The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
900 A Million Times for You 262
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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900 A Million Times for You 262

An Xiaoning noticed the look of dismay hidden in his eyes and said with a smile, "I was just teasing you. I'm sure you know how I feel about marriage nowadays."

Seemingly feeling a huge sense of relief, he pulled her into his arms and said, "Wait for me…"

"Wait for you to what?"

"Wait for me to prepare everything and make sure nothing goes wrong, wait for me to give you the confidence to marry me without any qualms. Wait for me to get rid of all the problems we might face before I make you my wife."

He rested his chin on her head. All he ever wanted was to marry her again and give her the happiness that she deserved. However, it was not the right time yet.

Having understood his concerns, An Xiaoning smiled and said, "Sure."

She wondered if he believed her excuse.

She had meant every word from the bottom of her heart when she said that she wanted to marry him again.

She did not rehearse the lines in her head on purpose and instead just allowed them to roll off her tongue.

An Xiaoning had a feeling that Jin Qingyan was clear about that too.

They simply refused to expose each other's innermost thoughts.

Bu Xianxian relayed Jin Qingyan's words to her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Bu understood his reasons for doing so.

"He's already given us so much money and gave us a roof over our heads for so long. It's more than enough. Since he's already made such a request, it's time we leave," said Mrs. Bu.

Mr. Bu looked at his daughter and chastised, "It must have been the way she looks now that infuriated Nick."

"Xianxian looks great now."

"Yes, she's so good-looking that she doesn't look like our daughter anymore. Who'd believe that we gave birth to her?" Mr. Bu sneered.

"Father, cut it out. I didn't even blame you and Mother for passing on those horrible genes to me, yet you still forbid me from changing my appearance. Everyone wants to look beautiful. Just you wait and see. I, your daughter, am definitely going to get a boyfriend now that I've become so gorgeous. However, I feel like my nose bridge is way too high and doesn't match my mouth at all," said Bu Xianxian, staring at her reflection in the mirror.

Upon hearing her words. Mrs. Bu immediately said, "Xianxian, you're already beautiful enough. Don't go under the knife again. I think you're getting addicted to plastic surgery. Did you forget that you initially just wanted to get your eyes altered to look like Ms. An's? Later on, you continued to have your cheekbones shaved to resemble hers too. Even your eyebrows have been embroidered to look the same, so is your nose. If the doctor hadn't said that it was impossible, you probably would have made your lips look like hers too! You've already spent so much money and become gorgeous enough. Don't go on anymore. Although you look a lot like Ms. An now, your aura is nothing like hers."

"I'm not trying to look exactly like her either, that's so unoriginal. Besides, she and I are not biologically related anyway. It's enough for me to look 80% identical to her. Do you know how much pain I went through to look like this? My efforts have finally paid off," Bu Xianxian said nonchalantly.

"Don't get any more plastic surgery then, you're already perfect as you are now." Still feeling worried, Mrs. Bu warned, "Your father and I have already had a discussion. We won't be giving you any more money."

"That's enough, stop being so long-winded. Go pack your belongings. We'll stay in a hotel before looking for a house to move into," Bu Xianxian said in annoyance.

"We'll go right now."

Mr. and Mrs. Bu proceeded to pack their luggage, after which they left Wei Ni Estate without delay together with Bu Xianxian.

When they got inside the taxi, Mrs. Bu asked, "Xianxian, do you really not harbor designs on Nick anymore?"

"Mother, how many times do I have to repeat myself? Of course I don't fancy him anymore. Given my current appearance, I can definitely find a better man than him."

"I'm just afraid that you'll say one thing and mean another," said Mrs. Bu, who knew her own daughter all too well.

Bu Xianxian looked out of the window and remained silent.

Seeing that she was refusing to speak, Mrs. Bu continued, "Promise me that you only went under the knife to look like Ms. An because you want to become beautiful and not because of Nick."

Annoyed by her mother's constant probing, Bu Xianxian answered impatiently, "Mother, you're so irritating. You keep asking me the same question again and again."

Mrs. Bu stopped talking and kept quiet.

The family of three arrived at a random hotel that happened to be one of the franchised branches belonging to the Gu Corporation. Bu Xianxian initially thought that the staff at the front desk would mistake her for An Xiaoning. To her surprise, the female employee at the front desk clearly did not do so, despite being a little appalled.

Slightly peeved, Bu Xianxian asked, "Don't you find me familiar-looking?"

Slightly taken aback, the female employee asked, "Miss, did you stay in our hotel before?"

Pointing at her own face, Bu Xianxian asked, "You really can't tell who I am?"

Despite finding Bu Xianxian extremely ridiculous, the female employee nonetheless answered politely with a smile, "You're very beautiful, Miss. Please give me your identification card if you'd like to book a room."

Bu Xianxian handed her her personal identification card and said, "Two rooms for one day."

"There are standard rooms, executive rooms, and deluxe rooms available. Which one would you like?"


"The deluxe rooms are categorized into three standards. The basic ones cost 1000 dollars a night, the mid-standard ones cost 3000, while the most superior one costs 5000. The presidential suites are priced at 9999 dollars for a night."

Just as Bu Xianxian was about to speak, Mrs. Bu tugged her arm and said, "That's too expensive. We'll just take the standard rooms that cost a few hundred dollars a night."

"Mother, we're rich now. What's wrong with enjoying a night's stay in a luxurious room?" Bu Xianxian then said to the female employee, "Give me two of those that cost 3000 dollars."

Mrs. Bu stopped her and said, "Miss, we'll just take the 1000-dollar ones."

"We'll have the 3000-dollar ones," Bu Xianxian insisted.

Mrs. Bu could not outargue her daughter and gave in ultimately. In the end, they checked into the rooms and spent a total of six thousand dollars.

While on their way to the rooms, Mrs. Bu chided, "We can't squander money away even if we're rich now. It's six thousand dollars we're talking about!"

"We can afford it anyway. What are you afraid of? What's the point of having money if you don't spend it?"

Too angry for words, Mrs. Bu kept quiet. Upon returning to the room, she said to her husband, "I think we'd better buy some land in a farming village here and settle down."

Upon hearing her suggestion, Bu Xianxian immediately objected, "Why are we moving to a farming village? Mother, we'll just buy a house in one of the estates in the city. It'll reflect well on us too when I find you a wealthy son-in-law. If I really land myself with a wealthy man, he's going to be embarrassed when he finds out that we're living in a farming village."

"We're in the city now. The cheapest mansion will still have to cost at least a few million dollars. If we really do buy one, we'll be left with so little money."

"That's why I say that you don't have foresight. We can always sell the house if we no longer want to stay in it in the future. Mother, do you have any common sense at all? Look how beautiful I've become. I spent so much money and went under the knife so many times, just so I could become a wealthy man's wife like An Xiaoning. By then, you and Father will get to enjoy endless bliss and live affluently. Do you get it?" said Bu Xianxian, who was beyond frustrated with her mother.


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