The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
629 The Secret About the Past 247
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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629 The Secret About the Past 247

An Xiaoning stood there to ponder over the matter. "Seems like I've been overthinking."

The disgruntlement and frustration within her instantly vanished without a trace.

She felt exceptionally at ease.

Just as she was about to exit, she heard Jin Qingyan say, "Excuse me while I go to the washroom."

There was no time for her to leave now.

She scanned her surroundings in the washroom, only to find that there was nowhere for her to hide.

An Xiaoning quickly tried to brainstorm for a suitable excuse and explanation she could give him.

Before she could even manage to come up with any, the door was pushed open and the lights were switched on immediately, filling every corner of the room. Both of them were at a sudden loss for what to do the moment their eyes met.

Staring at the woman before him, the icy cold look of aloofness in his eyes instantly vanished and he lit up with surprise.

Instead of leaving, he closed the door of the washroom.

What happened next completely caught An Xiaoning by surprise.

He stood in front of the toilet bowl and unzipped his pants to relieve nature's call, right before her eyes.

An Xiaoning cocked her head toward the side as a strange awkwardness filled the air.

Pressing both hands against the marble basin, An Xiaoning felt as if she was about to pass out.

She could no longer think straight at this moment.

After finishing his business, Jin Qingyan zipped his pants and buckled his belt unhurriedly. He then turned around and stood beside her while washing his hands under the tap of the basin.

To An Xiaoning's surprise, he did not leave the washroom immediately after washing his hands.

Instead, he slowly leaned closer toward her and said in an exceptionally deep voice, "I seem to know why you showed up here."

"No, you don't. I was here before you, I just haven't gone outside yet…" An Xiaoning defended herself.

"Oh, is that so?" he questioned rhetorically, clearly not convinced by her words.

An Xiaoning glared at him and said, "Yes."

He did not say anything further and walked out of the bathroom straight away. The moment the door closed, Jin Qingyan smiled unknowingly.

"You seem to be in high spirits, Mr. Jin."

"Of course, I'll be happy in such great company."

He knew clearly who he was referring to by "great company." However, Hu Xin smiled shyly and continued with her meal.

An Xiaoning was overwhelmed with regret when she left the restaurant, though she was utterly impressed by her own acting chops.

An Xiaoning was a little bewildered at the thought of his eyes.

Such a deceiving pair of eyes.

She could not figure out what the look in his eyes meant.

Whatever, doesn't matter, we're no longer related to each other anyway, she thought.

Jin Qingyan left the restaurant and returned home to take a shower, after which he leaned against a pillow while clad in a bathroom, sinking deep into thought.

He had watched the surveillance camera footage of the restaurant before he left.

Logically speaking, there was actually no need to watch the surveillance camera footage at all. However, he still did so, nonetheless.

The footage showed An Xiaoning entering the restaurant not long after Jin Qingyan and Hu Xin did. She then loitered around the entrance of the dining room for a while and took the chance to sneak in when the waiter entered to serve the dishes. A ripple formed in his heart the moment he saw that very scene in the footage.

His mood was instantly lifted.

Clutching his chest, he asked himself earnestly, "Just what's wrong with me?"

He was supposed to be infuriated with her, yet he could not help but feel moved.

However, that incident had become his greatest woe.

He recalled what she said to him after the meal they had together with their son previously.

Jin Qingyan began to wonder if he had really wrongly accused her.

After much thought, he sat up and called for Fan Shixin to come upstairs again.

As his closest confidante, Fan Shixin knew that Jin Qingyan would usually call him to go upstairs at night for personal matters.

As expected, the first thing Jin Qingyan said when he saw him was, "Help me arrange an appointment with a psychological specialist."

"Young Sir, you…" Fan Shixin asked with a look of bewilderment and shock.

"I just want to ask a few questions. There's nothing wrong with my mental health."

"What questions?"

"Just help me arrange an appointment first," said Jin Qingyan, clearly not wanting to divulge.


"Bring my easel here."

Fan Shixin had no idea what Jin Qingyan was thinking of getting up to in the middle of the night, but he immediately did as instructed, nonetheless.

After Fan Shixin left the room, Jin Qingyan sat by the bed and, using a pencil, quickly began sketching a scene on a piece of paper attached to the easel.

In the drawing, a woman was leaning against the basin while a man was standing beside her.

It was the exact scene that had taken place in the bathroom of the restaurant tonight.

Jin Qingyan had a flair for drawing and broke into smiles as he admired his masterpiece.

That night, he managed to sleep extremely well without having to take any sleeping pills.

Feeling refreshed and energized the next morning, he headed to a hospital in the city together with Fan Shixin.

Fan Shixin had already arranged an appointment with the expert psychiatrist the night before.

Thus, they could consult the doctor immediately upon arriving.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Jin," the psychiatrist greeted, reaching out for a handshake.

"Nice to meet you. I'd like to ask a few questions, Doctor," said Jin Qingyan as he took a seat.

"What questions do you have?"

After a moment of silence, Jin Qingyan asked, "You won't disclose the details of our conversation, right?"

"That goes without saying. Please rest assured, Mr. Jin."

"Will a man begin to hallucinate if he's drugged with aphrodisiacs?" Noticing the look of puzzlement on the psychiatrist's face, Jin Qingyan rephrased his question, "For example, if a man ingested aphrodisiacs, will he begin to hallucinate about getting intimate with a woman even though it did not actually happen in real life? Is there such a possibility?"

After having understood what he meant, the psychiatrist answered, "That's indeed a type of hallucination. Aphrodisiacs, if taken in large amounts, can lead to hallucinations and temporary reckless behavior. However, hallucinations under the influence of drugs are not considered to be a mental disorder."

Jin Qingyan got a great shock upon hearing the psychiatrist's words. He then looked up at Fan Shixin before continuing to ask, "Can such hallucinations be triggered through hypnosis?"

Shaking his head, the psychiatrist answered, "Hypnosis will only trigger memories of events that have actually already taken place. If it's merely a fantastical imagination, it can't be triggered again."

"Thank you, Doctor."

Fan Shixin followed Jin Qingyan out of the hospital, not uttering a single word throughout.

Once they got inside the car, Fan Shixin asked, "Young Sir, what do you think now?"

"Why haven't I thought of this before? I was too thick in the head and stubborn before," said Jin Qingyan, sounding regretful and forlorn.

"Young Sir, there's no way to investigate this matter. It all depends on what you think. You have to decide whether to trust her or not."

"Yes… but it's all too late now, isn't it?" said Jin Qingyan.

Fan Shixin answered, "No, Young Sir, it's not too late yet. Young Sir, even if you refuse to admit it, I know you've been missing Ms. An dearly ever since you divorced her. I think you acted on impulse, precisely because you love her too much. Ms. An is not an unreasonable person either. If you talk things over calmly with her and show her that you've changed your attitude, perhaps…"

"You haven't understood how stubborn she really is."


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