The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
1080 Perplexed and Smitten 140
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The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses
Author :An Xiaoning
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1080 Perplexed and Smitten 140

\"They're known to wreak havoc at unpredictable times.\"

Jin Qingyan looked at Fang Erlan, who had been remaining silent, and took out a key card from his wallet. He handed it to her and said, \"Xiao Chenyang wants me to hand you this.\"

Fang Erlan grabbed the card from him and took a look at the room number before stowing it away in her bag.

She did not ask about where Xiao Chenyang had gone because she did not want to know.

\"Erlan, don't wander off on your own after dinner,\" An Xiaoning instructed.

\"I know, Sis.''

\"Let's dig in.\"

An Xiaoning had a lot of questions for Jin Qingyan. However, it was clearly inappropriate to pose them to him right in front of everyone else. Thus, she decided to finish eating as soon as possible and ask him about it when they were back inside the room.

They were seated beside the window where they could see the sky turn dark gradually. Half an hour later, they were all done eating.

Everyone headed upstairs together and returned to their own rooms.

The moment An Xiaoning closed the door, she was engulfed by a strong force. She took a few steps backward and fell onto the bed. They could reach other's minds and An Xiaoning decided to kiss him on his neck around his Adam's apple. She fiddled with the buttons on his shirt and moved her lips upward to kiss his icy cold lips.


Jin Qingyan tensed up and froze for a few seconds before kissing her zealously with all the passion he had in him.

An Xiaoning had no time to even think. She twisted her body and parted her quivering cherry-reds a little to let out a moan of pleasure. At this moment, she felt just like a boat that was floating aimlessly on the vast ocean.

She finally unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his muscular chest.

He stroked her hair and stared at her with gleaming eyes that melted her heart.

The next thing An Xiaoning knew, he had already undressed her and stripped her down to nothing.

She stood right in front of him, stark naked.

Jin Qingyan grabbed her ankles and flipped her over to have her back facing him.

An Xiaoning was rocked vigorously and she murmured incoherently without stopping.

Her words had boosted their moods while getting intimate with each other.

Just as they were in the midst of releasing their burning passion, the doorbell rang.

Long Tianze called, \"Urgent report. Hurry and open the door.\"

An Xiaoning recalled Long Tianze knocking on their door when they were getting intimate previously in Wei Ni Estate. This time, he had done the same. Why does he always show up at such untimely junctures?

Seeing that he did not receive any response, Long Tianze again called out, \"I'm giving you half an hour. Hurry and come over. Otherwise, you'll regret it.\"

Jin Qingyan did not bother pausing. Although he was given half an hour, he decided to stop only after he had climaxed.

It took about fifty minutes.

An Xiaoning's legs had turned to jelly. She punched him teasingly and said coquettishly, \"Are you trying to kill me?\"

He leaned against the headboard and lit up a cigarette, appearing relaxed and satisfied. He smirked and said, \"I just want to do you whenever I think of you.\"

\"How indecent. Can't you think of something else apart from that?\"

\"That's the only way I can come up with to express my love for you. I can't think of anything else. I'm not that lofty. When I love someone, I just want to possess them and make them mine. I don't have any limits at all.\"

\"Didn't Tianze say that there's something urgent? Hurry and get up. He's probably getting impatient,\" she urged.

\"After this cigarette,\" said Jin Qingyan, who was not in a hurry at all. \"If something major really happened, he would've told us about it at the door. He wouldn't have been waiting until now. I doubt there's really anything that important.\"

An Xiaoning put on her clothes and cleaned up the place. He stubbed the cigarette butt to put it out and began getting dressed too.

\"Before we go out, report everything about you to me. Where have you gone for the past few days and what have you been doing?\"

\"Are you interrogating me, Milady? Do you really want to find out?\" Jin Qingyan goaded with a smirk.

\"Yes. Hurry and come clean,\" An Xiaoning said, raising her chin.

Jin Qingyan sat up straight and hugged her. \"I've already promised Xiao Chenyang not to tell you what I had done while I was away. However, I can tell you where I went.\"

\"Where did you go?\"

\"To a place called Mount Wanyan. It belongs to Y Nation and it's a very tall mountain. Xiao Chenyang used to live near the peak of the mountain.\"

\"What did you guys even eat when you were so high up? Did you feed on air?\"

\"We lived like primitives. Frankly speaking, I was almost bored to death when I lived up there, especially when he left me alone to go to S Nation. I missed you so much, and I thought about you every night and day. I wondered if you had been taking your meals regularly, I wondered about what you were doing and whether or not you were tired. Although we weren't together physically, you're always on my mind wherever I go.\"

An Xiaoning asked, \"Do you really not know what Xiao Chenyang had called Erlan here for?\"

\"He must have made something for her. He even said that he wants to take Erlan to the place where he used to live. They'll be returning to S Nation afterward. Don't worry.\"

An Xiaoning was relieved to hear his words. \"Tianze and Yangyang must be waiting for us. Let's go and see them now.\"


They proceeded to Long Tianze's room. As soon as they entered, Long Tianze exclaimed, \"Master Jin, I clearly gave you two half an hour. And yet, you took an entire hour to come here. You completely disregarded my words. Do you even take me seriously?\"


\"I… I really want to take you in hand on behalf of your father,\" said Long Tianze, pointing his finger at Jin Qingyan, appearing as if he was heartbroken.

Mei Yangyang poked him and said, \"Get straight to the point.\"

Long Tianze slapped himself and said, \"Yes, I'll get straight to the point. Before I went to your room to call you, the staff at the front desk of the hotel called me to say that the mastermind who planned this attack is nearby and might very likely show up again tonight. We're advised against wandering around at night. They also told me that the chieftain is female.\"


\"Nothing else. I just think we should leave since we're out for a vacation, not to coop ourselves up in a hotel room. Shall we head to another destination tomorrow? This place really frightens me.\"

Jin Qingyan agreed, \"Sure, but Xiao Chenyang hasn't returned yet. Xiaoning, let's go inform Fang Erlan that the four of us will be leaving tomorrow morning. She shall stay here alone with Xiao Chenyang.\"

An Xiaoning said, \"I'll tell her myself. There are some things that I'd like to talk to her about in private. What's her room number?\"


\"Sis, I'll go with you,\" said Mei Yangyang.

Jin Qingyan and Long Tianze were left alone in the room.

Long Tianze squinted at him and said, \"You are really something, rascal. How do you last so long in bed? Come clean and tell me truthfully, did you take some aphrodisiacs?\"


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