The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
777 A Million Times for You 139
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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777 A Million Times for You 139

"Big Brother, aren't you putting me in a spot like that?" she muttered frankly. "No matter who else I read for, I can't possibly read for Xu Youran. Big Brother should know that one of my boundaries is to not go against my conscience to read the fortune of someone who wants me dead. No matter how much money you give, I won't do it. If it's to read for you, Big Brother, I don't need a single cent and I'll read it for you if you give me your birth characters. As for her, no way."

She rejected him so directly that Gu Dongcheng did not have a way out. "Your feud with Youran was so long ago, you're still taking it to heart?"

"Even if our feud were eight hundred years ago, she's still someone who wanted me dead. I wouldn't dare forget it. I'm not a saint who will just let everything go just because someone shows some friendliness."

Hearing her say this, Gu Dongcheng did not say anything else.

"Big Brother, do you want a reading? I can read for you."

Gu Dongcheng shook his head. "No, I don't need a reading. I don't even know if Youran is dead or alive right now. She's even pregnant. It's the New Year already, I'm really worried mad."

"She has a blessed life, she'll be fine," An Xiaoning consoled him in a casual manner. "As the saying goes, wise and good people don't live long while evil ones live a thousand years to harm others."

Lin Mingxi could not hold it in and burst into laughter.

Gu Dongcheng's face turned dull. "Xiaoning, do you really think it's appropriate to speak about Youran like that?"

"Big Brother, even a child knows that lying is not a good habit. I've always adopted the attitude of speaking the truth to everyone around me." An Xiaoning then decisively changed the subject, looking toward her second brother at one side. "Beicheng, later after the meal, I have something to ask you privately."


Gu Dongcheng could not cut into their conversation and could only bury the anger he had inside his heart.

After the meal, Gu Beicheng and An Xiaoning went into the bedroom by themselves.

"What do you want to ask me?"

"It's about this jade bangle you gave me when I got married." She folded her sleeve up, revealing the dark green bangle. "Would you still be able to find the original owner of this bangle?"

"I should be able to. Back then, when I first collected this jade bangle, I felt that the quality of the jade was very pure and suitable for a gift to others. Thereafter, I gave it to you as your wedding gift. Later on, this jade bangle really seemed to have protected you from harm. Wasn't Brother right? After wearing a jade bangle for some time, it will give you energy. Jade has spiritual abilities and will naturally recognize its owner. Wasn't there also a case of a jade bangle that was broken but was magically restored by itself?"

"Help me to find the original owner of this jade bangle."

A puzzled look flashed across Gu Beicheng's bright eyes. "What for?"

"Almost every few days, I dream of a scene from my past life. Yesterday night, I dreamed that I was wearing this bangle in my past life. I'm afraid that this bangle was mine in my past life, so…"

Gu Beicheng flashed a faint smile. "Wow. Even in this day and age, I see plenty of puzzling things like this. Alright, Brother will help you find out. I'll tell you when I have news."

She nodded. "Alright, it's a deal then. I've had a tiring day and I'm truly exhausted. I'm going back to rest first."

"Okay." He sent her downstairs.

When she was about to sleep, Jin Qingyan's call came in. She glanced at the caller display on her phone screen and did not answer.

She just stayed on her bed, not moving an inch as she watched her phone screen flash continuously.

He called her two times, and both times, she did not pick up. He then stopped calling her.

An Xiaoning placed her phone on the bedside. Lately, she had been frequently dreaming of her past life, which made her unable to sleep properly.

Hopefully, she would be able to sleep until daybreak tonight.

That was what she thought before she fell asleep.

In the end, it went as she'd wished for.

When she opened her eyes again, it was bright outside already and No. 8's voice was coming from outside the door. "Sister, someone called Ji Yu is here to look for you."

"Let him wait in the living room, I'll be coming soon."

"Yes." The sound of No. 8's footsteps gradually faded away.

Ji Yu was brought to the living room and sat straight on the sofa, waiting quietly for An Xiaoning.

He had seen yesterday's news. Because of what had happened to An Xiaoning, he thought that it was impossible for her to return. To prevent himself from feeling depressed when reminded of her, he had deleted her number from his phone.

When he went to the Jin family to ask about her address, he was also informed that she was in B City and they were unsure of when she would return.

He simply decided to visit in the morning to see if she had returned.

An Xiaoning wore a short-styled feathered coat that had a huge furry collar. For the bottom, she wore a double-row buttoned pair of jeans. She walked down the stairs, then all the way to the seat opposite Ji Yu and sat down.

"Long time no see," she greeted him.

Ji Yu gazed at her and replied in a low voice, "Long time no see. It's really great that you're still alive."

An Xiaoning laughed. "It's good to be alive to see my family and friends. It's really a fortunate thing."

"May I have your number again?" He continued in an embarrassed manner, "I don't have it in my phone anymore."

"Sure." She gave him her number again, but added, "But I can't go out privately with you anymore like how we went to play pool, eat, and watch a movie. I don't want you to be implicated because of me."

"This is what I wanted to say too." He was slightly embarrassed as he muttered, "I've been arranged to go on another blind date."

"How is it going?" An Xiaoning enquired. "Are the two of you dating already?"

He nodded. "We're dating already. She's a teacher."

An Xiaoning grinned. "That's really wonderful."

"I heard that my nephew and your son are training together at the devil training boot camp."

"Your nephew?" An Xiaoning enquired. "What's his name?"

"Ji Gui."

"I have some impression of him."

The fact that Ji Yu had gone on another blind date and was even dating now was something she rejoiced at. With this, she would not implicate him in her matters anymore in the future, and she need not worry about him putting all his effort on her.

Frankly speaking, because of what had happened to her, a man who was interested in her had deleted her number and started going out with someone else he had gone on a blind date with.

This somehow only made her feel that… compared to the time Jin Qingyan had invested on her, this seemed a bit too short.

This also made her feel that interest was ultimately just interest; it could not be compared with a form of liking or love.

No. 5 came over and passed a glass of warm milk to her and a cup of coffee to Ji Yu.

"Thank you," he muttered as he took the cup of coffee from him.

As she'd had a good sleep the night before, An Xiaoning was very energetic at the present moment. She held onto the glass of milk, not knowing what to say to him. It seemed that in that short period of time in which they had not seen each other, a barrier had formed between them.

"Xiaoning, I'm really sorry."

"Why do you say that? I don't feel that it's necessary. You don't have to be sorry." She more or less understood what he meant. "We were friends previously, and we will still be in the future. Why feel sorry toward me?"

"You treated me as a friend, but I didn't treat you that way previously. I've always treated you as a woman."

"If you didn't treat me as a friend previously, then just do so from today onward."

"I will." He took two sips of coffee and slowly said, "The woman whom I'm dating now has a character that's similar to yours. When I get married, will you attend my wedding?"

"If you invite me, I'll go. But if you don't want me to appear, I won't go and spoil the fun."

"If that day really comes, I will invite you." He grinned at her. "You must come."

She agreed. "Alright, if that day comes and I'm free, I'll go."


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