right.

Lin Shishi jumped for joy the moment the gynecologist informed them that Lin Shishi was more than two months pregnant, although she had already prepared herself mentally. She threw her arms around Tuoba Gucheng's neck merrily, as happy as a lark.

Although Tuoba Gucheng was smiling widely, he was not exactly over the moon, unlike her.

They immediately headed to Shi Xiaoyu's mansion after leaving the hospital.

Tuoba Rui and Shi Xiaoyu were both delighted to hear about Lin Shishi's pregnancy.

They instructed Lin Shishi to take good care of her health and even told Tuoba Gucheng to make sure that all her food cravings were satisfied.

They basically gave out instructions that elders would give their juniors.

An Xiaoning stood by the door to listen to their conversation, feeling fatigued and weary.

After having seen Shi Xiaoyu's true colors, An Xiaoning could not be bothered to even look at her. It was indeed a shame to not have killed Shi Xiaoyu that night.

An Xiaoning was feeling much more at ease since she was going to leave the palace in a few more days.

While they were on their way back to Tuoba Gucheng's mansion, Lin Shishi hurriedly gave her family a call to inform them of the good news.

Noticing how elated she was, Tuoba Gucheng asked, "Is there anywhere you'd like to go to have some fun?"

"No, the fetus is still young, I want to focus on nursing my pregnancy," Lin Shishi refused. "Actually, there's someone I'd like to see right now," she continued.

"Who is it?" Tuoba Gucheng asked.

"My godsister."

An Xiaoning was startled upon hearing her answer.

"If it weren't for her help, I would've died long ago. She suffered a serious injury overseas and could not attend our wedding. I haven't had the chance to visit her yet. I wonder if she's already back in the country," said Lin Shishi.

"If you really want to see her, I'll get someone to invite her over to accompany you once she's back in the country," said Tuoba Gucheng, giving An Xiaoning the chills.

Lin Shishi nodded and said, "Sure. You have no idea how beautiful my Sis is. Unfortunately, her love life hasn't been smooth sailing."

"Is that so? I've only seen photos of her online. I've never met her in the flesh before. In my eyes, there are only a small handful of women who are actually pretty," said Tuoba Gucheng, casually glancing at An Xiaoning, who was a little confused by his bizarre action.

"Am I one of them?" Lin Shishi asked.

"Yes, you are." An Xiaoning felt like Tuoba Gucheng was just answering perfunctorily, though Lin Shishi actually took his answer seriously and was filled with joy. After all, she was rather young and naive.

Once they reached the mansion, Xiao Chi came forth to report to them, "Your Highness, Princess Consort, Master Tuoba Shuo has already left the palace."

"When did he leave?"

"I just heard the news that he had left."

"Got it," Tuoba Gucheng acknowledged with a nod.

An Xiaoning felt like a boulder had been lifted off her chest the moment she heard the news.

A smile formed on her face as she kept her innermost emotions to herself.

For the next few days, An Xiaoning had been in a happy and relaxed mood.

Upon learning that Tuoba Shuo and Shi Qingzhou have settled down successfully in M Nation in the mansion registered under Tuoba Shuo's name and had an entourage of bodyguards to protect them, An Xiaoning realized that she had made the right decision to drop everything and come to the Autumn Palace back then.

She used to think that she did not have any intentions of reuniting with her biological parents who abandoned her. However, she began to wonder if her parents had missed her just as dearly when she saw the look of desperation on Madam Xu's face when the latter was searching for her daughter.

An Xiaoning finally understood what the saying "You'll never know the truth unless you try and discover it" meant.

As for her biological father, Tuoba Rui, she had no plans to acknowledge him. It was impossible for her to do so anyway.

Now was the perfect opportunity for her to leave the Autumn Palace.

After another exhausting day of following Tuoba Gucheng around, An Xiaoning took a shower and put on a sheet of beauty serum facial mask.

She then began packing her bags.

She folded her clothes and placed them inside the luggage, after which she left the bodyguard uniform on the bed.

It was soon to be November in a few more days.

Winter had arrived.

The temperatures were freezing.

An Xiaoning took out a pair of black, extra-thick leggings and a long sweater that ended at her knees, followed by her favorite thick cardigan.

It had been long since she was dressed in her own clothing.

An Xiaoning had an exceptionally peaceful sleep that night.

She slept all the way until daybreak.

She put on the mask again and got dressed in the outfit she had prepared the night before. Lastly, she put on a pair of riding boots and made her way downstairs with her luggage in hand.

Everyone else was already having breakfast, except Lin Shishi, who was still sleeping.

A look of dismay formed on Tuoba Gucheng's face as soon as he saw An Xiaoning. "Where are you headed to?"

An Xiaoning bowed and said, "Your Highness, pardon me for not informing you beforehand, but I'm leaving the palace. Please approve of my resignation."

Tuoba Gucheng tightened his grip on the spoon before placing it down onto the table. He then stood up and said to her, "Come with me."

An Xiaoning placed her luggage down and followed him inside a room.

They were the only ones inside the room. "Why are you leaving so abruptly?" Tuoba Gucheng asked.

"It's not that abrupt, I just didn't inform you earlier. I've actually already had plans to leave long ago. I don't think I like staying here, and I'd like to go out to live life the way I want," An Xiaoning answered, staring at him calmly.


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