The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
868 A Million Times for You 230
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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868 A Million Times for You 230

After some thought, Fan Shixin asked, "Do we just register it as 'Rong Yan' or do we add your last name?"

"Aren't you asking the obvious? He's my son, of course he has to take my last name. Give him a proper status and release a piece of news about adopting him."

After some hesitation, Fan Shixin said, "Young Sir… we can't release that statement saying that you're adopting him. Those who have malicious intentions are going to think that he's an illegitimate son whom you had out of wedlock."

"Just tell the media the truth about the situation. Everything will blow over after we've arranged for the reporters to interview Xiaoning. Since I've already adopted him, I can't let him not have a proper status."

Fan Shixin smiled and teased, "Young Sir, you're making me feel tempted to be your son too. Will you adopt me as well? I'll treat you as my own father!"

Jin Qingyan glared at him and rebuked, "Get lost, I don't want a son as old as you."

Fan Shixin chuckled and said with a grave expression on his face, "I'm planning to go for a matchmaking session."

Jin Qingyan cocked his head toward him and asked, "What has gotten into you?"

"I'm not getting any younger. I'm 29 years old this year. After waiting for so many years, I never got to experience true love. I'm thinking that I probably won't find a woman I genuinely fancy now."

Jin Qingyan understood that Fan Shixin had been staying single for such a long time not only because of his busy schedule but also because he had yet to meet a woman that he truly fancied.

"Shixin, didn't you say that you'd rather stay single than settle for less? You're only 29 years old and yet you're already getting impatient?"

"I'm just scared that my heart and soul will grow old together with my age. By then, I'll no longer have the energy or motivation to get married. I'll just see how the blind date goes. Perhaps I'll really meet a girl that I fancy," said Fan Shixin, who decided to give himself a chance to interact with women.

"Isn't it because you're yearning to be a father and your paternal love is overflowing?"

"A little."

"You've been working for me for so many years and your schedule has always been so tight. It's time you take a break and relax too. Go ahead if you'd like to go on a blind date. I, too, hope that I'll be able to attend your wedding while I'm still alive."

Fan Shixin smiled and said, "Young Sir, you definitely will."

"Whenever I'm not at home, you're not allowed to touch here, here, here, and here, as well as that spot over there. Even when I'm at home, you'll have to ask for my permission beforehand, got it?" Jin Yiheng instructed his newly-adopted brother, who popped up in his life from nowhere.

"I understand, Brother," said Rong Yang, standing with his legs as straight as a ruler and his hands by his side.

"Remember, in this house, Daddy and Mommy are on each other's side and they won't care about us whenever they're together. Hence, from now on, the two of us have to stand together and unite. You must listen to me whenever I'm around, and you may only listen to them when I'm not."

Rong Yan frantically nodded before he could even process what Jin Yiheng said. "Don't worry, Brother. I'll definitely stand on your side."

Jin Yiheng gave a nod of satisfaction and asked, "Would you like to join the martial arts academy? I'll get Daddy to arrange for you to join us."

"No, I don't like it," he refused with a nod.

"What do you like then?"

"I like reading about medical techniques. When I grow up, I must become a doctor like Daddy and Grandpa."

Jin Yiheng was instantly peeved and chided, "From now onward, our Daddy will be your only father. If you aren't genuine about treating my Daddy and Mommy like your own parents, I'll chase you away."

"Brother, don't chase me away. I really do see your Daddy and Mommy as my own parents. I'm telling the truth. I'll be filial to them when I grow up."

"That's more like it." Jin Yiheng brought him to the toys room and said, "The toys and comics in here all belong to me. You may play with them however you'd like, just don't damage them."

Rong Yan wrapped his chubby arms around Jin Yiheng and said, "Brother, you're so nice to me."

Staring at Rong Yan, Jin Yiheng's heart began to melt a little as the sullen expression on his face faded.

During bedtime, the two of them slept together. It was Rong Yan's first time meeting Jin Yiheng, and yet, he was already treating the latter as his own brother. He hugged Jin Yiheng's arm tightly at night, claiming to be terrified.

Jin Yiheng's protective instincts began to show. "You're so timid, I usually sleep alone here," he said.

"You're so brave. Brother, can you tell me a story? Grandpa used to tell me stories whenever he hugs me to sleep."

"Storytelling is a piece of cake for me. What stories did your grandfather use to tell you in the past?"

"Stories about the duckling."

"I shall tell you a story about old ducks, then. How does that sound?"

"Sure, sure. Quick, Brother, tell me the story."


Jin Yiheng began to let his imagination run wild and started to cook up a dark and twisted story for his new younger brother. It started off as a fairytale, which took a spooky twist and became a story about ghosts, monsters, and ghouls. Rong Yan was completely frightened and covered himself with the duvet, causing Jin Yiheng to guffaw in amusement.

It was the very first time that the pair of brothers shared the same room. When it was time to rise and shine, Jin Yiheng picked out a set of clothing from his closet and handed it to Rong Yan. "Put this on first. I'll tell Uncle Shixin later to prepare a few more sets of clothes for you."

He nodded and changed into the set of clothes, which fit him rather well.

During breakfast, Jin Yiheng asked Jin Qingyan, "Why didn't I see Mommy? Where is she?"

"She's overseas, she hasn't returned home yet." Jin Qingyan looked at Rong Yan, who was eating quietly, and said, "Your name shall be Jin Rongyan from now on. I've already found you a language tutor who'll follow you throughout the boot camp."

"Daddy, he's not interested in martial arts. He says that he only likes reading medical books."

Rong Yan nodded and said, "Daddy, I don't like martial arts."

Jin Qingyan decided not to give in to him and said, "You must pick it up even if you don't like it. This is a necessary self-defense skill and it's for your own good. Your brother is already attending the boot camp so you must too. You shall begin training today. I've already prepared some clothes and shoes for you. You may continue reading your medical books. However, you can only do so in your free time after training. You may pursue a degree in medicine when you're older too. Daddy will support you."

Finding that his father's words made sense, Jin Yiheng said, "Yes, a few other children in our estate have enrolled in the boot camp too. Come together with us. I'll introduce you to my friends. We'll train and attend lessons together."

Rong Yan agreed, "Daddy, I'll do my best to learn."

Jin Qingyan was surprised by how sensible Rong Yan was, despite only being four years old. He seemed to be a little awkward when he arrived yesterday, yet he has already made himself part of the family today. Jin Qingyan smiled and said to him, "We can't protect you all the time. With the skills you're going to acquire, you'll be able to protect yourself from now on. You may not like it now, but you'll realize how useful it is when you're older."


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