The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
733 A Million Times for You 95
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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733 A Million Times for You 95

Mo Li opened the door abruptly and stood rooted to the ground with an austere expression on her face.

Turning as pale as a sheet, Mo Xun hurriedly said, "Sis, don't listen to her nonsense. This is our home, you may live here for as long as you'd like. I'm here to protect you. If she dares speak callously again, I'll divorce her!"

"Mo Xun! Let's get divorced!"

Suppressing her anger, Mo Li entered the room and interrupted their argument. "Is there a need for that? Sister-in-law, you may just tell me straight to my face that you don't wish for me to live here. You don't have to put Mo Xun in a spot and make things difficult for him because of this. Mo Xun definitely wouldn't chase me out of his house, I'm still his biological sister at the end of the day. Don't argue because of me. I'll move to my parents' place later. It's not like I don't have anywhere to go."

"Sis…" Mo Xun glowered at his wife before comforting Mo Li, "Just relax and live here at my place peacefully. I call the shots here. No one will dare to chase you out."

"I don't want to put you in a spot. Neither Sister-in-law nor I will be happy if I continue living here. Forget it." Mo Li then turned around to grab her luggage.

Not wanting to let her leave, Mo Xun tried to stop her from taking her luggage. At last, Mo Li added, "Mo Xun, I have nothing to my name now. I didn't ask for a single cent from Ye Xiaotian. It's not because I'm high and mighty or prideful. I just don't want him to be at peace just because he's giving me money. All that I have left is my pride and dignity."

Mo Xun let go and said, "Well then… Sis, I'll bring it over for you."


Mo Li and Mo Xun left the estate. Noticing how worried he seemed, she comforted, "Don't worry, I won't let Father and Mother reprimand you."

Tears welled up in Mo Xun's eyes. He pulled her into his embrace and apologized, "Sis, I'm sorry."

"It's alright. I can't possibly make you two get a divorce because of such a trivial matter. Marriage is not just child's play."

The two of them arrived at the breakfast bistro.

Business was busy at the bistro at this time, with a large crowd of customers. Since Mrs. Mo did not allow Mo Li to help out, she had no choice but to go back inside the house and lie down to rest.

Hours later, Mrs. Mo finally finished up with work. She entered the house to see that her daughter seemed to be deep in her thoughts. She then closed the door and asked, "Did Chunling say that she didn't want you to live with them?"

"Mother, it's inappropriate for me to be living with my brother and his wife. I'm thinking of renting an apartment elsewhere. It's so much more comfortable to live alone. Once I find a place to move in to, I'll find a job and go to work."

"Don't bother going out to work. Just help out at the bistro. We'll give you a fixed salary every month too. How does that sound?"

"No, Mother, Sister-in-law is going to be upset about it again. I don't want to disrupt the peace and harmony within the family. I know you're worried that working would be difficult for me since I've never worked a day in my life before. But Mother, the toughest part of my life is now over. No matter what I do now, I'll no longer find it arduous."

Mrs. Mo took out a savings passbook from the cabinet and said, "This is the accumulation of the money you've been giving me in the past. I'm handing it to you now. Mo Li, you're still young and you still have a long way to go. Don't keep brooding over the past. One should always look forward to the future. I want you to live well and lead a blissful life."

Mo Li took the passbook from her hands and said, "I'm not brooding over the past, but I can't forget it easily either."

"Okay. Should I get your brother to help ask around about an apartment available for rent?"

Mo Li declined, "There's no need for that, Mother. I've got a bunch of free time on my hands, I'll go out to look for one myself. I'm thinking of renting an apartment in a location I prefer."

"You've yet to fully recover. Leave it to after you've recuperated."

"Nah, I'll go out to search for one later after lunch."

"Let your brother accompany you then. Otherwise, I'll be worried. Mo Li, the first thing you should consider when renting an apartment is its safety. You must find a location where security is the tightest. Don't compromise your safety in order to scrimp and save money."

"Mother, I know what to do. Just rest assured."

After lunch, Mo Li and Mo Xun proceeded to look for an apartment. However, they did not manage to find any that they prefer after visiting several property agencies.

Mo Li was suddenly reminded of Sanqiao Estate where An Xiaoning's mansion was situated in. The security there must be safe and secure, Mo Li thought to herself.

"Mo Xun, shall we take a look in Sanqiao Mansion Garden?"

"Sis, the houses in that estate are all mansions."

"I doubt so. Let's go take a look. We'll find another place if they're really all just mansions."

Mo Xun decided to concede to her request.

After asking the sales counter, they found out that it wasn't just mansions in Sanqiao Estate.

The female sales assistant explained while smiling, "The properties in the estate are indeed mostly mansions, though not all are. After much consideration, the developers have decided to launch two 32-floor apartment buildings for sale. There's an array of apartments available; namely, one-bedders, two-bedders, three-bedders, four-bedders, as well as penthouses. However, most of these apartments have already been sold. There are only a few left for now. Miss, what size of an apartment are you looking for?"

"May I rent an apartment?"

"Miss, you may not. All the apartments in the estate are only available for sale and not rent."

"Are there any one-bedders available now?"

"Let me check on that." The sales assistant, who was wearing stilettos, then turned around and walked to the counter.

"Sis, if there really is one, are you going to buy it?" Mo Xun asked.

Mo Li gave him a pat on his shoulder and said, "I gave Mother some money in the past and she's returned them to me today. It should be enough for a one-bedder, since it's a pretty small apartment. If there's an available one, I'll just buy it. It's good to have a place of my own. I don't like moving here and there all the time anyway."

"Sis, you don't have to explain it to me. I know you left some money with Mother. I won't be calculative with you, I just hope to see you live well."

"I'm explaining it to you not because I'm afraid that you'd talk behind my back but rather, I just think it'd be easier for you to explain it to Chunling if she asks about it. That way, you wouldn't be put in a spot or be misunderstood by her."

Teary-eyed, Mo Xun stared at his pale and sickly-looking sister and answered, "Okay."

The sales assistant walked toward them and said with a grin, "Miss, Mister, there's still a one-bedder available for sale. However, it's on the 32nd floor. Thus, it's naturally cheaper compared to the other floors. Would you like to go have a look before coming to a decision?"

"The highest floor? Wouldn't that increase the risk of leaks and sewage problems? Besides, it's going to be much warmer in the summer and colder during winter. The water pressure is very low too. It's going to be really troublesome if the elevator stalls or breaks down," Mo Xun criticized, expressing his displeasure.

"That's why it's much cheaper than the apartments on the other floors. It's up to you guys to decide. But the floor plan is not too bad. I suggest you take a look before deciding. To be honest, most of the units in our estate have already been sold. It's just harder to find customers who are willing to purchase the ones on the highest floor. Besides, it's also a one-bedder, which is not the generally-preferred size. Although it's a little small, you should also view it from a different perspective. Other similar apartments of the same size are much more expensive just because they're situated on a lower floor, but it all depends on your decision. Not to mention, this is a posh estate where power trips rarely happen."

"Bring us there to take a look," said Mo Li.

"Alright, please come with me."

Mo Li and Mo Xun followed the assistant into the estate, which was behind the sales office.

Mo Li immediately took a liking to the environment in the estate.

They boarded the elevator and arrived at the one-bedder apartment on the 32nd floor. Mo Li instantly fell in love with the apartment, which had a simple floor plan and consisted of one bedroom and one bathroom.


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