The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
678 A Million Times for You 40
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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678 A Million Times for You 40

Jin Qingyue looked up and gazed at his chiseled features under the dim light. She knew exactly what he meant.

"My reputation is still tarnished. In fact, it's far worse than before. Auntie wouldn't agree to our relationship."

"I've thought about it carefully. It'll take a long time to completely clear your name. There are all kinds of people on the internet. We'd be too idealistic if we're hoping for those netizens to change their attitude toward you completely. I'll talk to my parents about it."

Jin Qingyue obviously wanted to marry him, though she was anxious and uncertain.

She remained silent.

The two of them had a peaceful sleep that night.

The next morning, Jin Qingyue placed the outfit she chose onto the bed and asked, "Brother Ciye, what do you think of this?"

"Not bad," he answered, giving her a nod of approval.

"How about this one?"

"Looks good too."

"Which one looks better?"

Seeing that she was stuck in a dilemma, Ling Ciye decided to just pick one out for her. "Wear this."

"Okay!" Jin Qingyue hurriedly changed into the outfit and put on some makeup meticulously.

Although she was not as good-looking as her brother, she still looked rather pretty with the help of makeup, which enhanced her features.

She was filled with nervousness throughout the entire journey to the Ling family mansion.

It was the first time Ling Ciye was bringing her home to meet his parents. Although she had known them since she was young, she was now visiting them as his girlfriend and prospective partner.

After buying some gifts along the way, they soon arrived at the Ling family mansion. However, she was so jittery that she refused to alight from the car.

"Don't worry, I'm here with you," said Ling Ciye, holding her hand to comfort her.

She nodded and entered the house together with him.

"You're home, Young Sir. Hello, Ms. Jin," the butler greeted as soon as he saw them.


"Sir and Madam happen to be at home too. Hurry and go inside," said the butler, who did not tag along.

Mrs. Ling and Mr. Ling had just finished their breakfast and were in the midst of a conversation while sitting on the couch when Ling Ciye and Jin Qingyue entered.

They immediately stopped talking and turned to look at Ling Ciye and Jin Qingyue.

"What is this?" Mrs. Ling questioned.

Ling Ciye placed the gifts on the coffee table and said, smiling, "Mother, I brought Qingyue home to visit you and Father."

Mr. and Mrs. Ling knew exactly what their son was thinking.

"We're doing fine, still alive and kicking. You don't have to especially come home to visit us."

Jin Qingyue had more or less already expected the situation to turn out that way, for she was well aware that Mr. and Mrs. Ling were adamant about not letting her become their daughter-in-law. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, she was determined to try her best, regardless of the situation.

She used to address Mr. and Mrs. Ling as Uncle and Auntie in the past. However, she decided to address them differently today.

"Father, Mother, I'd like to marry Ciye. I hope you two will accept me and agree to let us get married. I'll definitely be a dutiful wife and daughter-in-law in the future," said Jin Qingyue.

Mrs. Ling was flabbergasted.

"Qingyue, it's very inappropriate of you to be calling us Father and Mother when you've yet to marry Ciye."

Although Ling Ciye was rather surprised by her gesture, he remained composed and said, "I came back today to discuss my marriage with you guys. Qingyue and I have been cohabiting for such a long time, and we both aren't getting any younger. Aren't you two really eager for me to get married and bear children? I'm now going to fulfill your wishes."

Mrs. Ling was at a momentary loss for words. After a few seconds of silence, she blurted without hesitation, "Your father and I do want you to get married and bear children, but that has to happen with the right woman who deserves you. I don't have to surf the internet to know that Qingyue's reputation is horrible at present."

Ling Ciye held Jin Qingyue's hand and sat down on the couch. "Mother, I take my words back. It indeed isn't easy to clear a bad reputation, but that's not my focus. Qingyue is my woman now, and I have plans to settle down with her. Even if you and Father are against it, we'll still continue being in a relationship with each other. Father, Mother, please consider things from a broader perspective."

"You rascal!" Mrs. Ling hollered, seething with exasperation.

"Ah… aren't you berating yourself and Father by calling me that?" Ling Ciye said sarcastically.

"Will it kill you not to talk back to me? You've been going against me for so many years," Mrs. Ling chided.

"I obviously wouldn't do things that are against my will."

"Have you really thought it through carefully?" Mr. Ling asked.

"Of course I have."

"Give him his household register booklet," Mr. Ling said to Mrs. Ling.

Mrs. Ling remained seated and stared wide-eyed at her husband in shock, seemingly saying: "Great, you're playing the good person now and leaving me to be the vile character!"

She shifted her gaze onto Jin Qingyue and said, "I watched you grow up, and I know clearly what kind of a person you are. Will you really honor the promise you made earlier?"

"Of course I will. I'll do my best to become a good wife, mother, and daughter-in-law. I'm already preparing myself to get pregnant anytime. Carrying on the Ling family's bloodline is my top priority," Jin Qingyue answered.

She knew clearly what Ling Ciye's parents wanted.

At the end of the day, they just wanted grandchildren…

"Hurry along, bring the household register booklet here," Mr. Ling instructed, motioning for Mrs. Ling to proceed.

Without uttering another word, Mrs. Ling rose from her seat slowly and headed to the bedroom to retrieve the household register booklet, which she then handed to her son.

"Thank you, Father and Mother." Ling Ciye broke into smiles and hurriedly took the booklet from her hands.

As happy as a lark, Jin Qingyue exclaimed, "Father, Mother, rest assured, I'll be good to Ciye and to you two. We'll be filial toward you."

"I hope that'll really be the case. If I'd known earlier, I would've given birth to another daughter. At least I'll get to depend on her if you two are unfilial in the future," said Mrs. Ling.

"Mother, you can give birth now if you want to. Didn't you see the news about an elderly lady who gave birth to twins despite already being in her sixties? You may try artificial insemination as well."

Blushing red with embarrassment, Mrs. Ling answered, "I'm already in my fifties, how can I possibly give birth again? Even if I really manage to get pregnant again, I'm just going to become a laughingstock. Others may have that courage and bravery, but I can't afford to bring myself such shame."

"I'll break the legs of whoever dares to make fun of you," Ling Ciye jested.

"That's enough, stop buttering me up. I've given you the household register. It's up to you two to decide when you'd like to register your marriage. Do you need me and your father to help you with the wedding?"

"Not at all, I can manage it on my own. Thank you, Mother," said Ling Ciye, bending forward to give Mrs. Ling a peck on her cheek.

Mrs. Ling rolled her eyes at him and said, "You may leave with Qingyue now. Allow me to soak in my sadness."

"Father, Mother, we'll get going now then."

Mr. Ling waved them goodbye.

The living room fell silent again. Leaning against the couch, Mrs. Ling sighed and said, "The son whom I raised painstakingly is gone, just like that."

"What are you talking about? He's just getting married. Marriage is merely part and parcel of life."


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