The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1054 Perplexed and Smitten 114
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1054 Perplexed and Smitten 114

He Yi did not appear anxious at all. \"I've given you enough compensation already. Rather than say I used you, why not say that you used me as well? What's the point of asking for a snub here and making people tired of you?\"

\"Why didn't you say I was asking for a snub and making you tired when you were using me? Now that you don't need me anymore, you're saying this? He Yi, are you even a man?!\"

\"What on earth do I have to do to make you come down?\" He Yi was evidently impatient toward her.

\"I want you to apologize to me in front of all these people and the media reporters!\"

\"An apology is no big deal, but that means I'll take back the compensation I gave you.\"

\"What do you mean by doing this? The compensation is what I deserve! You ought to apologize to me even with the compensation!\"

\"…\" He Yi couldn't help but snort coldly, \"Then, if you want to jump, just do it. I'm out of this.\"

With that, he turned to leave while Wen Lele sat there with her originally-calmed emotions about to burst again. Seeing He Yi walking away without looking back, a police officer persuaded her, \"He doesn't care about you at all. What's the point of doing this? If you jump down, only those who care about you will be upset. Those who don't care about you will only think that you're a fool!\"

While Wen Lele was looking ahead, a police officer took the chance and used one arm to swiftly grab her arms while using another arm to pull her into an embrace, dragging her down from the edge.

At this point, An Xiaoning was about done eating and, as she watched the ridiculous news of Wen Lele end, she simply picked up the remote control and switched off the television.

When Fang Erlan returned home from downstairs, she found the door of the opposite unit open.

After she turned and entered the unit, she saw Yu Caiwei dressed in a long silk dress taking pictures on the sofa. This sight completely stunned her.

\"Ms. Yu, what are you doing here…?\"

Yu Caiwei turned and, seeing that it was her, she flashed a radiant smile. \"I cleaned up the whole place thoroughly.\"

\"I meant, how did you get in here? Is Yan Ge home too?\"

\"He's not home. Of course I came in by entering the passcode. I originally thought that the passcode had been changed, but after trying it today, I realized that it's still the same one being used. If only I'd known earlier, I wouldn't have had to press the doorbell the previous few times I came here.\"

These words felt exceptionally disturbing to Fang Erlan and, twitching her lips slightly, she muttered, \"I see. I don't know if it's appropriate to say this, but since Ms. Yu and Yan Ge have already broken up, the two of you have no relationship anymore. Even though Ms. Yu knows the passcode, you shouldn't intrude into someone else's house, right? That's rather rude. Although I shouldn't say this, it appears that Ms. Yu lacks such self-awareness, so I couldn't help but offer this reminder.\"

Yu Caiwei was obviously annoyed with her words, and her expression instantly turned sullen.

\"Lack self-awareness?\" She placed her phone aside and stood up from the sofa.

Her long, white silk dress accentuated her slender figure exceptionally well.

At the neckline of the dress, her porcelain white skin was revealed, which appeared extremely outstanding.

\"If I say that I'm his ex-girlfriend, then, who are you to him?\" Standing at 1.68 meters, she evidently towered over a 1.62-meter tall Fang Erlan slightly. When she stood right before Fang Erlan, a strong air of confidence was exuded by her.

Without waiting for Fang Erlan to reply, Yu Caiwei added, \"You've merely filmed a show with him, and now you're living in the unit opposite his? What on earth is your motive? When I saw the news of the two of you back then, it also occurred to me that there may be something going on between you two. But, after asking around and observing carefully, I came to a conclusion.\"

\"What conclusion?\"

Yu Caiwei reached out and pushed her hair at the side behind her shoulder, telling her in a definite tone, \"You like Yan Ge, don't you? Don't deny it, a woman understands another woman best. The way you look at him is not innocent. But, Ms. Fang, you say that I have no self-awareness. Do you have it, then? At least, Yan Ge and I used to be in love. When we met each other, he was the one who wooed me. Don't be too thick-skinned and think that just because the two of you filmed a show together, he has developed feelings for you. If he has really fallen in love with you, why won't he chase you?\"

Her words made Fang Erlan completely speechless.

However, her strong ego did not allow her to be defeated just like that. \"You're just an outsider, how would you understand the situation better than the two of us?\"

\"Enough.\" Yu Caiwei shrugged her shoulders. \"Whether or not you admit it, it's obvious enough to me. When I was your age, I was simple-minded too and believed that as long as two people were in love, that was enough. But, in reality, this isn't the case. Ms. Fang will understand this someday. Don't covet someone who doesn't belong to you.\"

By this time, Fang Erlan had her hands clenched tightly, her heart filled with rage.

She wanted to say something but stopped herself from doing so.

The atmosphere was rather tense.

\"No matter what, I'm an adult already. I already know such things. Ms. Yu should just bother about your own affairs.\"

She walked back to her own unit and punched in the passcode. Just as she grabbed her door handle, the lift door opened. Yan Ge came out from it in his casual wear and was just about to chat her up when she pulled the door open and entered her unit.

With a loud slam, the door of her unit was closed.

He then turned to his own unit and realized that the door was actually open!

His face changed instantly.

When he saw Yu Caiwei, Yan Ge suddenly understood why Fang Erlan did not say a word when she saw him earlier.

\"How did you get in?\"

Yu Caiwei approached him and replied, \"What do you mean? Are you thinking I called a locksmith to open your door? I didn't think that you'd leave the passcode unchanged.\"

\"So you took advantage of that?\" His face turned cold, and he frowned upon seeing her attire. \"Get out of my house immediately.\"

Seeing his cold attitude, Yu Caiwei pointed to various parts of his house and remarked, \"Look there, and there. I helped you clean up your whole house by myself. It's spick and span now. Not only did you not compliment what I did for you, you're actually saying this…\"

\"I never asked you to clean up my house. The part-time cleaner usually comes to do this, and I do it in my free time as well. It's completely unnecessary for you to have done this.\" He then pointed to the door. \"Get out.\"

\"Yan Ge, you…\" Yu Caiwei was so infuriated by his annoyed attitude that her face had turned white.

\"I've always been like this. Don't tell me you never knew what kind of person I am?\" His tone became harsh. \"A clean break up should be the right way for us to part peacefully.\"

No matter how thick-skinned a woman was, it was impossible to tolerate such words from him.

Yu Caiwei's mouth opened slightly, and with tears welling up in her eyes, she turned and put on her shawl. After picking up her phone, she slung her bag over her shoulder and left without uttering a word.

Once the door was closed shut, Yan Ge walked into his house and sat down on the sofa.

Recalling the moment when he ran into Fang Erlan earlier, he got up again and went out of the house to her unit, then pressed the doorbell.

Fang Erlan opened the door. Gazing at him standing outside her door, she suddenly did not know what to say and simply waited for him to speak.

\"May I go inside?\"

\"Alright.\" She retreated a step back, allowing him to enter.

Although Yan Ge lived so near to her, he rarely visited her place.


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