The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
734 A Million Times for You 96
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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734 A Million Times for You 96

The balcony was situated right before the living room. One could enjoy some fresh air and a bird's-eye view of the surroundings while standing on the spacious balcony.

There was also a full-length mirror in the bedroom, which Mo Li was particularly fond of.

The interior design of the apartment was simple, and Mo Li could move in immediately after buying some furniture.

"What is the floor area of this apartment?" Mo Li asked.

"Forty-five square feet. Miss, I'm sure you're aware that our estate is located in a prime location in the city center, which makes traveling around so much more convenient. There are only a few one-bedder apartments in the estate, and they're usually sold for fifty thousand dollars per square foot, according to market prices. A one-bedder like this one would cost more than two million dollars on other floors," the sales assistant explained with a smile.

Mo Li gasped in shock. "It's that expensive?"

"Of course. Our city is very well developed. Other properties in the suburbs would definitely be much cheaper. The designs would be similar too. Well, two million is the price of one-bedders on other floors. The ones on the highest floors are usually much cheaper. According to current prices, this one costs 1.8 million dollars."

I can't afford that… Mo Li thought to herself. I only have hundreds of thousands right now. How am I supposed to afford a 1.8-million-dollar apartment?

Seemingly having guessed what Mo Li was thinking, the sales assistant added, "You may purchase it in installments and pay a fixed amount every month."

"Let me consider it first," said Mo Li, who then made up an excuse to leave. Sitting on the bench in the estate with Mo Xun, she turned to him and asked, "Mo Xun, what do you think about this place?"

"Apart from the tight security, attractive location, and pleasant environment, there's nothing too great about that apartment. Not only is it situated on such a high floor, but it's also really exorbitantly priced. We're talking about 1.8 million dollars. Sis, do you know how great of a burden you have to shoulder by taking on a house loan? I want you to live an easier and much more relaxed life. I think you should stick with renting an apartment instead. You can easily move again once you're sick of the place you're living in. No matter what, just don't become a slave to mortgage. Let's look for another apartment in a high-security location."

Mo Li found her brother's words to make a ton of sense. As much as she fancied the layout of the apartment on the 32nd floor, it seemed she was not fated to live there.

"Sis, why are those people crowding around there?" Mo Xun asked, pointing at an area behind them.

"Seems like someone fell down," said Mo Li, who stood up and walked toward the crowd with her brother.

They were greeted with the sight of an elderly lady sprawled across the ground with blood flowing from her head and her walking stick beside her. No one amongst the crowd dared to step forward to give her a hand, although there were some who called the ambulance.

Mo Li noticed that the elderly lady was extending her hand toward her and saying, "Miss, please give me a hand. I'm in so much pain right now."

Just as Mo Li was about to step forth, Mo Xun hurriedly stopped her and said softly, "Sis, there are many elderly con artists who are out to blackmail people."

"If she's a swindler, so be it." Mo Li bent forward and knelt on one knee to help the elderly lady up. "Old Madam, are you alright?"

The elderly lady swayed unsteadily and answered, "I… I'm fine. Young man, could you pass my walking stick to me?"

Mo Xun hurriedly handed her her walking stick, after which she calmly wiped her blood away. Smiling at Mo Li, she said, "I'm not out to blackmail anyone. It's only a minor scratch. I don't have to go to the hospital. Miss, could you please help me home? It's just right there."

She then pointed at the gate nearby.

"Alright." Mo Li stepped forward and shot her brother a glance. "Mo Xun, come and give me a hand."

The crowd of onlookers gradually dissipated while the two of them helped the elderly lady to the mansion and entered together with her.

A middle-aged man, who was all decked out in branded apparel, hurriedly came forth to receive his mother. "Mother, what happened to you?"

"I slipped and fell when I went out for a walk. Someone called the ambulance, but there's no need for it, I'm fine now, all thanks to the help of these two young people. No one dared to help me up because they were all afraid that I would be a con artist. But the two of them helped me up and sent me home."

"Thank you so much," said the man.

"Don't mention it," Mo Li answered as she helped the elderly lady into the room.

"Are you guys residents of this estate?"

"No, we're here to view an apartment."

"Did you see any ones that you liked?" The elderly lady then looked at her son and said, "Give this lady a discount."

"You don't have to go to that trouble at all. I'm afraid I won't be able to afford it even with a discount. It's way too expensive. We're planning to view other houses elsewhere," Mo Li declined.

"There are only a few apartments left for sale in the estate. Which was the one that you were interested in?" the middle-aged man asked.

"The one on the 32nd floor."

"Oh, that one. I'm the owner of this estate. I'm willing to give you a 90% discount as a token of gratitude toward you for helping my mother home," he said straightforwardly.

Mo Li remained silent while Mo Xun asked excitedly, "Are you really willing to sell it to us at a 90% discount?"


"Thank you so much. My sister really likes the one-bedder and the estate, but it was too expensive. We don't have that much money and we're planning to view other cheaper houses."

Their family doctor helped the elderly lady clean and dress her wound while she said, "You don't have to do that anymore. You're very kind-hearted. Take it as a token of gratitude from us."

Mo Li and Mo Xun had yet to recover from the shock even as they collected the keys to the apartment on the 32nd floor.

"Sis, Lady Luck is really smiling on you. You saved more than a million dollars just by helping her up."

"Great, Mo Xun, this is my house from now on. Your sister has her own home now," Mo Li exclaimed in elation.

Mo Xun nodded and said, "It was your reward for being kind. I bet no one expected that elderly lady to be the mother of the estate's developer."

"It's all thanks to her then. I must go and visit her frequently in the future."

"Sis, what are you waiting for? It's still early now. Let's go and purchase some furniture and decorate the house. The furnishing seems to be splendid. There's no need to renovate it any further. I'll go with you to purchase some furniture."



"Xu Baizhi and her husband are both dead. I truly didn't expect that," said Pei Yi.

"How long have they been dead?"

"They've been dead for quite some time now. Guess how they died?"

"How would I know? I haven't had the chance to touch any electronic devices ever since I was brought here. Did the police arrest them and execute them in secret?" she answered.

"Jin Qingyan was the one who did it. He nabbed them from R Nation and killed them before dumping their corpses in front of the police station here. He's the only person who'd be willing to spend so much money to do that."

"Oh, I see. What happened next?" An Xiaoning asked calmly.

"There's no aftermath. The Xu family has been implicated because of Xu Baizhi. Her brother was sacked and put behind bars while her father is currently going through investigations. I doubt he'd be able to escape scot-free."

"It's all expected. It's only a matter of time. Why did you tell me these out of your own accord?" An Xiaoning asked, placing both her hands on his desk to support herself.

"I wanted to see your reaction," Pei Yi answered, knocking his slender and bony fingers on the desk.

"Are you disappointed?"

"A little. You didn't react the same way as I had imagined. I thought you would go ballistic, yet you turned out to be so calm. Don't you resent them at all?"

"I'll only be wasting my time by resenting her. She's already received her retribution now anyway. However, there's something I'm really curious about. Could you explain it to me?"

"What is it?"


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