The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1017 Perplexed and Smitten 77
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1017 Perplexed and Smitten 77

After placing it at the end of the bed, she'd intended to changed into a set of clothes to return to the Gu residence to take a look at Lin Mingxi.

At this very moment, her phone rang.

Upon glancing at the caller display, she realized that it was actually someone who had stopped bothering her for some time, Pei Yi.

Why did he suddenly think of calling her?

After pressing the button to answer, she placed her phone by her ear and casually sat on the bed to talk.

"Why did Master Pei think of calling me?"

"If I said I missed you, would you believe me?"

"Master Pei, you're asking me if I'd believe you, but I want to throw the question back at you. Do you actually believe your own words?"

He chuckled. "I called you because I have something to tell you."

"I don't have any business with Master Pei, so I wonder what it is that you have to tell me?"

"You should be more careful lately," he muttered with a lowered voice. "Someone's trying to harm you and Jin Qingyan."


"I can't tell you that. I know you're capable, but this time, the person who's out to harm the two of you has a very powerful background. That's why I especially called to give you a reminder. After all, if Jin Qingyan dies, so be it. But if you die, it'll be quite a pity."

An Xiaoning was unbothered by his words. "I appreciate your concern, but are you that certain that Qingyan and I will die? Can't it be that it's the person who wants to harm us who'll die?"

"Although you have the ability to drag Tuoba Gucheng down from power, compared to this person, you still lack experience. I don't know the reason he wants to deal with the two of you, but I'm clear about one thing: he wants the two of you dead."

"The hidden meaning in your words has made me curious. You obviously know who this person is and how impressive he is, but you refuse to say who he is. It goes to show how much you fear him. Don't tell me he's the leader behind your headquarters in M Nation?"

Pei Yi answered, "As to who exactly that person is, I can't say over the phone. You just need to know that from now onward, you have to spend all the resources you have on protecting yourself. Don't wait until it's too late and don't give me the opportunity to take advantage. The previous time, you may have escaped nimbly, but the next time you land in my hands, I won't let you have a chance to escape easily."

"That'll have to depend on whether you can capture me, right?" She added in a cold tone, "Throughout all these time I have lived, the number of people who have wanted me dead are uncountable. But which of them had actually succeeded…? Perhaps the person who can kill me in this life is still in his mother's stomach and hasn't even been formed into a fetus."


After she hung up the call, An Xiaoning's mood was affected.

Everything had been going fine, but she was suddenly given a warning that someone out there intended to murder her. Who would be able to keep their spirits up?

She did not know if Pei Yi's words were true, but she had indeed taken his words to heart.

No matter whether it was real or fake, she would not let her guard down one bit.

She went to the dressing room to take the qipao Shi Qingzhou had made for her and laid it over herself. She had not worn it since her mother had made it for her.

This would be the first time.

After she put on the qipao, her slender curves were accentuated. She then casually pinned her hair up and took her pink bag before leaving her room.

Following this, she then drove to the Gu residence.

At this point, Lin Mingxi was already five months pregnant and her belly had grown rather large. Wearing a loosely-fitted sweater, she was playing a game on her phone as she lay on the bed in her bedroom. An Xiaoning pushed the door open and entered.

"Oh, look who it is." Lin Mingxi sat upright and asked with a grin, "What wind has blown you here?"

"This 12-grade typhoon before me, of course." She went forward and sat down. "How is it? Has it been hard on you?"

"It can't be compared with you back then. When you were pregnant with Yiheng, you had to take an injection every day. As for me, it hasn't been that difficult. It's just that since I'm already in the second trimester of my pregnancy, the child can move inside my belly, and this fellow can get really rough sometimes. It's really not an obedient child."

"It's better if the child makes more movement inside, lest you worry about this and that." An Xiaoning reached out to touch her round belly. "Look at your big stomach, you look like you're carrying twins."

"If only it were twins. I could give birth to two at once and suffer less."

An Xiaoning noticed how she had grown quite a lot fatter. It seemed like she had been well rested during this period of time.

"It's good to be carrying one child only. All the nutrition can be given to your only child inside. The child will grow better. There's also some risks in carrying twins. You'll be more likely to go into premature labor."

"Take your shoes off and get onto the bed for a chat. We haven't had a good chat in a long time."

An Xiaoning had never stood on ceremony with her from the beginning. She took off her shoes and lay on the bed, resting beside her. "Our television drama has ended filming. Do you want to guess if this investment will cost us any losses?"

"No, it won't," Lin Mingxi replied confidently. "The script is good, the production is meticulous, and there were also promotions for the drama. How could it make losses? Moreover, don't forget, during the filming, we already earned back a huge sum from advertisements. It's bound to earn and make no losses."

"That's what I think as well. Do you still see your sister?"

"I've seen her, but I didn't speak to her." Lin Mingxi added, "Whether she stays in my life or not, life still goes on. Why should I say insincere words just to please her but disgust myself? Right, I heard from Beicheng that he saw Jin Qingyan and a lady getting close to each other a few days ago. She's from his company, right?"

"It seems so."

"You need to keep a lookout. Those little chicks out there are very smart, all of them want to climb onto the ladder."

An Xiaoning side-glanced her. "What do I need to keep a lookout for? Even a woman like you has challenged me before back then, can they beat you?"

Upon hearing her mention this, Lin Mingxi nudged her gently with her fist. "Why're you talking about me again? That's history already. It's a strange thing, actually, that young people always chase after someone unattainable. Back then, Jin Qingyan was like a ball of light to me. It seemed really sparkling bright, but I couldn't touch it no matter how I tried and could only look at it. It didn't even enter my mind that the switch to this lamp was with you and belonged solely to you."

"Your analogy is really vivid." An Xiaoning rested her head on her shoulder. "Now, I actually wish I could lead a peaceful and stable life like you and Yangyang."

"Aren't you already living it? Don't worry unnecessarily. Rest assured and be the Young Madam of the Jin family."

An Xiaoning closed her eyes shut. "I didn't feel sleepy at home, but after coming to your place, I actually do now. Don't tell me your words have the ability to hypnotize me?"

"Are you trying to say that it's boring for you when I talk?"

"I didn't say that, that's what you thought."

Lin Mingxi laughed lightly. "If you're tired, lie here and sleep for a while."

She replied to her with a sound of acknowledgement and was just about to shut her eyes when, at this unsuitable timing, her phone rang.

Taking a look at the caller display, she found that it was from Wen Lele and simply did not pick up.

Lin Mingxi asked, "Why aren't you picking up?"

"It should be nothing much. It's from Qingyan's highschool table mate. She's a rather dim-witted woman, and I'm not close to her either," she responded simply, feeling no need to elaborate about her.

However, her phone continued to ring non-stop.

An Xiaoning simply ignored her calls until a call from Fan Shixin came in.

"Young Madam, Ms. Wen is at our main gate right now. She says she has something critically urgent to find you about and has to see you by hook or by crook."

"Just tell her I'm not home."

"I've told her already, but she said that she'll wait for you to return no matter how long it takes. She simply won't give up unless she sees you."



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