The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
873 A Million Times for You 235
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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873 A Million Times for You 235

When filming began, Fang Erlan's expression changed and she smoothly delivered the lines she had memorized well. "I think I must be crazy… If not, why do you always appear in my head and stay there no matter how I try to chase you away? I think of you every day when I eat, sleep, walk, and do my tasks. No matter what I do, I'm thinking of you endlessly. I think I've fallen in love with you. I don't want to continue waiting on like this anymore. I want you to give me an answer now — do you love me or not?" Fang Erlan's eyes were full of anxiety.

Dressed in a long, snow-white robe, Yan Ge had his dark hair combed back. He grinned as he stared at her with his beautiful facial features, his brows appearing like flower petals that had opened up widely.

The two kept silent for a moment, then Fang Erlan stomped her feet, thinking that he did not intend to answer her. The moment she turned around, he used his strength to pull her into his arms, muttering, "To be able to hear such words from you, I'm really overjoyed."

A smile curled up on Fang Erlan's face, and she wrapped her hands around his waist tightly and closed her eyes.

"Cut! Okay!" Jing Tian shouted from where he was, and the two who were originally hugging instantly pulled away from each other.

The two headed toward the camera to see the footage of the scene that they had just filmed.

With a warm smile on her face, Xin Min took out a bottle of water and passed it to Yan Ge. Yan Ge took it from her and screwed open the bottle cap, drank a few mouthfuls from it, then closed the bottle again.

For the past few days, they had mostly been filming the scenes between Yan Ge and her. Today, they took a long time to film as usual.

They only packed up at nine in the evening.

Despite it being so late, she still rushed to the city to accompany her grandmother.

Other than the driver, she went there alone tonight.

While the driver slept in the car, she went to the hospital ward by herself.

No one else was in the ward when she entered.


"You're so busy, why did you come back again? Won't this hinder your filming?"

"No matter how busy I am, I still have to come and keep you company," she replied slowly.

"Grandma, where are the others?"

"Your cousin's wife just gave birth, so your Second Aunt went to take care of her. Your Second Uncle is on the night shift. It doesn't really matter, I don't need company the whole night."

"It works out, then. I'll stay here with you." She lay on the inner bed and turned to her side as she remarked, "Grandma, you'll be fine. Get treated properly here and you'll definitely get better."

"I know my own body best. Honestly, Grandma doesn't have anything I can't let go of, except you." As she spoke about the precious granddaughter she'd raised with her own hands, the elder could not help but shed tears. "Erlan, Grandma doesn't know if I can still see you build your own family. I don't know if I can still see the day a good man would take care of you."

"Of course you can, Grandma. What are you saying? You'll definitely live to a ripe old age!" Fang Erlan felt upset as she was especially unwilling to hear her grandmother say such words.


Gu Beicheng had originally wanted to post a video of himself to refute those ridiculous rumors, but under Lin Mingxi's instructions, they contacted a media company with the most authority in the industry to interview them at their house.

The interview was in the day while the report would only be officially released at night.

Reading the report herself, An Xiaoning watched as the reporter went straight to the heart of the matter with the first question. "Ever since news of Jin Qingyan adopting a child has come out, many people are curious about the child's background. As someone involved in the matter, can you tell us the whole process of the incident?"

Gu Beicheng nodded. "After I fell into a coma and didn't wake up for a long time, Xiaoning went overseas and found an elder with exceptional medical skills. Almost all of the elder's family had died of an epidemic, but he and the child have survived in a stroke of luck. The elder is of advanced age already, and his body is failing him, so he entrusted his grandson to Xiaoning, who acknowledged the child as her son. I only found out after I woke up. I've also told Jin Qingyan and Xiaoning that Mingxi and I are willing to raise this child together. However, since Xiaoning has already acknowledged the child as her son, she can't push her responsibility away. Since Xiaoning has sacrificed so much for the Gu family, I can't bear how so many people are defaming her. The reason Jin Qingyan has made it public was to give the child a status and to let everyone know that he has another son. The child is only four years old and very sensible. I ask for everyone not to hurt him."

"We have another question here. Why is it that though Ms. An is the one who acknowledged the child as his son, it was Mr. Jin who made this public? Have they remarried?"

Gu Beicheng gave an ambiguous answer, "They are two people who love each other and are the child's parents. This has no direct relation to whether they have remarried or not. As far as I know, they enjoy the current status of their relationship. As to whether they will get remarried, it's for them both to decide for themselves."

"Is Ms. An's address still under the Gu family's household register?"

"That's right."

"Ever since the events that have befallen the Gu family took place, Ms. An has been helping out a lot. Does Mr. Gu have anything to say to her on camera?"

Gu Beicheng's eyes glowed with warmth, and a smile broke out on his face that had been stiff before then. "Actually, I've already thanked her in private. However, I still want to say that Xiaoning has always been close to me and my wife. Thus, for such huge matters, to see that she's willing to devote so much to our Gu family, I'm very grateful and touched. She'll always be family to us."

The corner of An Xiaoning's lips curled up slightly, and she felt an inexplicable sense of warmth inside. Honestly, on the day she got acquainted with Gu Beicheng, she would never have expected that she would become family to him today.

Moreover, there was also Lin Mingxi, whom she had not gotten along with at first and who even flew into a jealous rage later on. Today, to be on such good terms with her, it had not come easy.

In the day, she went to the training bootcamp and watched how Rongyan and Yiheng got along amicably. It was rather gratifying for her to witness this.

The fate between people was that magical.

When it comes, one should never reject it. When it goes, one ought not to press it to stay.

After all, whatever comes and goes has its own reason behind it.

Picking up the book she had not finished, she leaned against the bedrest to continue reading it.

When she had read until her eyes were suddenly aching, she placed the book aside and started rubbing her eyes. As she was doing so, she seemed to have spotted a figure standing by the window.

Widening her eyes to take another look, she abruptly sat up and stared at the back of the figure, asking, "Who… who are you?"

He did not turn back but used a cold tone that exuded a sinister vibe to reply, "Hua Jin, how have you been?"

"You're the one who sent me the text message in V Nation?" she enquired.

"You haven't forgotten, I see." He continued to face outside the window, seemingly having no intention to turn around.

"Could you turn your head to let me see if I could recognize you?"

"When I want to let you see me, you'll naturally be able to do so." He went on, "Today, I've come to find you to give you a piece of advice."

An Xiaoning questioned, "What advice?"

"You should never get married to Xi Houling. If the two of you marry, the marriage is bound to end up in failure. In your previous life, you didn't listen to advice and your stupidity ended up harming yourself and others. In this life, you should learn from your mistakes."

These words riled up An Xiaoning. "How do you know our marriage is bound to end up in failure? Don't tell me you're Heaven?"


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