The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
630 The Secret About the Past 248
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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630 The Secret About the Past 248

"She's an extremely domineering and independent woman. After we got our first divorce, she was insistent on not carrying any hopes toward marriage. This time, I'm afraid she won't want to get married again."

"It's not exactly your fault, Young Sir… When you first saw the live feed from the surveillance camera, it felt as if the world had come crashing down on you. Although you appeared to be trying to cool off those few days, I don't think you've actually thought through the matter calmly," said Fan Shixin.

Jin Qingyan murmured assent and instructed, "Find out her new mobile number for me in the afternoon. We'll head to the office now."


The answers Ye Xiaotian had gotten from other fortune-tellers were similar to what An Xiaoning had told Mo Li.

He pointedly brought the matter up to Mrs. Ye and had a serious talk with her, in a bid to persuade her mother to allow Mo Li to abort the child. He also tried to convince her to stop compelling Mo Li to give birth to a son.

But how could Mrs. Ye possibly give up?

She even threated Ye Xiaotian with her life, telling him that she would kill herself in front of him, should he have the audacity to bring Mo Li for an abortion.

Ye Xiaotian was vexed and perturbed.

It had never occurred to him that the matter would become a disaster for his family.

After laying all the cards on the table with Ye Xiaotian, Mrs. Ye called Mo Li to her mansion.

They glared at each other coldly.

"Mo Li, the child you're expecting now is definitely a boy. Don't you dare think of aborting him. Otherwise, I'll definitely give you a hard time," Mrs. Ye warned.

"Do you still want this grandson if it comes at the expense of your son's life? Don't forget, the consequences will be borne by someone in the family."

"It can't be someone from the Ye family," said Mrs. Ye, remaining unfazed.

Mrs. Ye put down her teacup and had a sullen expression on her face, as menacing as that of Ye Xiaotian's. "If anyone has to suffer the consequences, it will be your next-of-kin," she continued.

"How are you so sure?" Mo Li asked, clutching the armrest tightly.

"How could I possibly land my own son in trouble? From now onwards, you are to move into the ancestral hall. You'll be provided with full meals and anything you need, but you're not to step foot out of the ancestral hall until you give birth to the child."

Mo Li's eyes widened in astonishment. "I beg your pardon?"

"Didn't you hear what I said?"

"You're trying to hold me under house arrest. Does Xiaotian know about this!?!"

"There's nothing he can do even if he knows about it. Mo Li, don't think that Xiaotian will concede to all your requests just because you've married him. As long as I'm still around, don't ever think of becoming the true Young Madam of the Ye family. You came from such a poor family, but you got to enjoy a few years of living in luxury after marrying into the Ye family. It's time you did your part for our family. All I'm asking is for you to give birth to a child, why are you acting like I'm going to slaughter you?" Mrs. Ye said nonchalantly.

Biting her lip, Mo Li questioned, "Will you only stop all this nonsense after I die?"

"If you die, so be it. Will the world stop revolving just because you're dead? Is Xiaotian going to be a widower just because you're dead? Will Jiani not have a mother just because you're dead?"

Mo Li turned as pale as a sheet, tears streaming down her face uncontrollably. She was then dragged to the ancestral hall forcibly by the bodyguards and was locked inside.

She wished that her husband could rescue her as soon as possible.

She yearned to leave this dark and cold place.

However, reality disappointed her. No one came forth even after six consecutive days.

Mo Li was no longer capable of tears after bawling in agony for an entire week.

Sitting on her bed while hugging her knees, she wondered how her life had been reduced to such a pathetic state.

Her love for Ye Xiaotian once grew into resentment, which again turned into love eventually. Mo Li suddenly realized that she had been in love with him from the very moment they got together when she was eighteen years old.

From eighteen to thirty.

It had been more than a decade.

She had given up all her youth to this stunningly charming yet vicious man.

However, how did he pay her back in return?

He said he loves me but how did he prove his love?

Mo Li thought that her heart had already gone numb. However, she was plagued with excruciating pain at this very moment.

She initially thought that she could finally live a peaceful life after having overcome so many obstacles and braving through all odds to marry him.

However, reality gave her a tight slap.

It told her that women can only depend on themselves.

When someone loves you deeply, you'll be the moon in their sky, a blooming bouquet of flowers, and their most precious gem.

However, once they stop loving you, you'll become a nonexistent reflection of the moon, a bunch of withered flowers, and a worthless plaything.


A week had passed since the last time An Xiaoning saw Jin Qingyan. She happened to be driving when she received a sudden call from him. Thus, she put on her earpiece and answered the call.

"May I know why you called me all of a sudden, Mr. Jin?"

"Where are you now?" he asked, sounding rather hoarse and nasal, seemingly having caught a cold.

"I'm driving on the roads. Please speak what's on your mind, Mr. Jin."

"Shall we meet?" Before she could even answer, he added, "Come down to Wei Ni Estate in the afternoon."

"Sorry, but I'm not free in the afternoon."

"Come at night then."

"What do you want to talk to me about? I think… there's nothing for us to talk about anymore."

"Why not? I'll be waiting for you at home at night," he answered calmly.

He then hung up before she could respond. She removed her earpiece and muttered in annoyance, "How rude."

Indeed, manners did not have a place in Jin Qingyan's world.

Manners were not worth a single cent to him.

She drove to the Jin family mansion.

Once she alighted, she scanned the car beside hers to find that it belonged to the military.

She walked toward the living room and was greeted with the sight of Commander-in-chief Jin and Madam having a conversation with a tall and slender young man.

The man had his back facing An Xiaoning and turned around upon hearing her footsteps.

She stopped in his tracks to observe his features. He had a pair of sparkling eyes, which seemed like they were smiling, and a chiseled face. He looked extremely dashing and suave in the military uniform.

"Xiaoning, you're here. Come over here, hurry," said Madam Jin, stepping forward to hold her hand smilingly, after which she walked inside the living room. "Let me introduce him. This is Ji Yu, the youngest Major in your father's platoon. He's thirty-two years old this year and is still a bachelor," Madam Jin continued.

An Xiaoning immediately realized that her mother had set her up for a matchmaking session.

Ji Yu stood up composedly, looking a little shy and awkward. He then reached out a hand and greeted, "Nice to meet you, I'm Ji Yu."

An Xiaoning shook his hand said, "Hello. An Xiaoning."

Everyone sat down again. Madam Jin then said to An Xiaoning, "Xiaoning, Ji Yu had been spending most of his time in the military and has a squeaky clean image as well as a neat private life. Your father suggested that we introduce him to you. Both of you didn't know about it beforehand."

An Xiaoning nodded and said, "Since that's the case, let's have a private conversation."

Madam Jin and Commander-in-chief Jin smiled and said to her, "Go out and have a walk together."

An Xiaoning and Ji Yu both stood up and left the living room one after another."Jin" here refers to Commander-in-chief Jin's family.


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