The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
652 A Million Times for You 14
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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652 A Million Times for You 14

Gu Beicheng tried to comfort his parents, "Let's wait for Xiaoning to consult her mentor and see if there are any special ways to prevent our fates from being altered. Xiaoning's mentor is highly skilled, there should be a way out."


The three of them waited outside the room for more than an hour before An Xiaoning finally opened the door.

The rosy flush on An Xiaoning's face was no longer present. She appeared pale and sickly, as if she'd been struck with a sudden illness. Noticing that she could not stand steadily on her feet, Gu Beicheng hurriedly supported her and asked, "Are you alright?"

"Yes, everything is fine now. She just hasn't come to yet, don't disturb her," An Xiaoning said feebly with a look of extreme fatigue and weariness.

Mrs. Gu helped her back into her room right away, laid her down in bed, and tucked her beneath the blanket. "Xiaoning, get a good rest," said Mrs. Gu, holding her hand while sitting on the bed.

An Xiaoning gave a faint nod.

Mrs. Gu switched off the lights and tiptoed out of the room quietly.

She then proceeded to the bedroom opposite to take a look at Lin Mingxi, who had three amulets pasted on her body: one on her forehead and two others on her feet.

Her forehead was covered in cold sweat.

Her eyes were tightly shut as she lay motionless in bed, seemingly having fallen asleep.

"Don't cover her with the duvet, just leave the heater on. Your father and I are going downstairs to sleep now. Mingxi will definitely be thirsty when she wakes up. Prepare some water for her beforehand," Mrs. Gu instructed Gu Beicheng softly.

"Mother, I know what to do. Go get some rest," said Gu Beicheng.

Mrs. Gu nodded and left the room together with Mr. Gu.

Gu Beicheng then ordered the servants to bring a kettle of warm water to the room and place it on the table beside the bed. A look of fear and terror formed in his eyes at the thought of what An Xiaoning had said earlier that night.

Having received such grave news, the Gu family naturally couldn't be bothered to pay attention to the presidential election.

An Xiaoning's mobile phone rang continuously in the pocket of her feathered jacket while she was already fast asleep.

However, it was muffled and much softer than usual since the mobile phone was inside her pocket.

The incessant ringing of her phone disrupted the silence of the night.


After garnering the most number of votes from the citizens and gaining the nod of approval from the members of the Cabinet, Tuoba Gucheng was successfully appointed as the next president.

The former president, Tuoba Rui, handed his position over to his son.

All media and broadcasting companies in the nation were actively reporting about the latest news of the election.

The results had also caused a major uproar amongst netizens online.

Tuoba Gucheng was especially outstanding because he was barely twenty-seven years old yet he was already well versed and proficient in several foreign languages. Not to mention, he was extremely dashing as well.

Although he was already married, numerous female netizens nonetheless termed him as the most brilliant political leader in history.

Tuoba Gucheng, who had been extremely busy throughout the day, stared at his mobile phone screen with a sullen expression, for he did not receive any phone calls or text messages.

Since last night, he had been trying to call An Xiaoning dozens of times, but she did not respond at all.

What does that mean?

He could not figure if she did not reply because she had fallen asleep or because she simply did not want to answer his call.

He constantly pondered over the matter, which greatly distracted him.

He grew increasingly anxious and frustrated with each passing minute.

Noticing that it was almost nine o'clock, Tuoba Gucheng gripped his mobile phone tightly in his hands while sitting in the car toward his next destination, wondering if he should try giving her another call.


It was the sound of a text message notification he received on his mobile phone.

He quickly took a look at his mobile phone screen to see that it was indeed a message sent by her.

Tuoba Gucheng eagerly opened the text message which read: "Congratulations, Your Majesty."

Tuoba Gucheng read the simple congratulatory text over and over again for more than twenty times.

He felt a strange urge to see her, which soon grew uncontrollably stronger.

At this juncture, he could not just do whatever he wanted.

Needless to say, An Xiaoning had no idea what he was thinking at this moment.

She got a great shock the moment she saw that there were thirty-eight missed calls from him.

She then thought that he probably called her to tell her about his victory in the election.

It was only understandable for her to wake up later than usual since altering Lin Mingxi's fate yesterday had made her extremely fatigued and feeble.

"Mother, where's Mingxi?"

"She went back to her parents' home. How do you feel? Do you feel any discomfort?" Mrs. Gu asked.

"I feel fine. Why did she go back to her parents' home?" An Xiaoning asked. She took a seat while the servant hurriedly served her breakfast.

"What else could she have gone back for? She went home to tell her parents about this matter. She suspects that her sister was the culprit."

"We can't accuse anyone without concrete evidence. I'll be driving to Teacher's place later," said An Xiaoning, enjoying her breakfast slowly.

"Xiaoning, you must ask your mentor what we can do to prevent our fates from being altered. Your Father and I couldn't sleep well last night. It's really intimidating, and we're both very afraid."

"I'll definitely ask her about it, rest assured."


Xu Youran and Gu Dongcheng were still yet to find out Gu Beicheng's birth characters even after a long time. Hence, they decided to take action on Lin Mingxi first, lest she gets pregnant and creates more trouble for them.

The reason they could get hold of Lin Mingxi's clothing, as well as her birth characters and precise birth timing, was all thanks to her sister, Lin Mingyuan.

Lin Mingxi had guessed correctly.

However, without any solid proof, there was no use in knowing who the culprit was, just like what had An Xiaoning said.

Yuan Mingzhu called Xu Youran first thing in the morning to inform her that Lin Mingxi's fate was not changed successfully.

Xu Youran was initially in high spirits at the thought of having finally gotten Lin Mingxi's fate rewritten, and she had just been waiting to watch the latter either go berserk or die. Yet, she did not expect things to not go according to plan.

"How come? Didn't you say that Lin Mingxi would go onto a path toward ruin without even realizing it herself?" Xu Youran asked in displeasure.

Yuan Mingzhu was also unhappy to hear Xu Youran admonish her. "It's obviously because someone else had changed it back for her. Ms. An is by her side every day, it's not that difficult to guess that she must have found out," Yuan Mingzhu retorted.

Noticing the tone of disgruntlement in her voice, Xu Youran immediately chuckled pretentiously and said, "I was just a little impatient, don't take it to heart, Mingzhu. I'm not trying to put the blame on you. You do make sense. An Xiaoning must've altered her fate again. What should we do now, then? Can we proceed with the plan, still?"

"We'll talk about this another time," said Yuan Mingzhu.

"Alright then." Xu Youran decided not to compel Yuan Mingzhu since she still needed the latter to work for her. Thus, she obviously could not risk putting her off by being too pushy.

"I have to get going to the police station. I'm hanging up now."


After ending the call, Yuan Mingzhu picked up her bag and left for the door. Just as she opened the door, she was greatly startled by the burly, armed men standing in front of her. "Who… are you people?" she asked anxiously.

"Ms. Yuan, our Young Sir would like you to go over to see him."

"Who's your Young Sir?"

One of the men showed her a photo of Jin Qingyan, giving Yuan Mingzhu a shock that sent shivers down her spine.

"What does he want to see me for?" she asked, her palms beginning to get sweaty.

"For something, of course."

"I don't want to go, I have to attend work now," Yuan Mingzhu refused.

"You don't have a choice." The man then motioned for the other bodyguards to come forth.

The bunch of men approached, after which Yuan Mingzhu frantically retreated and conceded, "I'll walk on my own, I'll walk on my own."


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