The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
699 A Million Times for You 61
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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699 A Million Times for You 61

"How could the corpse remain in such a good condition even after so many years?" Jin Qingyan asked.

Noticing that the spirits were too agitated to speak, An Xiaoning prompted, "He's asking you a question."

"M… Master, it's because you swallowed a piece of jade when you died back then. The jade ensured that your body wouldn't decompose and remain intact. On top of that, it's also because the wood that the coffin was made of was of the best quality."

Upon hearing their answer, Jin Qingyan asked, "Did you think that I'm the reincarnation of this person just because we look exactly identical?"

"We wouldn't mistake someone else for our Master. Not only do you look identical to him, but you also happen to know Miss Jin. We've waited for Miss Jin in the cave for ages. We finally got to see her."

"Who's Miss Jin?" Jin Qingyan asked, momentarily stunned.

"The lady beside you…"

Smiling, Jin Qingyan turned to look at An Xiaoning.

"Why were you waiting for her?" he asked.

An Xiaoning wanted to know the answer to that question too.

The spirits answered in a tone of admiration and respect, "That cave was the very place at which you sealed your love. Master, you didn't get to see Miss Jin for the last time before your death. You said that she would definitely come to see you and you were determined to wait for her arrival. Master, you then went to reincarnate while we stayed behind in the cave to wait for Miss Jin. It's been so many years and she finally came. I guess that's the end of our lifelong mission."

Sealed their love?

That means the two of them were in love with each other in their previous lifetime.

They did not know if they should feel happy or sad about that answer.

They were entangled with each other their previous lifetime; it was also the case now.

What great sin did I commit to deserve this? An Xiaoning thought to herself.

Jin Qingyan was strangely perturbed after hearing the spirits' words. He could vaguely guess that although he and An Xiaoning were in love with each other in their previous lifetime, they did not end up together. In fact, she did not even visit him after his death…

Although he could not see the spirits, he was greatly moved by their loyalty.

"Thank you for guarding me for so many years and giving up the chance to reincarnate," said Jin Qingyan.

"We were panic-stricken. Master, you were very kind to us when you were alive. We'll never be able to repay our gratitude. Since you and Miss Jin know each other in this lifetime, how are you related to each other now?"

"She's my wife and we have a son together."

The spirits cheered merrily in joy before An Xiaoning could even retort.

Noticing how delighted they were, she could not bear to say what was on her mind.

"That's wonderful. We'll have no regrets so long as Master's wishes to be together with Miss Jin, are fulfilled."

Jin Qingyan sighed and said, "Seems like we had a hard time in our previous lifetime. Do you guys have to leave now?"

"Yes, we can't keep imposing on you since you're living very well now, Master. We can finally go and reincarnate. We've been hiding inside the cave because we were afraid that the death reapers would see us."

"I heard from the villagers that the mountain doesn't have a name. In the past… was it really unnamed?" An Xiaoning asked curiously.

"It used to be called Mount Yihua"

"What was my name in my previous lifetime?"

"Hua Jin."

"What about him?" An Xiaoning asked.

"Master used to be called… Xi Houqin."

Recalling a dream he once had, Jin Qingyan said, "We can't keep the corpse. Let's cremate it."

"You call the shots, Master. We're leaving now."

Jin Qingyan could not bear to see the spirits leave after hearing about the unbelievable story. He was incredibly touched by their unyielding loyalty.

"You're leaving now… I… I'll allow you to latch onto my body for a while…" said Jin Qingyan.

As soon as he finished speaking, the male spirits immediately surged forward and latched onto Jin Qingyan. How unsightly…

However, tears began to well up in her eyes.

It was such a pity that these loyal subordinates were just spirits.

Seeing how reluctant they were to leave their master, An Xiaoning wanted greatly to make them stay.

However, there was no way she could.

After a long while, Jin Qingyan asked, "Are they still here?"

Shaking her head, An Xiaoning answered, "Not anymore."

Jin Qingyan turned around to have his back face her as he grew teary-eyed.

The living room fell silent once again.

An Xiaoning walked toward him in a bid to give him a pat on his shoulder to comfort him. To her astonishment, he turned around and pulled her into his arms abruptly.

"Did you see that? We were already in love with each other in our previous lifetime, but we didn't end up together. I'm not going to let you leave my side again this lifetime, Hua Jin," he said softly.

An Xiaoning felt a little strange to hear the name she used in her previous lifetime.

"My name is An Xiaoning."

"But I want to call you Hua Jin. Can you stop me?"

"You're so thick-skinned."

"Why did they call you Miss Jin if your name used to be Hua Jin? Don't tell me it's because 'Miss Hua' sounded awful?"

"Isn't it a little too late to ask this now that they're already gone? It's no wonder that I didn't end up with you in our previous lifetime. Although the story about our previous life was rather touching, I'm sorry but I can clearly differentiate between this lifetime and the previous one," An Xiaoning said scornfully.

"How is it different? I reincarnated into the Jin family, which is the same as your name in your previous life. Didn't you hear them say that you didn't even come to see me on my deathbed? I was still waiting for you to come after my death. You were so heartless and cruel," Jin Qingyan retorted in disgruntlement.

"Why didn't they mention the reason for my absence?" An Xiaoning struggled to break free from his embrace and stared at the corpse on the couch before saying, "Hurry and cremate the corpse, then store the ashes in an urn and bury it. I'm going to leave now."

Jin Qingyan grabbed her hand to stop her from leaving. "This corpse has been waiting for you for so many years. You should at least take a few more glances and bury him together with me."

An Xiaoning's heart softened and she agreed with a nod, "Alright."

He let go of her and said, "Why do I look exactly the same as I did in my previous life? Why do others reincarnate once every century while we took a millennium? Did we reincarnate into beasts during the lifetimes in between?"

"I can tell with one glance that you used to be a beast in your past life. But I wasn't. We're not the same," An Xiaoning said with a smirk.

"Regardless of whether you admit it or not, we're just that… fated to be together."

"I was ill-fated."

"Whatever you say. That explains why we got married in a flash in this life. It was all predestined," Jin Qingyan said with glistening eyes.

An Xiaoning ignored him and kept her eyes fixed on the corpse on the couch.

He appeared extremely well-tempered and gentlemanly.

And yet, his soul did not match his appearance at all.

After some thought, An Xiaoning said, "I agreed to marry you so quickly the first time partly because you seemed rather gentle and well-tempered. I only realized how drastically different you were from my expectations after getting to know you better. Everything you appeared to be on the surface was merely a deception."

Jin Qingyan raised his brows and asked, "What do you think I'm really like then?"

"You're the pettiest and most jealous person I know."

"I'm only petty because I care about you. I wouldn't bother if it were another woman."

An Xiaoning sat down on the couch and said, "I don't need your care now." Can translate to "a stalk of flower."


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