The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1031 Perplexed and Smitten 91
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1031 Perplexed and Smitten 91

\"Pei Yi is very tight-lipped and I couldn't get anything out of him. However, he asked me about where I had seen those people in the sketches. I have a hunch that those two people do exist in this lifetime, and Pei Yi knows them as well.\"

Jin Qingyan gazed at her calmly and said, \"You're not allowed to go out without any bodyguards from now on, especially since it's a critical period right now.\"

\"Alright, but there's something I'd like to tell you about.\"

He placed the sketches back inside the drawer and sat down on the bed. \"What's the matter?\" he asked.

\"I dropped by the Special Investigation Unit for a while when I was at the police station to obtain the simulated sketches today. Ma Jianguo told me…\" She explained the entire situation to him while observing his expression.

\"So, you're planning to intervene with this matter? Although you're already busy enough as it is, I'll support your decision if you'd like to get involved.\"

\"I thought you'd chide me for being nosy.\"

\"That'll depend on the severity of the matter. We can't sit back and do nothing when it comes to such vicious acts of murder. I only demand one thing of you, and that is that you just protect yourself well and keep yourself free from injury.\"

\"Alright,\" she agreed, giving him a kiss.

They held each other's gazes and chuckled.

The following day, An Xiaoning instructed No. 8 and No. 5 to wait for her on a certain road.

After getting their driving license, they'd been idling about at home with nothing to do at all. They were simply waiting to be given tasks.

They were finally summoned.

An Xiaoning put on her human skin mask and exited Wei Ni Estate via the secret passageway in the wine cellar.

She hailed a taxi to the place where they were waiting for her.

\"Hop on,\" she said to them.

Upon hearing her voice, No. 8 and No. 5 quickly got inside the car.

\"Sis, where are we going?\" No. 8 asked upon seeing that she had the mask on.

\"You'll know when we get there.\"

The taxi began speeding toward Mount Heyuan and arrived at the bridge in less than half an hour.

An Xiaoning paid the taxi driver a hundred dollars, and the three of them alighted from the taxi together.

It was eight o'clock in the morning when the weather was not too warm yet. However, there were already quite a few people.

An Xiaoning repeated the situation to them softly, after which they were instantly dumbfounded.

\"Really? That's so immoral and wicked,\" No. 5 remarked in disbelief.

\"Sis, are you here to find out everything?\"

\"Of course. I don't have time to waste on this. So, we must get it settled as soon as possible. Look at how many people there are. It's summertime and there are so many visitors here for some fun. It's a good opportunity for the wicked bunch to take action.\"

The three of them entered the tourist attraction and planned to approach the fishers in a motorboat.

Since there was space for only one passenger in the motorboat, they had to rent a total of three motorboats.

\"Sir, how much does it cost to get there from here?\"

\"One hundred dollars.\"

\"Can the three of us get there together?\"

\"No problem,\" the man, who was in his thirties, agreed without much hesitation.

An Xiaoning nodded, and the three of them boarded the motorboats. They initially thought that it would be a quick ride since the distance was rather short, yet all three motorboats came to a halt halfway through the journey.

The three boats lined up closely beside each other in a row.

\"I'm telling you beforehand, you'll have to pay me a total of three thousand dollars when we get there.\"

Most passengers would usually say, \"Let's talk when we get there.\"

However, An Xiaoning said, \"We agreed on a hundred dollars just now. How could you just raise the fare to nine times of the agreed amount? Do you really think we'll concede just because we don't have another option at the moment?\"

\"It's okay if you don't agree. Just get off here.\"

They were right in the middle of the river, how could they get off there?

It was obviously blackmail.

An Xiaoning immediately smacked her palm against the man and pushed him straight into the river. An ordinary woman would usually be incapable of such strength. Unfortunately for him, he had met with An Xiaoning!

She sat on the man's seat and said to the men on the other two motorboats, \"Are you leaving or not?\"

The two motorboat drivers turned pale in exasperation and attempted to throw No. 8 and No. 5 into the water. However, they had completely underestimated No. 8 and No. 5, who flung them into the water instead.

An Xiaoning and her bodyguards drove the motorboats away, leaving the three men behind in the river.

Once they arrived at their destination, No. 5 asked, \"What if those three scammers drown to death?\"

\"They must be great swimmers in order to make a living along the river. Look over there, aren't they swimming toward us now?\" said An Xiaoning, pointing at the men.

No. 5 looked over to see that it was indeed so. \"They are so wicked.\"

\"Although not all motorboat drivers are like them, there are bound to be black sheeps. It's just their luck to have met us.\"

No. 8 sneered, \"I'm guessing they'll definitely try to get back at us.\"

\"We'll stand here and wait for them to do it, then. I've already recorded our conversation just now. Since he wants to play tricks with me, I'll show him what I'm made of.\"

\"You're so intelligent, Boss. You taught these crooks a lesson while in the midst of an investigation,\" No. 5 said with a chuckle.

The three men in the river struggled to swim toward the shore. By the time they got out of the water, they were already at their very last breath. They lay on the cemented ground motionlessly, clearly exhausted.

However, upon the sight of An Xiaoning and her bodyguards, they struggled to get up, and one of them hollered, \"You three, just you wait and see. Do you know whose territory you're on? I'll make you crawl on the ground and beg me later!\"

\"How haughty,\" An Xiaoning sneered.

As soon as she finished speaking, she threw the keys of the boat into the river.

\"You wretched woman!\" The man flew into a rage and tried to hit An Xiaoning with all his might, despite being dog-tired. He wanted to make her kneel onto the ground and beg for his mercy.

However, reality turned out to be far from what he had wished.

No. 5 managed to beat all of them up to the point where they could no longer stand up. It was just a piece of cake for him. He would pin them down beneath his feet whenever they tried to get up.

Knowing that they had met with a tough opponent, they decided to stop struggling and instead feigned being dead.

Seeing that they had been subdued, An Xiaoning decided to stop wasting any more time there.

She brought No. 5 and No. 8 away to the house nearby.

Upon the sight of their arrival, a man who was in his fifties immediately barked sternly, \"Tourists aren't allowed here. Don't you know that?\"

An Xiaoning smiled and said, \"Sir, why aren't tourists allowed here? The motorboat drivers who had ferried us here didn't inform us about that rule.\"

\"All they care about is earning money. Why would they be bothered about where you're going? Hurry and leave.\"

No. 5 said, \"This is the country's property, not yours. Why aren't we allowed to come here?\"

\"Young chap, you're a feisty one. However, I'm stopping you for your own good. Okay, that's enough, quit the crap and leave, quick.\"

\"Alright,\" said An Xiaoning.

While they were pretending to return, An Xiaoning stopped in her tracks the moment she saw him entering the house.

\"You two, wait here. I'll go in and attempt to plant the surveillance cameras in the house.\"



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