The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
713 A Million Times for You 75
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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713 A Million Times for You 75

With that, her pants were cut apart by him.

This pair of pants was feathered inside to keep her warm. An Xiaoning only had this pair of pants on.

Without her pants on, she ended up revealing her long and slender legs, as well as her undergarments.

She closed her legs tightly together, not knowing what on earth he was about to do.

Pei Yi placed the pair of scissors inside a drawer that required his fingerprint to unlock. Pointing to the bathroom, he uttered, "Go in and take a bath. I'll send someone to bring you clothes."

After getting startled for a moment, An Xiaoning immediately nodded. "Alright."

The chains on her legs prevented her from taking big steps, so she could only move forward a small step at a time.

The bathroom was big as well, and after locking the door from inside, she turned on the shower head. The cooling water spurted out from it instantly.

Inside the bathroom, it was completely spick and span.

When the water that came out from the shower head had finally turned warm, there came a knock on the door of the bathroom. "Your clothes."

It was the voice belonging to that woman.

An Xiaoning went forward to open the door, and the woman passed her the clothing. Her gaze was razor sharp, as if she could turn her into minced meat with it.

An Xiaoning pretended as though she had not seen it and took the clothes from her before going back into the shower.

After she had locked the door again, she slowly went inside. She noticed that the clothes were designed with consideration of her every need.

Considering that her legs were chained, even the undergarments could be put on with a hook.

She scanned the toilet and did not find any surveillance cameras installed. She was then finally assured to start showering.

After she was done, she took off her wet undergarments and put on the new ones.

She then put on a thick white skirt, going through it from her head until it reached her waist. For her top, she put on the white blouse that she had received. She did not have a warm sweater to wear.

But it was fine since it was rather warm in the room, and she was likely to not be let out.

After she had gotten changed, she toweled her hair and threw her wet clothes into the bin before going out at last.

He was nowhere to be seen in the bedroom, so An Xiaoning walked out and saw him sitting on the sofa. On the coffee table, a wide spread of delicacies had already been arranged.

Seeing her come out, Pei Yi gestured for her to come over with his hand by patting the seat beside him. "Come and sit here."

She went forward and sat down beside him.

He then passed her a pair of chopsticks. "Have a meal with me."

An Xiaoning had not eaten anything much in the morning and had woken up before the sun was even up. She was naturally starving, so she did not stand on ceremony and started eating in an orderly manner.

The way she ate was never demure or refined. Especially under such circumstances where she was hungry, she naturally ate quite hurriedly.

This made Pei Yi, who was chewing slowly beside her, rather astonished.

"The way you eat doesn't quite match your looks."

"I'm used to it. I'm sure Mr. Pei is probably used to seeing women who have their meal in small mouthfuls. You definitely won't be used to seeing women who eat like me. But I already can't change it. I'm thirty, and many habits of mine have long been formed. Do excuse this, Mr. Pei."

He did not answer and merely continued eating.

He did not eat much and was soon full already, unlike her, who continued eating until she was fully bloated. Only then did she stop.

She was just afraid that he would not let her have any food after this.

After she was completely satiated, the food items on the table were cleared.

"Come with me."

He got up, headed to the desk, and sat down. An Xiaoning followed him and stood before the desk.

Pei Yi crossed his leg as he sat on the chair and told her frankly, "The news of your disappearance has reached S Nation already. They've carried out an investigation and have even banned the media from reporting rumors of you being kidnapped. Even the President has been alarmed by the news."

An Xiaoning kept silent and continued listening to what he had to say.

"I believe that in just a short time, the Xu family will be implicated. Xu Baizhi thinks that she can be free of DK, but she's just jumping into another fiery pit and even dragging her family along with her."

"Mr. Pei is ingenious, as expected," An Xiaoning complimented him. "I've long ago heard that those who enter your organization either end up paralyzed or dead. Otherwise, there's no way they can get out. By using such a method, you not only got to kidnap me here, but you also made Xu Baizhi unable to go scot-free. She's an unlucky person, I must say. From a young age, she was sent to your organization. She not only never received the proper love from her biological parents, but she also has to bear with such things. But even then, she should never have used me to end her misfortune. She doesn't deserve any pity at all."

"I don't care about her life or death. Anyway, I've now let her and her husband quit DK together. I had not intended to let her husband be free, but I reckoned I'll let it go just this once. It's rare for me to be softhearted like this. Then again, I'm rather hesitant about whether I should reveal the matter of how we've kidnapped you or not. If I don't, how else could I let the people of S Nation be engulfed in a wild debate about it? But then, it may be detrimental to the reputation of our organization. Tell me, what should I do?"

An Xiaoning knew he already had an idea in his head, and he was asking her this only to make a fool out of her. "Does the DK Organization still have a reputation? I don't think your organization cares anything about having a good reputation. From what I see, Mr. Pei will definitely not allow there to be peace in S Nation. Even if the media does not report anything about me, Mr. Pei will definitely make news about me spread like wildfire in S Nation. Only then will it be fun for you. Am I right?"

He broke into laughter, making his exquisite features appear even more attractive.

But An Xiaoning was not attracted by it at all.

She had seen plenty of handsome men, and no matter how handsome a man was, if he had an evil heart, there was no way for her to admire the beauty of his face.

"Indeed. This is the effect I want to achieve. I just want to see if the newly-appointed President of S Nation will be willing to negotiate your release with me, in consideration of the citizens of his nation."

"What will you ask for in return? Money?"

"Do you think I'm like Xi Bolai and only want money? What can money count for? I don't care for it," He sneered. "What I want is something else."

"I think what you want is definitely not something simple. If kidnapping any one citizen of S Nation can get what you wish for, then you must really underestimate the President's ability to consider the big picture. Also, it's too easy for you to get any ordinary citizen of S Nation."

"That's why I kidnapped you. You're not an ordinary citizen. If it was an ordinary citizen, it won't really stir up a huge wave."

"I'm afraid Mr. Pei will be disappointed. I don't have much value either. In the eyes of the people in my country, I'm just a used good who has been married thrice. The internet is full of criticisms about me. If, because of me, the President will be willing to reach a compromise, then the citizens will definitely be disappointed in him. I've never overestimated the power I hold, and I know Mr. Pei is a farsighted man. I just want to know an answer to one question, just so I can be mentally prepared."


"If kidnapping me unexpectedly does not get anything that Mr. Pei wants in the end, how will Mr. Pei deal with me?"

"Why wouldn't I get anything?" He raised his brows. "Even if the negotiation isn't successful, I'm sure some netizens will be disappointed with your newly-appointed President. After all, their citizen is in our hands. If the President can't save his own citizen, the netizens will be furious. As to how I'll deal with you…"


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