The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
972 Perplexed and Smitten 32
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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972 Perplexed and Smitten 32

On one side, Fang Erlan was puzzled. Hadn't he said that it was his mother who made him bring the snacks for his colleagues to eat? Why did she say it was him who wanted to eat them?

"As expected, Mother loves me so much that you're thinking of me all the time."

"You rascal, saying such obvious things. You're my son, if not you, who else would I be thinking of?" Mrs. Yan went on, "It's still the same old flavor. Mother made it with great effort, you better finish it all."

"I know, I know."

"This must be Ms. Fang, right?" Mrs. Yan greeted her with a wide grin.

"Yes, I am. Hello, Auntie."

"Nice to meet you."

Fang Erlan cast a few glances to her. Yan Ge's mother maintained herself exceptionally well. She was not a dancer for nothing indeed, as her figure was in great shape.

Not only that, she had gorgeous looks that Yan Ge had obviously inherited.

She couldn't help but stare in awe. This Mrs. Yan was already past the age of fifty, yet the freshness of her beauty remained. Fang Erlan was sure she must have been a gorgeous lady when she was younger.

After removing his makeup, Yan Ge brought his mother along to eat. On the other hand, Fang Erlan was exhausted and made Xiao Yue buy her food while she herself returned to her room.

Once she took a cooling bath and ate, she did not go out anymore and sent her bodyguards and assistant back to their rooms.

At this point, as she had already added Jing Yang in her list of blocked numbers, she received a text message from an unknown number.

In the text, he claimed that he wanted to apologize to her.

Fang Erlan replied that there was no need for it. She was more than afraid that he would stir up new trouble for her.

After sending that reply, she did not receive any more replies from him.

With that, she thought nothing more of it.

Around twenty minutes later, the doorbell of her room rang.

"Who's there?"

"Hello, Ms. Fang."

As the voice sounded unfamiliar to her, Fang Erlan made it a point to glance at the peephole and realized that it was a young lady of about eighteen to nineteen years old. She asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm a staff of the hotel. There are people downstairs looking for you. They seem to be your parents. You should go down and take a look."

"Alright, I know." She turned back into her room, changed into a set of clothes, and put on some light makeup before opening the door and going out.

Once she stepped into the lift, a man wearing a cap, mask, and a pair of sunglasses entered after her. Fang Erlan pressed a lift button and unconsciously took a few more glances at the man. "Jing Yang?"

She had only just called out his name when she felt a hand forcefully cover her mouth. Once the lift doors closed, Fang Erlan was about to press the lift button again when he beat her to it by pressing the button for the second basement level.

Fang Erlan did not know what he wanted from her, and in that moment, she was flustered and terrified.

She had a small and petite figure and was no match for Jing Yang, who definitely had the upper hand.

Just like that, she was dragged by him to the second basement level of the hotel.

After being forcefully pressed onto the ground by him, Fang Erlan saw that he was about to undress her, so she exerted all her strength to resist him by kicking her legs as hard as she could. However, no matter how much force she exerted with her legs, she could not break free from him.

"Aren't you very impressive? Getting your work studio to ruin me and all. Watch how I ruin you now!"

She was wearing only a light blue-colored blouse, and the first button was instantly pulled off with one forceful hand movement of his, revealing her bra inside.

Fang Erlan was both infuriated and flustered. Taking the opportunity wherein he only used one hand to hold her down, she gathered all the strength within her and headbutted him. With all the strength she used, she was immediately able to push Jing Yang backward. With that, Fang Erlan then took the opportunity to run toward the elevator, leaving Jing Yang furiously chasing after her.

When she reached the lift, she realized that there was no time for the doors to open and close again. If she were to be pushed down by him inside, there would really be no way for her to escape.

As such, she chose to turn back and circle around the place while Jing Yang continued to chase after her.

Fang Erlan had already gone through a whole day of filming and was beyond exhausted. On the other hand, he had not worked the whole day and had woken up not long ago, which was why he was full of energy.

Within less than two minutes, Fang Erlan was captured by Jing Yang again and pinned onto the ground tightly. She had his face to him and could not move even an inch of her body.

Jing Yang pinned her down and started beating up her face ruthlessly, leaving the corner of Fang Erlan's lips bleeding.

Fang Erlan did not let out a single sound as she knew that at this point, if she actually screamed and shouted, he could very possibly kill her in a fit of anger.

"Jing Yang, if you didn't actually have anything to hide, even if the paparazzi team followed you around for ten thousand years, they wouldn't have been able to capture anything. Moreover, how on earth have I, Fang Erlan, offended you that you stirred up trouble for me so many times? Yes, I used to be your fan. Do you remember when I treated you as my idol back then? You were still a model and had no fame. Your family background wasn't good and you were very thrifty, giving all the money you earned to your mother. The person you were back then, do you still remember? I treated you as my idol for five years and I went down this path as an actor because of you. The dream I used to have was to be able to act out a scene with you. Later on, when I went to film the advertisement with Senior Yan Ge, it was then that I realized what kind of person I actually idolized. I was disappointed in you and you were no longer fit to be my idol. You betrayed yourself because of fame, you can't even face up to yourself. Do you still deserve to be an idol to others? At that moment, your status as an idol in my heart completely vanished. I even felt ashamed to have seen you as my idol back then! You tried to stir up trouble for me multiple times, so what is so wrong about my boss standing up for me? You can bully me, but I can't get back at you? What kind of logic is that?"

After having said so much, she was breathless and added finally, "There are surveillance cameras all around here and in the lift. Do you think that if you rape me, you'll be able to end things? Aren't you going to let go of me? You want to spend the rest of your days in prison?"

The moment Jing Yang released her from his grasp, Fang Erlan could finally heave a sigh of relief. She grabbed the collar of her blouse, which had lost its button, used both of her hands to cover her chest area, and proceeded to stand up slowly from the ground.

At this moment, the lift doors suddenly opened and the security guards of the hotel rushed in. They had witnessed what had happened in the lift while they were inspecting the surveillance footage inside.

"Ms. Fang, did anything happen to you?"

Fang Erlan shook her head. "I'm fine."

"Hand him over to the police," the head of the security officers instructed the men behind him.

"Wait!" Fang Erlan stopped them as she glanced over at Jing Yang, who was completely still.

"Ms. Fang…"

"He didn't do anything to me…"

"But we all saw what he did."

Fang Erlan looked down. "No, he was just playing around with me. Mister Security Officers, it's fine."

Since she had already put it like this, the security officers who also did not want their hotel to go on the news because of this incident simply let it go.

Jing Yang did not expect that she would still speak up for him at this point and could not help but feel ashamed of himself at that moment.

As she entered the lift with the security officers again, Fang Erlan's legs were still wobbly from the huge scare she had received earlier. She leaned closely against the wall of the lift, her hands supporting the sides of her body.

When the lift doors sounded as it reached the first floor, the security officers went out while Yan Ge was about to enter with his assistant and bodyguards. Seeing her standing inside in that state, he signalled his men to go with a wave and entered alone with a sullen expression on his face.

The lift doors then closed once again.


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