The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
661 A Million Times for You 23
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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661 A Million Times for You 23

"Yes, be careful when driving, Sister Yangyang," said Fang Erlan, who then lay in bed and began searching for information about Yan Ge on the internet using her mobile phone.

She was filled with anxiousness after reading all about him online.

According to the discussion forums, Yan Ge was said to be a splendid actor who was famous yet polite. However, he was also claimed to be a tad bit arrogant and temperamental.

Fang Erlan thought that she would definitely be inferior to experienced actresses since she was a newbie in the showbiz industry.

Since Yan Ge was the male lead, she would surely act alongside him in various scenes.

Shall I go and try to get to know him better and prepare myself mentally?

That'll help make working together much more harmonious and smooth, she thought to herself.

After taking a look at the time on her mobile phone, Fang Erlan got out of bed, picked up her bag, and quickly set off to the railway station in a taxi. It was already evening by the time she arrived in C City.

Having filmed in the same television studio as Yan Ge before in the past, Fang Erlan naturally knew which hotel he was staying at.

Along the way, she was contemplating whether or not it was a good idea to look him up, fearing that her sudden visit would put him off.

She decided not to approach him and instead just observe him from afar.

However, she arrived at the film set, only to find that the filming of the movie Yan Ge was starring in had already ended.

Fang Erlan lit up with joy and surprise, since the fact that filming had come to an end meant that there would be a celebratory dinner tonight.

She hurriedly returned to the hotel. Her gut feeling had told her that the production team would definitely throw a bash in the hotel.

She headed to the lobby on the second floor of the hotel to discover that her guess was correct.

Such accurate instincts!

She zoomed toward an artificial tree and hid behind it to scan the crowd, amongst which she spotted Yan Ge.

He seemed to be in high spirits while drinking and taking photos with the crew members.

In those moments, Fang Erlan suddenly felt like he seemed to be rather personable and down-to-earth.

The reason was that she noticed that he was not in the least bit annoyed whenever he was asked to take a photo together with another actor or crew member and instead cooperated nicely.

The more she observed the situation, the more she thought that the netizens were merely spouting nonsense online. How is he at all temperamental and arrogant?

Isn't he just a nice and friendly person?

Feeling a huge sense of relief, Fang Erlan turned around and began searching for the washroom. She'd planned to check into a motel nearby after coming out of the washroom and return to A City the next morning.

However, things did not go according to plan.

A stranger began flirting with her the moment she exited the washroom.

"Lady, what's your mobile number?"

Fang Erlan glanced at him apprehensively and tried to walk away quickly. To her astonishment, the man took chase and grabbed her by her arm. "Pretty babe, don't leave just yet."

"What are you trying to do!?!" Fang Erlan snapped, feeling a little flustered as she shrugged his hand away and glowered at him.

"What's your mobile number?"

"Why must I tell you?" Fang Erlan retreated backward slightly while the man stepped forward and scanned her from head to toe.

"You'd better tell me," he taunted.

"139XXXXXXXX." Fang Erlan gave him a random mobile number for she could not be bothered to talk to him any further.

She thought that she could leave after giving him the number. Unlike what she had expected, the man immediately dialed the number, only to find that it was not a registered number at all. He grabbed her again forcefully and hollered, "How dare you lie to me!"

"Just what are you trying to do!?! I don't know you at all!" Fang Erlan tried to struggle out of his grip again, but to no avail, for he was too strong for her.

The man immediately covered her mouth and dragged her toward the Gents' without another word.

Fang Erlan was horrified and consumed by terror, her heart almost jumping out of her chest.

"Let go of me, I'll tell you my real mobile number. Let go of me first!"

"I gave you a chance earlier but you turned it down. It's too late now!" the man bellowed.

She wanted to yell for help but her mouth had already been covered. Thus, all she could do was move her legs about.

At this very moment, she picked her legs up and kicked the man with all her might, landing a strike on his knees, which caught him off guard. He winced in pain and immediately loosened his grip on her.

Fang Erlan quickly took the chance to flee.

The man took chase.

Fang Erlan could sprint with great speed since she was wearing a comfortable pair of fabric flats. She did not take the elevator, for it took too long to arrive. Instead, she zoomed toward the staircase and sped upstairs, thinking that she could fool the man into running downstairs. Yet, he took her by surprise and followed her upstairs.

After running up several flights of stairs, Fang Erlan exited the staircase lobby to find that she had arrived on a floor full of hotel rooms.

She rushed forward and made a turn, planning to knock on a random door and hide inside a room temporarily.

The moment she caught sight of a door that was left ajar, her eyes lit up in joy and she zoomed inside straight away. She then closed the door and leaned against it.

Her heart was beating so loudly that she could even hear it herself. Boom… boom… boom…

Her heart was almost ricocheting out of her chest, and her legs had already turned into jelly. She blamed herself for making the trip here to see Yan Ge.

She absolutely regretted it!

Panting heavily and taking deep breaths, she shifted her attention to the bathroom upon hearing the sounds of music playing loudly from inside. There were also noises of water flowing out of the tap. She could tell right away that the guest of the room was currently taking a shower.

However, there was no way she could go out of the room now. What if that stranger is still outside…?

She stood rooted to the ground, unsure if she should stay put in the room or take the chance to leave before the guest of the room discovers her presence.

While she was stuck in a dilemma, the noises coming from the bathroom came to a halt and she could hear footsteps approaching.

Fang Erlan froze in shock and tried to zoom out of the door. However, it was clearly too late.


A tall and slender man exited from the bathroom and stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw her.

Fang Erlan blushed red with embarrassment and dared not make eye contact with the man the moment she saw that he was wearing nothing except a towel wrapped around his waist. To make things more awkward, he was Yan Ge.

It had never occurred to Yan Ge that he would encounter an uninvited guest in his room, one who popped out of nowhere!

The first thing that came to his mind was that it was probably a crazy fan of his.

One can only imagine how he felt to be met with a trespassing fan right after he took a shower in his room — absolutely horrid!

"How did you manage to sneak in!?!" He hollered in agitation. She's seen every inch of my body, that damned wretch! he cursed in his head.

"I… I… I… the door was left ajar so I opened it and entered," Fang Erlan spluttered nervously. Her words sent Yan Ge into an uncontrollable rage. Noticing that he was about to dial a number on his phone, Fang Erlan hurriedly rushed forward in a bid to stop him. To her astonishment, Yan Ge raised his arm, causing her to slip into his embrace and knocking them both off balance as they fell onto the bed together.

A deafening silence filled the air.

Before Fang Erlan could even react, she was thrown off of him and her head landed against the wall with a loud thud.

The pain was so excruciating that she was on the brink of passing out.

Nonetheless, she frantically tried to explain herself, "Yan Ge, please don't get the wrong idea and hear my explanation first, will you? I was chased by a stranger who almost dragged me away. I managed to flee, but he chased after me and I barged into your room in a moment of panic when I saw that your door was left ajar. There are surveillance cameras in the corridor, you may check the footage to verify if I'm telling the truth. I didn't do it on purpose. Please forgive me."

He remained silent with a sneer on his face, which showed that he did not believe a single word she said at all.

"You may get lost now. But let me warn you, regarding the incident of you barging into my room tonight… if you dare breathe a word about it to anyone at all, I'll call the cops on you and have you arrested for trespassing," he warned, glaring at her menacingly.


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