The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
883 A Million Times for You 245
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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883 A Million Times for You 245

In fact, she was planning to release a few photos of the wedding onto the internet after it was over, so as to announce the news of her son finding romance again.

Ye Xiaotian did see Mo Li amongst the crowd when he was fetching the bride on his big day.

Mo Li made a stunning appearance only after the bride-fetching ceremony. She was so eye-catching that all eyes were on her, including those of Mr. and Mrs. Ye, Ye Xiaotian's brother, as well as his sister-in-law.

Mo Li was donning a pink dress and rocking her new haircut, which was a perfect match for the exquisite makeup on her face. She was ravishingly beautiful, so much so that the bride seemed to pale in comparison.

On top of that, the tall and muscular No. 8 was seated next to her, looking suave in his black, immaculately-tailored suit. They were holding hands, and it was obvious that they were a couple.

Ye Xiaotian did not expect her to really turn up with her boyfriend.

At that very moment, his face turned as pale as a sheet.

He had been unsure if he was hoping to see her show up.

He had never seen her in short hair before, and she seemed to have changed her style.

During the solemnization ceremony, Ye Xiaotian could not take his eyes off of them.

He watched as Mo Li chatted merrily with her boyfriend, not taking a single glance at the newlyweds at all.

His heart was filled with disappointment.

It had never crossed Mrs. Ye's mind that Mo Li would ever get a boyfriend after the divorce.

How was she supposed to find one?

Which man would want a woman like her?

Shouldn't she be sinking into depression and dragging her feet to carry on with life every day?

Shouldn't she be in a pathetic and sorry state right now?

The way Mo Li was living now was a stark contrast to what Mrs. Ye had imagined her life would become.

Mrs. Ye was initially planning to release some photos of the wedding after it was over. However, she quickly changed her mind.

She did not want the news of Mo Li attending the wedding with her boyfriend to be disseminated to the media and the public.

She did not want that at all.

When it was time to toast to the guests at Mo Li's table during the wedding banquet, the bride scrutinized Mo Li from head to toe and toasted to Mo Li righteously, as if she was the ultimate winner.

However, No. 8 refused and offered to drink on Mo Li's behalf. "Lili is currently nursing her body back to health, it won't be appropriate for her to drink alcohol. I'll drink on her behalf."

Before Qiao Yina could even say anything, No. 8 chugged the entire glass of liquor.

Ye Xiaotian had heard No. 8's words clearly. Nursing her body back to health?

Is she planning to give birth to another child in the future?

But, can she even nurse her body back to health?

Mo Li never once took a glance at Ye Xiaotian and continued to eat the food served at the banquet before proceeding to leave the place hand-in-hand with No. 8.

Ye Xiaotian took one last glance at her graceful silhouette.

Once they got inside the taxi, Mo Li let go of No. 8's hand and turned to look at him. "Thank you," she said.

"Don't mention it. The bride was nowhere comparable to you in terms of beauty."

"Is that so? I'm really glad to hear that from you," Mo Li answered with a bashful smile.

"One should always look forward in life and let bygones be bygones. The future holds a different plan for you."

"I don't think you ate much just now. Let's go back to my place later. I'll make you something to eat."

"I've had enough to eat…"

"I didn't eat much, and neither did you. How is that enough?"


Upon returning to Sanqiao Estate, the pair headed to the supermarket where Mo Li bought some groceries, such as vegetables, meat, and fruits. No. 8 helped her carry the items back to her apartment on the 32nd floor.

Due to the warmer temperatures during the summer, Mo Li's apartment felt just like a hot oven, especially since she was living on the highest floor.

She turned on the air conditioner as soon as she stepped foot inside the apartment.

She then headed to the kitchen to cook up a storm.

No. 8 repeatedly offered to help. However, she declined and told him to just wait for the dishes to be prepared.

Soon, the aroma of piping-hot food coming from the tiny kitchen began wafting up his nose. No. 8 could not help but feel like he was in a place that was just like home.

Upon the sight of six fragrant and colorful dishes that she had whipped up, No. 8 exclaimed in awe, "I never knew you were such a great cook."

"I used to cook often." She removed her apron and opened a bottle of alcohol that they had bought from the supermarket earlier on. She then poured him some alcohol and said, "There are no outsiders here. Let's have an enjoyable meal by ourselves."

They chatted and drank while savoring the food. The next thing they knew, they had already finished more than half the bottle of liquor.

One would tend to be more courageous when speaking after having a drop too much to drink. Mo Li began baring her innermost thoughts and pouring her heart and soul to No. 8, finally having someone to air her grievances to.

"If I could restart my life, I'd definitely stay far, far away from Ye Xiaotian. I was too young and foolish when I was 18. Later on in life, I married Byron, thinking to myself that I had finally found happiness. After all, I expected him to be more mature since he was a lot older than me. Yet, it turned out that he was interested in men." She finished the liquor in her glass and continued, "I finally get to live like a human should now. However, I also understand that no good man would love me again. Who would want a woman like me? I'm not Mei Yangyang, I don't have Long Tianze. I'm not Jin Qingyue, I don't have Ling Ciye. I'm not An Xiaoning, I don't have Jin Qingyan. I really wish I could be like Jin Qingyue and find a man who doesn't mind my past and truly loves and accepts me for who I am… I can no longer find a man like that anymore."

No. 8's eyes began to get a little glassed over due to how tipsy he was. After listening to her rant, he said out of the blue, "If you don't mind, we can be together… but I've had a horrible past too, you mustn't mind me."

Mo Li smiled and said, "Let's not mind each other…"

Upon hearing her words, he rose from his seat while she looked up at him in puzzlement.

He walked toward Mo Li and pulled her up. At this point, she could not even stand on her feet steadily.

"What's wrong?"

"I want to hug you." As soon as he finished speaking, he pulled her into an embrace.

Mo Li could hear his heart beating loudly amidst the silence of the room.

She looked at a corner and remained as still as a statue.

They then hugged each other and dozed off together.

When she woke up again, Mo Li stared at him, teary-eyed.

She gazed at him quietly until he opened his eyes.

They held each other's gazes, after which No. 8 asked, "Are you regretting it now? Do you not want to admit it anymore?"

"Why did you say that? Were you being serious?"

"Do you think I'm joking?"

Shaking her head, Mo Li answered, "I just wanted to make sure."

He stroked the hair near her forehead and said, "I'm serious about you."

"Are you willing even if I can't give birth to children in the future?" she asked.

"I understand your condition completely. I'm also aware that you probably won't be able to conceive again."

Mo Li said meekly, "I can't conceive anymore. I'll give you three days to consider your decision again. Maybe you're just being rash now. I don't want you to have any regrets. I'll hear your answer again in three days. Come and look for me again if you haven't changed your mind."


Lin Shishi continuously tried to call An Xiaoning, but to no avail. In a moment of pique, she headed to An Xiaoning's doorstep, using the excuse of visiting her maiden family.

This time, An Xiaoning allowed her to enter.

As soon as she entered, she was greeted with the sight of An Xiaoning dressed in a white crocheted blouse, sitting on the couch and reading a book.

An Xiaoning did not bother looking her in the eye at all.

Lin Shishi sat down opposite her and took a glance at the book in her hand, only to discover that it was a romance novel.

"You also read novels?"


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