The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
877 A Million Times for You 239
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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877 A Million Times for You 239

As soon as he finished speaking, Fan Shixin informed them, "The police are here."

The two of them looked at each other before standing up. Jin Qingyan strode toward the door swiftly with an icy cold aura.

An Xiaoning immediately called the Lin family without hesitation. Madam Lin answered the call.

"Do you guys really think that I'm a pushover? If you don't want your daughter and yourself to die a sudden death tomorrow morning, you'd better keep this situation under control. Don't forget, I still remember your birth characters very clearly. Since I could save Shishi's life, I can take it away too," An Xiaoning said with a menacing gaze.

Madam Lin said frantically, "This has nothing to do with us. It's the nation's decision."

"You'll know whether I'm telling the truth after giving it a try." She then ended the call abruptly.

She proceeded to call the Jin family.

She headed out after calling them.

Upon the sight of her, Team Leader Zhang immediately waved at the police officers behind him, who then immediately rushed forward. An Xiaoning's bodyguards followed suit. The police officers dared not take another step forward, for all her bodyguards were holding guns in their hands and did not seem to be afraid of opening fire at all.

An Xiaoning stepped forward and stood at about two meters away from Team Leader Zhang, after which she said, "I was right. Team Leader Zhang, you're always so eager to take action when it comes to arresting me."

"Please don't blame me, Team Leader An. I'm just following orders given by the superiors," Team Leader Zhang said with a sulk. However, An Xiaoning could not be bothered to guess his true emotions.

"Put your actions on hold for ten minutes. We'll talk again if you still haven't received any orders by then."

Noticing that she was not at all flustered, Team Leader Zhang immediately nodded in agreement. "Okay," he said, knowing that she was no saint.

It was just ten minutes anyway, no big deal.

An Xiaoning bent forward to play with Fu Gui and Wang Cai after they scurried toward her. She completely disregarded the presence of the police officers.

Team Leader Zhang was beyond puzzled to see how relaxed she was, completely unable to figure out what she was thinking.

Seven minutes later, Team Leader Zhang's phone began to ring. After answering the call, he immediately led his subordinates away but was stopped by An Xiaoning.

"Go back and tell Pan Zhenghui that I won't help him out with any cases in the police station if any members of the police force spout nonsense to the media," An Xiaoning warned.

Team Leader Zhang frantically said, "Of course. Don't worry, Team Leader An, none of us will badmouth you."

"I'd believe anyone else but you, Team Leader Zhang."

Team Leader Zhang chuckled wryly and swiftly led his subordinates away.

As soon as they left, a deep frown creased An Xiaoning's forehead. There was trouble again.

"Boss, that fellow is calling you again!"

An Xiaoning took a glance at the caller display to see that it was a call from the Lin family.

"Aren't you going to answer?"

"Why should I? I'm going to make them panic." She switched her mobile phone off and said, "In hindsight, I really wonder why I even acknowledged them as my godparents in the first place. I was initially thinking of using their power to scare the Xu family, but that didn't work at all. I even ended up helping the Lin family, who in turn betrayed me. I've really had enough. If it weren't for my help, Lin Shishi would've died back then. If she really died, the Lin family wouldn't be treating me this way today."

Jin Qingyan picked her up in his arms and said, "Let's not get upset because of them. Do they really think you'll acknowledge any Tom, Dick, or Harry? Hmph, it's just their wishful thinking."


"I'm thinking that they'll definitely come and look for you."

"I'm not seeing them even if they do. The news reports lately are all about us… we're about to be just as famous as those celebrities who pull publicity stunts all day," An Xiaoning said.

"That just means that you're newsworthy. Although you've invested in films and dramas, you can only be considered to be involved in the entertainment industry. The media just love stirring things up and making a fuss over everything. Take Rongyan's news for example. Who knows what frivolous nonsense they'll write about him if we didn't release the statement first?"

"I want to go home."

"I'll send you." He carried her into the passenger seat of her car while he got inside the driver's seat.

An Xiaoning buckled up and asked, "Why didn't you come home for lunch in the afternoon?"

"I was too busy with work so I got the secretary to buy some takeout that I finished in the office."

She turned to face him and said, "I don't think that person is lying about what I told you last night."

"Did you take it to heart?"

"Regardless of whether it's real or not, I must get to the bottom of the matter in the future."

Once the car drove inside Sanqiao Estate, they were greeted with the sight of a military truck. An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan looked at each other before pulling over behind the truck.

She got out of the passenger's side, after which Madam Lin and Chief of Staff Lin walked toward her.

An Xiaoning put on a mirthless smile and asked the obvious, "What are you here for?"

"Xiaoning, we really weren't aware of this matter. Old Lin didn't cast his vote during the parliament meeting. He didn't support it at all."

"There's no need to explain so much to me. I know clearly whether or not all of you ganged up together to go against me. I'm sure you know it yourselves too. I just want to tell you guys, you'd better not provoke me or drive me into a corner. Otherwise, you can't afford to bear the consequences. I'm capable of doing anything if you force me to my wits' end."

Her words gave their hearts vigorous palpitations.

Chief of Staff Lin had always been an authoritative person who commanded the respect of many. It had never crossed his mind that he would be frightened by a little lass like An Xiaoning. "We wouldn't dare to, rest assured," he said in a tone that was mellower than usual.

An Xiaoning did not say another word and walked past them before entering the main entrance.

Jin Qingyan drove inside the yard slowly after the Chief of Staff's car left.

An Xiaoning was keeping close tabs on the news and looked out for her name in the news reports. She finally felt relieved after seeing that her name wasn't mentioned in any of the news. After all, it would be hard to clear her name if she were to be accused of being a malicious witch who put the public's lives in danger.

Since I was their main target, I shall see how they're going to clean up this mess now that they couldn't get rid of me.

An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan sat cross-legged on the bed in the bedroom, facing each other with a chessboard in between them.

The pair had a game of chess quietly. There was no need for them to speak much, for they shared a tacit understanding and could tell what was on each other's minds with just one glance.

"You've lost."


"You lost again."


"You lost."


"So silly."


"Haha, I won!" she exclaimed in joy, finally winning a round.

Staring at An Xiaoning who had joy written all over her face, he decided to be a wet blanket and said relentlessly, "I lost to you on purpose."


They went on to play another round. As the end of the round approached, she realized that there was no way she would win and hence decided to put the chessboard away. "Let's stop playing."

"Shall we watch a movie?" Jin Qingyan suggested, giving in to An Xiaoning, the sore loser.

"I'm objecting to horror flicks."

He chuckled and asked, "What kind of films do you want to watch, then?"


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