The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
931 A Million Times for You 293
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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931 A Million Times for You 293

An Xiaoning was then carried out of the gym and all the way to the swimming pool.

There was an orange light at the side with two sun beds next to it. There was also a large chair above the sun beds.

Jin Qingyan replaced the water in the pool with some lukewarm water, which made it much more comfortable for the both of them.

Although it was summertime, it was not healthy to soak in cold water for too long.

The atmosphere was quiet and tranquil, and he had already instructed his bodyguards not to disturb them or show up in the vicinity.

No one dared to defy his orders.

After they got inside the water, An Xiaoning went on to have a whale of a time.

They chased each other in the pool merrily, and a passionate kiss was inevitable.

It felt as if they were two young teenagers madly in love with each other.

An Xiaoning's hair was wet, and she tucked her damp hair behind her ears to reveal her beautiful features.

Staring at the man before her, she pounced onto him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Qingyan, I love you."

"How much do you love me?"

"I love you very, very much. You're the only person I love. No one can compare to you. That's how I feel. Qingyan, what do I do? I'm starting to feel like I can't live without you."

Her words were like music to Jin Qingyan's ears. "Are you in a good mood?" he asked with a grin.

"Yes, I'm in a splendid mood. Tuoba Gucheng can no longer get in the way of our relationship. Regardless of who tries to stand in the way of our love, I'll get rid of them no matter what it takes. Even if I die a horrible death, I'm not afraid…"

He placed a finger on her mouth and hushed her, "Touch wood, you're not going to die a horrible death."

She smiled and did not retort. Instead, she opened her mouth and bit his finger gently. The warmth of her tongue spread to his heart.

Jin Qingyan pushed her gently to the side of the pool near the stairs. He then hugged her from behind and allowed his hand to wander about her body in an absolutely unrestrained manner.

An Xiaoning grabbed onto the railing of the stairs, feeling completely enticed and turned on.

Worse still, he seemed to be doing it on purpose. However, he did not stop the foreplay and continued fondling her from behind.

An Xiaoning stretched her hand behind her to grab his crotch, which was erect and hard despite being underwater.

As soon as she turned around, he lifted her leg and placed it against his chest while he hugged her waist tightly. He then entered her and filled her deep inside.

It was an extremely uncomfortable position.

"It doesn't feel good at all."

To her astonishment, he flipped her over to have her back facing him and eased her into a completely different position.

They did not have that great of a time inside the pool, however.

Hence, they made up for it in the bedroom.

He was filled with passion and enthusiasm. Every single time he thrust himself deep inside her, he wished he could keep her stuck to him.

An Xiaoning was flushed red, and she thrust her hips upward to match his rhythm.

The bed began to break and move about because of how vigorous he was. The pair decided to release their pent-up desires and emotions of longing for each other.

A post-coital ambience filled the air. He wiped her clean and asked, "Did you feel good?"

An Xiaoning answered feebly with half-closed eyes, "It was brilliant."

He nodded in satisfaction and cleaned up the rest of the mess in the room. He then put on a pair of boxers and lay down beside her.

However, he continued to grope her breasts while they chatted merrily with each other.

Finally, An Xiaoning closed her eyes and dozed off in his embrace.

He held her hand and interlocked his fingers with hers.

He fell asleep with her in his arms.

The life that they both wanted was just like this — hugging each other peacefully to sleep every night.


An Xiaoning had an erotic dream.

Right after she had just gotten intimate with Jin Qingyan, she dreamed of having another battle in bed with him again.

She opened her eyes and stared at the man in front of her who had his long and silky hair draped around his shoulders while thrusting himself deep inside her petite body.

He kept his alluring eyes fixed on her. Noticing how startled she seemed, he lowered his head to kiss her and asked, "Do you feel good?"

An Xiaoning almost choked, for Jin Qingyan had just asked her the same question before they fell asleep…

She draped her arms around his neck and said, smiling, "It was brilliant."

He was rather taken aback by her response, for she would usually turn red with shyness whenever he asked her that question in the past.

Feeling extremely motivated, he gave it his all and caused the wooden bed to shake vigorously and loudly.

An Xiaoning was moaning in pleasure. Halfway through the session, he sat on the bed while she straddled him and began moving her hips sensually.

Despite being extremely surprised, his shock did not get in the way of them getting intimate.

The room was filled with sounds of her moaning in immense pleasure. He was both surprised yet enticed by how passionate she was.

They only stopped in the wee hours of the night.

Rubbing her svelte waist, she sat cross-legged on the bed and said to him, "Why do I feel like we're committing adultery?"

A sullen expression formed on his face upon hearing her words, which had struck a sour note within him. Poking her in her forehead, he said, "I've never gotten intimate with her before, not even once. We're just married in name. Don't you know where my heart lies? You have all of my heart, little lass. Quit pretending innocence. When the time is right, I'll divorce her and marry you so I can pamper and dote on you however I'd like, alright?"

He shot An Xiaoning an alluring glance, after which she coyly removed her red bra, only to realize that her adolescent breasts had yet to develop into a decent size. Feeling slightly embarrassed, she quickly put it back on.

He was extremely puzzled by her actions. "Why did you put it on again right after you took it off?"

"I don't feel confident enough."

He guffawed and said, "You're still young now. You'll develop into a well-endowed woman when you're older."

"You know that I'm still young and yet you took my virginity."

"Who's the little imp who crawled into my bed and compelled me to finish you?"

An Xiaoning turned red immediately with shyness. How was I so… liberal in my previous lifetime?

I don't believe it, he's spouting nonsense, he's spouting nonsense!

"It's all your fault for being too handsome and charming. How could you blame me? Do you know how many maids are lusting over you every day?"

"What do you mean?" he asked with a frown.

"I mean… they're harboring designs on you."

"How dare they do that?"

An Xiaoning raised her brows and said, "Well, they dare not do it openly, but it's a different case deep down."

"Why are you so different tonight?"

"Because…" She was at a momentary loss for words and was unsure of how she should answer. After pondering for an entire minute, during which he was waiting for her answer, she said, "Because you're my man and this is how I am in front of you."

He sat up straight in his white robe, which made him appear even more dashing.

"I like hearing such things from you."

An Xiaoning smiled and did not say anything further.

After the dream ended, An Xiaoning woke up at five o'clock in the morning.


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