The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
656 A Million Times for You 18
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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656 A Million Times for You 18

"Umm." His lack of expression made him appear distant.

After sending him back to his doorstep, the family of three went back. Mrs. Bu remarked in admiration, "Look at how handsome Nick is, no wonder this girl liked him for so long."

"That's true." Bu Xianxian raised her chin. "My judgment is the best. But then again, I've finally given up on him."

Her voice carried some despair. "He's like a stone-bricked wall. For an egg like me to want to break through this wall, it's simply impossible."

"It's good that you realized it. With his status, is he even someone within our family's reach? How many times have we told you, one must have self-awareness. You should know well and clear about his attitude toward you already," Mrs. Bu reminded her. "It's impossible between the two of you. You should look for other people with your keen sense of judgment."

"Why did I ask the two of you to tell him to give me some freedom then? Isn't it to meet more people and not get cooped up in here all day? The men here all don't take a fancy to me, but I'm not ugly, right?"

"Of course you're not. How can my daughter be ugly? Your skin is just tanner than most girls. Xianxian, you should follow those girls who love beauty and use more masks and do beauty treatments."

"You don't give me money, how do I do beauty treatments?"

Mrs. Bu took her wallet from under her pillow and fished out two thousand dollars for her. "Here, money for you."

Bu Xianxian took it from her and counted it before placing it into her own bag. "Mother, what do you think of me doing plastic surgery?"

"Plastic surgery?" Mrs. Bu disagreed. "You have to spend money and suffer, so why do such things?"

"To become prettier." Bu Xianxian grabbed the mirror and looked at her reflection. "My eyes have single eyelids. If I go under the knife and make them double eyelids, then make my nose sharper and my cheekbones higher, I'll look better. Mother, didn't Nick give you five million dollars? Can't you fork out a few hundred thousand as an investment for me? Moreover, I was the one who saved Nick, half of the money should go to me. Will giving me two thousand dollars to do beauty treatments actually make me become prettier?"

"A few hundred thousand…" Mrs. Bu was evidently shocked. She was used to living a life of poverty, and both she and her husband felt that to be able to follow Jin Qingyan to live at Wei Ni Estate was already a privilege. The money they had received from him was also left unspent as they were especially frugal. Spend a few hundred thousand in one go was something they definitely could not bear to do.

Bu Xianxian put down the mirror and looked at her parents in a serious manner. "Father, Mother, let's not talk about other things. However, the reason Nick, and even his other subordinates here, doesn't like me, isn't it because my skin isn't fair and my features are ordinary as well? If I were to look like An Xiaoning, wouldn't I have plenty of men fighting to marry me?"

Mrs. Bu was taken aback and turned to her husband. "Actually, what Xianxian says makes sense. Looks are everything in society, it's how this world works."

Mr. Bu said with a cigarette in his mouth, "Don't tell me you're really investing a huge sum for her to do plastic surgery?"

Bu Xianxian watched as her mother slightly hesitated and immediately butted in, "Mother, both of you only have me as your only daughter. If you have so much money and don't invest it on me, then what would you need the money for? The two of you won't be able to spend so much money away anyway, don't tell me you don't want me to find an eligible man to spend the rest of my life with, Mother?"

Mrs. Bu's heart wavered.

"Xianxian, you really want to do plastic surgery?"

"Yes!" Bu Xianxian lit up in joy immediately. "Mother, I want to become prettier and well liked as well. Mother, please agree."

"Why don't we go to the plastic surgery hospital to take a look tomorrow?" Mrs. Bu sounded her out.

"Alright, alright…" Bu Xianxian happily agreed and became exceptionally delighted. "Mother, I love you!"

Seeing her so excited, Mrs. Bu suddenly asked anxiously, "Will there be any risks, though?"

"Mother, if I want to do plastic surgery, I'll go to a more renowned hospital. The doctors there have more experience and are more reliable."

"That's true…"

Bu Xianxian, who usually slept 'til noon, was up early today and all prepared to go out.

After eating breakfast with Mrs. Bu, she eagerly brought her to a renowned plastic surgery hospital in A City.

After they entered, a beautiful nurse showed them the list of different procedures available.

"How much does it cost to get eyelid surgery?"

"Three thousand five hundred dollars. For you, if you extend the corner of your eyes, it would make them look prettier and larger. Of course, they would cost an extra amount."

Bu Xianxian looked at the pictures on the template board and suddenly felt excited, as if the picture of the pair of eyes on the board were hers.

"How about making my nose sharper?"

"Five thousand dollars."

"Making my chin sharper?"

"Over ten thousand dollars."

"And breast enhancement?"

"The cost differs depending on the material. A better-quality material naturally costs more." The nurse grinned. "For a normal material, it would cost ten thousand dollars. A better-quality material can range from thirty to fifty thousand dollars and a few hundred thousand dollars."

Bu Xianxian nodded. "Then if I do all of these procedures, will there be discounts offered?"

"Of course."

Mrs. Bu felt that the price was not as high as she had imagined and she only had this daughter. If she wanted to become prettier, she would definitely support her as her mother.

"I want to do eyelid surgery, extend my eye corner, sharpen my nose, cheeks, and do breast enhancement."

"Alright. Please follow me, Miss." The nurse's attitude became even better when she realized she was doing so many procedures.

"May I ask if there are risks here at your hospital?"

"Auntie, the risks here are exceptionally minute. Our hospital here is recognized by the country, and our plastic surgeons all studied abroad. We also haven't had any case of a failed plastic surgery. Please rest assured."

Both mother and daughter then followed the nurse into the plastic surgeon's office.

Seeing that she wanted to do so many procedures, the plastic surgeon suggested for her to take it step by step.

"How do you want your double eyelids to turn out? Recently, those who visit our hospital have various requests to have their double eyelids done like a certain female celebrity or something of the sort. Do you have any requests regarding this?"

"Doctor, do you know of An Xiaoning?"

"Of course I do. Recently, there have been some females who've requested for their noses to be done like hers too…"

"I want to have my eyes done like hers."


Mrs. Bu also felt that An Xiaoning's facial features were very exquisite, but wasn't this rather inappropriate?

"Xiaoning, if Nick sees later that your eyes were done like An Xiaoning's, won't he get angry?"

"Why would he get angry? If there're people who do plastic surgery to resemble An Xiaoning, shouldn't he be happy? Moreover, I only want my eyes done like hers. It's not like I want my whole face to look like hers."

Hearing this, Mrs. Bu did not say anything further.

After arranging things with the plastic surgeon, Mrs. Bu paid the bill while Bu Xianxian stayed over at the hospital to prepare for her first round of plastic surgery.

"Boss, someone is calling you again!"

An Xiaoning pulled open the zipper of her down coat and took her phone from inside. The caller ID displayed that it was from the landline at the police station.

She immediately picked up the call. "Hello."

"Xiaoning, Team Leader Yuan is dead." Ma Jianguo's voice sounded from the other end. "Her body was found floating in the river by someone."


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