The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
861 A Million Times for You 223
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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861 A Million Times for You 223

An Xiaoning woke up to discover that they were both lying naked in bed.

She did not find anything unusual about her body at all. Was he too gentle last night? she thought to herself.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Did you do anything to me after I fell asleep last night?"

"Why did you ask that all of a sudden?"

"Why didn't I feel anything at?"

"Because you were dead asleep like a log," Jin Qingyan said with raised brows, trying to tease her.

"Isn't it because you've shrunk?"

The smile on his face stiffened and he asked, "You mean, my member became smaller after not getting intimate with you for a week?"

"Perhaps, maybe, probably," said An Xiaoning, trying her best to keep a straight face.

Jin Qingyan's face grew sullen as he looked at her without uttering a word.

"Are you angry?" An Xiaoning asked.

It's not worth getting upset over that, is it? An Xiaoning thought to herself.

He continued to remain quiet. An Xiaoning inched closer toward him and gave him a kiss before saying, "Silly, can't you tell that I'm joking?"


"Why don't you mock me too?"


"I won't dare to make fun of you again," An Xiaoning said coquettishly, like a meek and submissive woman. Women simply enjoy being docile in front of the men they love.

"Seems like you haven't seen my true capabilities." As soon as he finished speaking, he pulled An Xiaoning into his embrace and began groping and fondling her.

"Shall we leave it for tonight? I have to go to the office after breakfast."

"No. I suppressed my urges for the whole of last night…"


At the end of the battle, she leaned against him, drenched in sweat. "I'm getting up."

"Let's go again."



He pinched An Xiaoning's nipple and tugged it upwards, causing her to wince in pain and to bite him in turn on his chest relentlessly.

"Ah!" He let go of her and clutched the spot that she had bitten.

"Don't think you're the only one who likes to bite." She got out of bed and glared at him with a look of vengeance in her eyes.

Jin Qingyan burst into laughter and got out of bed as well.

She squeezed some toothpaste onto his toothbrush and proceeded to wash her face and brush her teeth.

She came out to do her makeup while he entered the bathroom.

The two of them then headed downstairs together for breakfast.

At half past eleven in the morning, she drove to the hospital.

She first went to the office of the doctor in charge of treating Gu Beicheng.

There were experts hired from abroad, as well as a few other local doctors, inside the office.

The team was specially hired to treat Gu Beicheng.

"Good timing, Ms. An. We've already discussed amongst ourselves and we were just planning to call you over."

She sat down and asked, "Has there been any changes in his condition?"

"There are no signs of Mr. Gu coming to even 'til now. We think that the chances of him regaining consciousness are decreasing day by day. If he still doesn't show signs of waking up in the next few days, he might very likely become a vegetable."

The doctor's words hit her like a hurricane.

"Aren't there any other treatment solutions?" An Xiaoning asked.

The doctor nodded and said, "We've already tried everything we could. I'd also like to inform you about Mrs. Gu's condition."

"What is it?"

"We did another physical examination on Mrs. Gu this morning and found that she's not recovering well. On top of that, her cardiac muscles have been infected," the doctor explained with a grave expression on his face.

"Her cardiac muscles are infected? Is it serious?" An Xiaoning asked with a frown.

"Do you know that a cardiac muscle infection could potentially lead to death if not taken care of properly? Get her to cooperate with us and receive treatment properly. Do remind her as well not to get too agitated. Otherwise, she's only going to end up harming herself," the doctor instructed.

"Got it," An Xiaoning acknowledged with a nod.

After leaving the doctor's office, An Xiaoning headed to Lin Mingxi's ward.

Noticing the grave expression on her face, Lin Mingxi asked, "What's wrong with you?"

"Why didn't you accept treatment and cooperate with the doctor? Your cardiac muscles have already been infected. Are you thinking of dying?" An Xiaoning chided.

Lin Mingxi turned pale and said, "I did cooperate with the doctor."

"Why did he tell me to get you to cooperate, then? If you really cooperated, why did he still say that? I told you before not to get too worked up and try your best to stay calm. You're still pregnant. You must recover quickly. If you continue to neglect your condition and get so worked up all the time, who do you think will get harmed in the end?!"

Noticing that An Xiaoning had really gotten upset, Lin Mingxi said, "I'll do my best to stay calm and cooperate with the doctor to accept treatment properly, but I'm really worried about Beicheng. Didn't you already hire specialists from abroad? Why is he still unconscious?"

An Xiaoning did not tell her about what the doctor said, for fear that it would agitate her even further.

"His injuries are far more severe than yours. It's only understandable for him to be unconscious for a few more days."

"That's not what I'm worried about. I'm worried that he might not wake up ever again," said Lin Mingxi, filled with anxiety.

"What nonsense are you talking about? He'll definitely come to. Just take care of yourself first," she said to Lin Mingxi.

Lin Mingxi began tearing up uncontrollably. She had become extremely vulnerable and emotional, a far cry from her previous self.

An Xiaoning wiped Lin Mingxi's tears away with a piece of tissue paper and said in a gentler voice, "Didn't you say that you'll do your best to stay calm? Why are you crying again?"

"I just can't help it."

"Okay, okay, don't cry anymore. I'll do everything I can to make him come to."

After coaxing Lin Mingxi painstakingly, An Xiaoning exited the ward and decided that she can't continue waiting for the medical team to treat Gu Beicheng.

She gave Fan Shixin a call.

"I want you to help me find the best medical expert in the world who specializes in conditions like Gu Beicheng's. Gu Beicheng's condition doesn't seem too optimistic right now, and the doctor said that he might become a vegetable if he doesn't wake up soon."

"Young Sir has already told me to do that a few days ago."

"Qingyan has already asked you to do so? Why haven't I heard about it from him?" An Xiaoning asked, feeling a warm, fuzzy feeling in her heart.

"Young Sir is a reserved person…"

"Inform me whenever there's a new lead. Hurry."


After ending the call, An Xiaoning felt as if there was a huge rock on her chest that made it hard for her to breathe.

Things were getting trickier.

Two days later, Fan Shixin informed her of the good news. He told her that there was a medical expert in R Nation who came from a family of doctors and was experienced in treating various complicated conditions. Fan Shixin suggested that she go meet the doctor.

R Nation…

It was a place that she never wanted to go to again for the rest of her life.

It was Pei Yi's territory.

He'd definitely find out if she made an appearance in the nation.

She would be sending herself into a lion's den.

However, she could not afford to delay treatment for Gu Beicheng's condition.

"Can we invite those experts over?"

"I heard that unless you make a trip there personally, they'll never leave the mountain regardless of how much money they're offered," said Fan Shixin.

"I'll have to make a trip down myself, then. I have a solution," she said, gesturing for Fan Shixin to lean closer, after which she whispered something into his ear.


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